Back to the Future

Back to the Future

Hello Friends and Strangers,

The day of my first Super Powers class, a few hours before it was going to start, I began to work out. I’m talking physical exercise here folks not any class prep. Sometimes before I begin to get all sweaty, I like to “look” at my energy field around my body. For the last few months it appears to me as cones of energy that are all over my body. The pointy end of the cone is facing out and the cones are different sizes depending on where they are on my body. The ones on my head are the largest these include my third eye, the very top of my skull and a punk rock line of them down the back of my skull. They also include two large ones that protrude from the back/side of my neck and angle down. I have been paying particular attention to these because when I first began my workout journey these needed adjustment or I would get bad headaches after I finished exercising. Bear in mind that I do not know what I am doing! I could physically feel the tension and pain in my neck and so I went in and saw the cones and “opened” them up. And it worked. They got two to three times bigger than they were and I stopped feeling like I wanted to remove my head from my body. I have not had to adjust them in a month or so but I like to check them out and see if there are any changes, which there sometimes are. My favorite cones are on my hands and feet. They are only medium size but I can feel their energy the strongest.

So there I was running my awareness over all the different cones on my body. I was concentrating on my back, which was feeling tight across the shoulders. I saw the cones lined up across my shoulder blades sink straight through to the other side and come out my chest along my collarbone. I am pondering this change when suddenly out of my back, a bunch of feathery things started growing. They were/are more fern shaped than anything and occupied a triangle of real estate that went across my shoulders and then ended the triangle at my tailbone. They swayed around and I called them algae because they were green in color. As I worked out, I checked on them a couple of times and found that two of the fronds had grown up and arched up on both sides of my head…like large fuzzy moth antennas.

I went back (doing my homework) to visit Dragah yesterday. We spoke about flight again. One of the points that she illustrated was that when you come to a fork in a path when you are on foot, you must walk them both to see what each holds. But a flyer has the advantage of seeing both paths and then choosing which one to walk…if they wish.

Here is one of her quotes. “Duality is about walking. Putting one foot in front of the other to create the construct that you see as your life. Flying is about not only being aware of multiple constructs happening at once but choosing which one you want to walk and play within. Technically you are playing in them all anyway but right now it is about learning to pick and choose and FOCUS on one at a time.”

Toward the end of my visit with her, I asked about the new energy system growing on my back. Here is our conversation about that.

Dragah: “Ah, your energy system is evolving into a different expression for you to see. It took the form of the cones to illustrate the power of certain parts of your body. The leafy tendrils are also showing you something unique about your body. Any ideas?”

Esther: “The ones coming up off my shoulders remind me of antennas. I also was thinking algae when I saw my back because there is a constant sway or “under the sea” motion to them.”

D: “Very Good. The ends of each tendril are absorbing and releasing information just as a plant in the sea absorbs nutrients and releases others for the food chain to continue. What you need to do is learn to adjust and “angle” those tendrils to pick up the information that interests you. Look at them now.”

E: “They are all standing stiff and pointed in the same direction…like those filings that point at a magnet.”

D: “Good. (Laughs) They are pointing at me. But swivel them just a bit (and suddenly I am back in the previous meditation that I had done before this one) and your focus changes.”

(I bring my attention back to her)

E: “So I already know how to use them unconsciously.”

D: “Yes. Now what do you think you could achieve if you used them consciously?”

E: “Well more, obviously. But I cannot imagine it.”

D: “More and more and more again. They are showing you the equivalent of your energetic decisions.”

E: “Why are they on my back?”

D: “The back bears all the bodies functions, your reach and your steps, your organs and your breath. It holds your head up high, which contains so many sensory inputs and outputs. Your back is your strength. It supports the ALL of you.”

E: “And in flight…it supports the wings.”

D: “It is no coincidence that the back is where the wings grow out of. Wings are power in a membrane so thin that you can see through it. Wings are feathered with hollow tubes of unbelievable strength. All coming from the back.”

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