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Introducing the Power Trio



Two days ago I was responding to a Facebook message from another participant in Lisa Gawlas’ Super Powers class. She was asking me would I work on putting out the fires on the west coast of the United States. She, of course, mentioned it because of the “demonstration” of my flying abilities during my meditation when my three guides braided themselves and became my very own Princess Warrior. During that meditation I watched myself fly along a fire at the edge of a cornfield and blow it out. I felt into the fires in the West before I responded and got a definite Work In Progress vibe. So I told her, sorry but I am not called there. They (the fires) have work that they are doing. I told her I was sending love to all the beings in the path of the fires. As I typed out the last line on my phone, my consciousness was pulled to the west coast. And when I say pulled, I mean it felt like someone took my brain and started stretching it out of my head like taffy. PULLED. Never happened before like that! I couldn’t help but see myself standing on the surface of the Earth as one would stand on a globe. I was BIG or the Earth was small, if you get the image.

I saw myself reach down into the Pacific Ocean and pick up a handful of water and turn around and drop it on a fire burning at my feet. I tried to say…no no no. I just got the Don’t Go message. But Gaia wasn’t listening. I then saw myself crouch down on another part of the map and blow along these specific contours of the land. I was like, “So you do want me to help?” (Confused frown) She then told me, “No. Let them burn. When they have done their job, I will call you.” Allrighty Then! I told her to page me.

So not half an hour later, I have Brain Pull again! I finish up what I was doing and go sit down. AS SOON as I close my eyes I am flying over the Pacific Ocean. I am over the waves but maybe a couple hundred feet from shore. I remember the dropping water image from before and so ask if that is what I am there for. Instead the crests of the waves begin to break with splashes and I get covered with these tiny drops of water from the spray. Suddenly I know, HUMIDITY. I wrap my hand around a bunch of drops flying through the air. I look toward the shore and see that map/globe scenario again. There is one spot on it that has that fake burning fire logo that you see on weather maps. So I fly over and I see that Gaia has put a green area around the fire with a line clearly dotted around it. OK! So humidity goes there. Got it! How do I do that?

I ask and see that I imagine the tiny drops of water as a blanket of connected drops. Easy enough. Imagination green light GO! I manifest my blanket and stretch it up to the dotted line but not across. I look behind me and see that the blanket is attached to the ocean on the other end, drawing moisture up into it. Beautiful! Gaia tells me that the humidity will not put out the fire but subdue it.

As you can imagine, this was a WOW experience for me. I told Gaia that I never imagined helping her in that way. Her response was so amazing! She said, “Just because you don’t see me as broken doesn’t mean you don’t have compassion. It is because you don’t see me as broken that I call on you to assist. It is like taking the hand of a friend as you cross the street. You both march across the road together and both of your attentions are on the path and the journey. On the other hand, when you help an old lady cross the street, you walk slowly and carefully with your attention only on the safety of the old lady, not on where you are going or even on her destination. When you see me as strong our partnership is strong. When you see me as battered and weak our connection is battered and weak.” Well HOLY SHIT!

As I process this adventure, my brain starts thinking of a woman in my class, named Jennifer. Here is what she is working on, in her own words. “I am learning to be a weaver of the elements, frequency, and time and am learning the power of bringing in the Blessed Rain for the highest Good Of All!!! Yippee!!!!” When I start thinking of her, I get an image of a hollow body guitar. There is special attention given to the resonance of the body and the strings running along the fret board and the frets themselves running perpendicular to the strings. I see that I am illustrated as a specific spot, like a note on the neck of the guitar. I see Jennifer too, she is in a different location on the neck but her spot is not two-dimensional like mine, it looks like a tube, very 3D, as if she goes down through the fret board. I also am getting the info of three…there needs to be three of us. So I message Jennifer on Facebook and set up a real life phone call for the next day.

The next morning comes, and before Jennifer and I hook up; I get a phone call from my friend Melissa. She is helping start-up a new company and her life has changed drastically of late. She decided to call me for a little HER time.  (Famous last words!) I tell her about my experience with Gaia the day before and my image of the guitar that I received. She tells me that she sometimes receives requests from Gaia to sing a certain Note out into the world. Not out loud, but to hum it within and vibrate it out. I say, “Maybe you are our third?” She is getting the big old YES vibe on her end, full on disco balls and all. So I say, “Ok, I need to talk to Jennifer.” And then I tell her Jennifer’s whole name and the bottom falls out! They know each other…very well! Well Fucking A!

