Fly with Me

Fly with Me

Good Morning, Good Day, Good Evening!

I have not shared my personal meditation adventures for some months. Mostly I have been hording them for myself, like left over Halloween Candy. I have had the thoughts to share them with you all, but that has NOT been where the FLOW has been.

I have been all about the Flow, consciously and unconsciously, since maybe March. It feels like much more time has past…but that is what my journal says. And what is the Flow, you ask. It is I, as I wake, picking the priorities of what I would LIKE to do with my day and then letting my day bring me there. It is interesting to watch my day unfold with sudden shifts in WHEN things happen. Sometimes I can feel the branching before me of two different paths…and I choose one. It is not extravagant or extraordinary in any way. Just simple.

I can also tell when I am out of the Flow. I usually judge this by my irritation level. No excuses about “incoming energy” or “body realigning”, those things are non-factors in the “irritation zone”. Have I been perfect? HELL NO! As a matter of fact, sometimes I like being crabby and bitchy…at least for a bit. And then I pull my head out of my ass…usually anyway.

But anyway, on to exciting news!

I am taking Lisa Gawlas’ Super Powers June Class. Super Powers, for those who don’t follow her blog, are skills that we have the potential to ROCK in this lifetime because somewhere in a galaxy far far away…opps I have Star Wars 7 on the brain…somewhere and sometime as another life expression we figured it (the skill) out and kicked major ass doing it. So, why not bring it into the here and now? After all, what else is there to do? (Cue laughter)

I hope to be sharing my class experiences with you; after all I take much better notes when I need to share. Without further ado…we are on to the first experience from class last night. I went on a meditation trip and ended up on “ancient” Earth.

I arrived hovering over a steep wooded valley. There were mountains in the near distance. It took me a bit to get my feet on the ground. As a matter of fact, I was thinking for a minute that I wasn’t going to land at all. But then there I was in calf-high grass, crouched down and looking down the steep walls of the valley. To my right, a woman approached me, she was walking along the rim but I think she came up from below. She had dark hair that she parted in the middle. I do not remember what she was wearing, only that it was a dress. Her name is Dragah. She told me I was on ancient Earth…an Earth before humans. She considered herself to be from Earth because she had chosen to incarnate here but not through a birth process. She looked very human to me, except for her eyes. She called me sister and let me tell you that was totally the vibe I got from her. We embraced as we neared one another and she placed her 3rd eye against mine and this light pink spiral, aka sine wave, joined us together from forehead to forehead.

She told me that the Super Power that I could learn from her was Flight. Flight. Yes, Flight. I asked if she meant literal or figurative. She laughed and said, “First you must learn to fly with your mind. Then we will conquer the other.” I was immediately reminded of a meditation that I did in early May where a Bird Woman came to me. I will tell you all about that in just a minute. Dragah knew the memory that I was having and told me that the Bird Woman was not her but that she had learned from her too. She said that Flight of the Mind means freedom from “constructed thought”. And lo and behold, wouldn’t you know it, she was talking about my Flow that I have been working with only in a little different way. When you fly, you have the freedom to get where you want to go that is different than if you walk, freedom from the constructed reality that is the ground beneath our feet. She also picked me up like a kite and tossed me off the edge of a cliff to show me about LOFT. It totally reminded me of the Let’s Fly A Kite Meditation. I could feel the wind currents around me, and the tug of the string that connected me to her. She showed me that if you fly too high you loose sight of the specifics of what you are looking at and if you fly too low you cant see the bigger picture. Translation…your view of a situation or problem is UP TO YOU. Only when you examine YOURSELF and YOUR viewpoint can you determine what you are missing out on. Sometimes, personal history applying here, you don’t realize that your viewpoint no longer serves Anyone but especially yourself and your family. Such days can be foundation rocking and filled with tears and regret, at least until you realize that your previous view led you to the NEW. There is no need for forgiveness, because you did not know. But now that the view has changed you can’t be a dumb ass about it anymore. At least you need to catch yourself when you are being that dumb ass.

This is a fine time to bring in the Bird Woman meditation experience.

A woman who was half bird and half human showed up half way through a meditation that I was having about…wait for it…super powers. I had quite forgotten all of the specifics of our conversation. When I looked it up all I was remembering was the Bird Woman, herself. You will see how amazingly it interlocks with last night’s meditation. She was quite striking and reminded me of a hummingbird in her colors and shape. Her feathers were all blues and greens and quite iridescent. I was doing a writing meditation at the time so I have good notes. (Smile)

Here is our conversation.

Bird Woman: “I am the essence of all the beauty and strength in the female part of you.”

Esther: “Is there a super power there too?”

BW: “Oh yes! First you must combine The Flight with The Step. To do this, remember that flight has speed and is not constrained to roads and paths. “As the crow flies” is a popular saying. Use it in your life. You have a strength to reach a destination by using the FREEDOM of flight.”

E: “Out of the box thinking?”

BW: “And out of the box DOING. Now combine that with The Step (She places one of her human feet very purposefully on the dirt in front of her.), very purposeful decisions about where you want to go or to do but not HOW you get there or how you want to do it. Flow! Flow! Flow! Let it unfold and the flight will show you the way.”

E: “Why does this come from the female side of me?”

BW: “Your male side is just as important and he is a Man Bear (I got an image of him.) You must talk with him too. As for me, we—you and I—are beginning to blossom with this new way of being, a new way of flowing through the day. When you get frustrated—STOP—and see what you are trying to push that should just be left alone. Bring yourself back to feeling into what your “day” wants to do next; which is based on the intentions (she deliberately steps forward again) that you have set.”

So there you go. Pretty damn cool.

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  1. You know, Esther, some of these out-of-body meditative experiences of yours would make wonderful fantasy novels! Ancient Earth and Bird-Woman – your word-pictures are brilliant and explicit. I don’t meditate myself (you can probably tell) but I can follow your meditations so clearly I suspect you are doing my meditation for me. Transference – can that happen?


    • Absolutely! You are more right than you know. And your wonderful stories are basically the same damn thing! Do they not flow through you? Are you not as surprised as your readers at plot twists and endings as they come to you? Do they not have a life of their own? I bet you figured out long ago to let the story tell the tale and not Frederick.


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