Jennifer is apprised of the whole experience next and we all happily decide to do a conference call the next day. We are in three different time zones, which cannot be an accident either. We are three time zones coming together to talk about frequency, time and Gaia. Hilarious!

Right before the next meeting I slip into meditation to see if I can see some more about how we will work together. This is what I get.

“Jennifer is the center point, the pivot. You are the lead in reaching out. Melissa is the web connected to All.”

This news about Melissa is not surprising, she “sees” vibrationally and has been seeing lots of weaving images in connection with herself for a long time; plus this year I had a visual of her as creating a web, with her day-to-day actions, all throughout the town where she lives.  Here is something that she wrote for me to explain how she sees, it was originally posted on the So Your a Beginner Page.  “I “see” in those sine waves. The electrical energy of it – of all. I hear in vibration. Every vibration has a tone to it like a note from an instrument. Emotion has a tone – every single emotion has a different tonal quality. You will be playing more than one note at a time. I experience each person as a song. People together are an orchestral movement. I “see” us as those sine waves. Each tone has an accompanying sine wave. Those sine waves weave together to form the image of you. Each of you is a tapestry. Together a huge mural playing out. I feel those sine wave connections from one BEing to the next – like the spider web. I can ride that sine wave forward or backward.”—She had to figure out what she was getting at the beginning. It was like learning a new language for her.   Anyway, when I connect with the two other ladies I notice that I have written the words, Power Trio at the top of my notebook. Oh good, we have our own rock band! Through discussion we become clearer as to Jennifer and my depiction on the symbolic guitar. Gaia is the resonate body, Melissa is the strings and the frets, Jennifer is deliberate connection between the body of the guitar and a very specific string that crosses a very specific fret, and I am the pluck…a specific action on a specific time line.

I was also given very brief instructions on how to get started.

“Begin by adjusting to the frequencies of each other. This means placing your energies within the field of the others and letting them feel you. Describe what you each get. When you can discern individual energy, begin braiding the three. How does this feel to each of you? Your responses will be different, as it should be. Learn from this.” I asked “Then what do we do?”

“Then the magic happens. Let it unfold. We don’t know either. This is all new territory with unlimited potential.”


The three-way call goes off without a hitch. We chat a bit and then start visualizing our energy braiding. Melissa sees orbs of light, other beings, joining the braid, which then plumped up according to Jennifer. I saw it as that tweedy type yarn that has the little flecks of color sprinkled along it. I later learned, while washing dishes, that those flecks were other people from our Super Powers Classes plus the usual assortment of Assistants.

Now to back up a smidge, Lisa’s blog post from this morning had this little snippet at the end.

On a completely different note, I do want to share a dream I just woke up with.  It was one of this dreams that was a experience, witnessing the event as opposed to the metaphoric dream state itself.

Altho a lot of the information was immediately taken away from my memory the moment I opened my eyes, like the where and when of it, I could still see this gaping long hole in the earth created by an earthquake, revealing the top point of a pyramid.  I also understood too, that the rash of so many earthquakes right now is serving to bring up to the surface times on earth long-buried within her and within our memory banks.

The last session in the super hero’s course takes us to a pyramid as spirit eventually called it, from the “galactic kinship era.”  I actually started seeing this pyramid before the course started, thru someones ET session and I knew this was a real-time on earth.  Once the transmission of the hypnosis came thru, I realized this pyramid was an energy activator to many stargates within the things we call constellations of alignment of stars in our actual sky.

This pyramid is making its way to the surface of earth again, in tact and fully functional by those who know how to use it.  In the dream state, I knew where and when… like I said tho, that was wiped from my awakening body.

This is the first that any of us had read about the pyramid. As a matter of fact the hypnosis that she talks about is a guided meditation that Jennifer and I have not experienced YET. That class is set for this weekend.

So, surprise surprise, as we braided our energy, Melissa saw the pyramid that Lisa talked about. Melissa being the connection to all, it is no surprise that she will get the info of what our mission is. I am, of course, laughing my ass off. Don’t we get to practice first? Our first time out and we get Lisa’s Stargate Pyramid! What the hell? It then becomes apparent that we are not to set up a time and do a proper group meditation. Oh no! It is happening NOW with Melissa sitting in the storeroom at her work! HA HA HA! No more theory indeed!

Melissa feels the web that is herself, connect to every inch/every point on the pyramid itself. I saw it as a pyramid rising up under a blanket of Melissa energy. The pyramid starts entering Melissa’s chest, point first. Jennifer is standing directly behind Melissa and I am floating across from Melissa, on the other side of the pyramid. (At this point I would like to say that the following description is from my point of view with what I remember the others experienced. I am sure that it is not completely accurate from their point of view and that I no doubt have left things out.) I could see the strings enter Melissa’s heart center, come out her back and enter Jennifer, who looked like a glowing tube of light, where they split and some went upward and some went down. Ah, Jennifer is our pivot point…our connection and access to all other time lines. All those strings are connecting with specific time lines along Earth’s frequency range. I know all this in a flash and get soooo excited. Jennifer said that she could feel the strings come up through her hands and arms and then start swirling around counter-clockwise. “It felt all swirly, electric, flow-y, and then emanated out…”

I asked Jennifer to imagine our time line as one glowing point. When she did I headed right to it. It was a white round portal when I got close and I followed the string right through it. The string came through the portal and now appeared to me like a giant strand of spaghetti. I was straddling it and it flew above the ground as it went across the surface of the Earth. It entered the ground in the Sinai Peninsula, I think. It tunneled underground for a bit and came up out of the ground somewhere near Turkey, right up through the mouth of an active volcano. Ah, so this is how it is physically entering our time line…volcano power. I still don’t know what I am supposed to do.  And then I see myself, grabbing handfuls of lava and throwing them around the planet. I see that I throw one at Melissa’s house, so I throw one at Jennifer’s and mine as well…and then one at Lisa for shits and grins. I see myself tossing more for a bit and then I see myself walking around on the Earth with what looks like a salt shakers, sprinkling everywhere. I see myself kneel at the edge of the ocean and dip my hand down into the water and then drink. Immediately I see that water flow through all the strings back down to and through Jennifer and through her to all the other timelines. (And if you will all remember, water is the key to physical creation on this planet.) I visually watched the water flow down through all the strings and then there was this whoosh of wind and air and I saw the area where the pyramid had been close up and become sealed with a purple light. I could feel the small dot of energy that it had now become. Energy transfer finished!  (What that means exactly is a mystery!) I saw the three of us holding hands in a circle and then we all stepped back from each other. Mission Complete.

No More Theory…(in theory)


Hello Everyone,

I have been wondering what my next baby step is with bringing my Flight power into my physical day-to-day life. That is where all this is going. Right? I mean I’m not gonna open a wormhole next week so where do I start. So I asked about that again and this time instead of a demonstration like last time, a male energy came forward with a few things for me to start working with. I will just call him Assistant…that is what he is requesting. (I promise to try really hard not to abbreviate that to Ass…because he is very nice and funny.) Once again I had a lot of info about Reach come in again.

Esther: “How can I use flight in my daily life?”

Assistant: “Begin to reach out. (I see myself reach out energetically into my creative energy field that is around my body.) When you encounter a problem, have a question or reach a choice point, reach out energetically for the solution. Do NOT determine what it is. Just see if you can “feel” the response (from the desire) as it comes back to you.”

E: “Feel, as in sense it’s presence?”

A: “Yes. You can feel the creations as you bring them close, not what they are but their presence.”

E: “And if I don’t feel it?”

A: “Then it is still on its way, just not close enough for you to sense its energy in your immediate creative energy field.”

E: “Anything else?”

A: “There is a moment when something energetic shifts to become part of your time and space. Practicing reaching will get you to the point of recognizing that energetic shift before you even reach out to see if it is there.”

E: “So what is so compatible/or similar between reach and flight?”

A: “If you do not have a destination you have no where to fly. Like filing a flight plan, you give purpose and direction to your flight with Reach.”

E: “Does Reach equal intent and action?”

A: “Reach is not only the desire but the willingness to physically encounter and use what you seek. No more theory but feet on the ground active use.”

E: “Anything else?”

A: “Begin small but end big. Each little step opens up more than you can imagine.”

E: “Can we talk about wormholes?”
A: “Yes. They are the beginnings of interstellar travel for many beings.”

E: “How can I use them in my daily life?”

A: “Wormholes represent the ability to travel from one dimension to the next. You have that ability, as do all. To use the wormhole you must simply accustom yourself to using them by—you guessed it—using them. The more your body is used to observing that shift in dimensions the more you can recognize the sifts that you yourself make within the physical existence that you are now in.”

E: “Is there anything specific that I can practice?”

A: “Begin by asking your body to tell you when a shift happens. The body does so now anyway but you can pay attention in a more detailed way. These do not have to be “symptoms” of discomfort. There are many other ways that your body shifts as well. Devise a code with your body that will make communication easier. Find a way to communicate easily and you will recognize many dimensional shifts as they happen, and even before.”

E: “What about dreams?”

A: “Ah, dreams are a continual shift in dimensions. You can flow freely and easily through many and even all within one night. Knowing when you are in another dimension when you’re dreaming, even if it is not a lucid dream, is a good sign that you are becoming very aware of the shifting of timelines and dimensional frequencies. Practice and someday you will be able to walk between them at will.”

E: “Or fly.” (Big smile)

A: Yes, definitely fly. You must practice that too and then watch out below!” (He laughs)

E: “That is too easy! I’m not even going to comment!”

A: “I find that hard to believe.”

E: “Ok, well not out loud anyway!”

After the above meditation I immediately talked to my body and told it to come up with a code and then teach it to me…no doubt one symbol at a time (hopefully?). I am looking forward to that communication exchange. My communication with my body has increased significantly in the last six months, just because I started talking to it. Now I will see if I can kick it up a notch.

Illustrating some possibilities of Flight

Illustrating some possibilities of Flight

Lisa asked me to bring all three of my guides, that I have met in the Super Powers class, together for my next meditation. This was an intriguing idea to me. How do I bring three individuals from three different times and places together? Perhaps, by not over thinking it, hmmm. One of the ladies in my class provided me with my inspiration. I sent out party invitations! Lets get together and discuss where Esther is going with this gift of flight thing! Then I waited for them to arrive.

The first thing I see is a pink platform (pink = love) surrounded by a white space. Dragha arrives first and comes and takes my left hand. Dru-Ru arrives next, wearing his mask, and stands directly across from me. Clara arrives last and takes my right hand, completing the circle.

Dragha reaches up and to her left and grabs a handful of “something” out of the air. She makes a line in the air with it as she pulls it down and to her right. It looks like a brush stroke of white paint. Then she throws it quickly to Clara who throws it back up to the starting point in the center. It makes a triangle shape which starts out looking like brush strokes and then begins to glow golden/white. Dragha says, “This is the point of no return.” as the triangle is being drawn in the air. It is hovering upright in the middle of our circle.

Esther: “What does that mean?”

Clara: “You can never go back to who you once were.”

E: “That is something I already know.”

Clara: “It still needs to be said before you take the step.”

E: “What step am I taking?”

Clara: “The beginning of a journey.”

Dru-Ru: “The end of another.”

Dragha: “Come join us, for you will never walk alone.”

E: “Into the triangle?” (The center, which was clear, has gotten blindingly white.)

Dragha: “This is the Doorway to your Soul. It is your star, EsStar.” (I see an image of two triangles overlapping to create a six-pointed star.) All that you ever were and ever will be is within.”

Dru-Ru: “You are the light that is blinding you. You are that bright and more.”

Clara: “Do you want to see what you are capable of? Put down the pen and we will show you.”

I put aside my journal and close my eyes. The rest of this meditation is my memory of the visuals that unfolded from that point.

I saw my vision of our circle pull back and begin to circle around our group from behind all of us. When I got around to behind the last of the four, Dragha, we quite suddenly became little small dots of energy, one per person, and quickly flew together. We became one and just as quickly disappeared into the light of the triangle. Then I saw us standing as human shapes again but within a raindrop or teardrop. We were falling, which we did for some time. We were falling through nothingness as far as I could tell. Then SPLAT, we landed with a release of water. What happened next confused me and I had to have them show me again until I could see what the hell the three were doing. All three of their bodies braided together to become one. I was still standing in front, facing them, watching it happen. The power of the three becomes one. The trinity, the triad, the hat trick becomes the slam-dunk. Very Interesting! The result of the braiding was a single woman who was now standing before me. She was very buff and strong and I immediately thought, Zena Princess Warrior!  She was wearing jeans and a t-shirt instead of leather though! The next day after thinking about this meditation a while, I realized that she was a Princess Warrior because it was the masculine and feminine blended together.

She tells me to follow her. We are standing on a wooden platform of some sort. We start walking and come to farm fields. She points to a black speck in the sky. It is too far away for me to see what it is. She tells me that it is myself. I am like, “Really! Lets go see!” We fly up and toward the speck until I can see myself as a grey curly-haired woman soaring around. She shows me that from below, the me up in the sky looks like an Eagle in flight. Is that so no one freaks out when they see me from the ground, or just a symbol?

My Princess Warrior points and I watch the older me swoop down toward the ground. The edge of a field is on fire. I see myself fly over it and blow it out. Next I see myself gathering a chain of something out of the air. It looks like giant pop beads…those plastic beads for little kids that have a prong on one side to connect together with. I watch as she/me takes the chain and inserts it into a green algae covered pond. The chain of beads sticks straight up out of the pond like a straw in a milkshake. My vision is taken down to the surface of the pond and I see bubbles start to slowly break on the surface of the water. I ask Princess Warrior what is going on. She tells me that I am changing the oxygen levels of the pond. With the levels changed, the ecosystem can balance itself and clear the algae to healthy levels. Then I watch my older self fly up to the edge of the atmosphere of the planet and bounce along it in a swooping manner, until I/she is about halfway around the Earth. Then I see her roll over on her back, like the day when Dragha asked me if I ever look up. I see that she looks like me now and no longer older than me. I see her reach out with her hands and pull the atmosphere apart where she has bounced along. Solar wind or some kind of wind comes pouring in through the opening! I am reaching Holy Shit mode at this point.

For my next demonstration, I see her/me reach up and grab one tiny little star out of the blackness of space. I see her wing it like a fastball down toward the Earth. It zips around the Earth a few times very fast and then shatters and rains bits of light down on the ground below. Then I see myself reach back into the blackness of space and start gathering the fabric of space together to make the shape of a rose. (Rose = love) I immediately think WORMHOLE! I am creating a wormhole right beside the planet! Now the HOLY SHIT meter hits its limits and I am feeling very overwhelmed. Warrior Princess is quick to assure me that I would not be alone in my Flight powers/gift and that we would all learn from each other. I would always have help figuring out how to do everything. She also showed me that it took someone (maybe more…four?) at each fold of space to create such an interdimentional thing as a wormhole. All of us would have to work together, organized and purposeful to make it happen.

I really had to sit with this meditation for a few days. It felt so huge I had to ponder it awhile before I could type up my notes. Now here is the funny thing, the class ain’t over folks! Where I am going from here is hard to imagine.

Space Travel 101

Space Travel 101

I don’t know what I expected when I returned to the crew working on space flight through a wormhole, but what I got rather surprised me. I approached the meditation with curiosity, to be sure, but I was also a little reserved about it. After all, my scientific knowledge regarding engines is pretty much nonexistent. And how do you explain something to someone who knows nothing about a subject? You start at the foundation of course. And that is just what happened. I enjoyed this meditation immensely and was a bit high afterward…ok a good medium buzz of highness is more accurate, as it was far more successful than I had hoped. When I returned to the hangar bay, I was greeted by the female incarnation of myself as opposed to the male from the previous trip. I liked her a lot. Her name is Clara. (Clara = clarity perhaps? hmmmm)

Esther: “What can you teach me Clara?”

Clara: “I can teach you everything you ever wanted to know about space travel. Well, up to a point anyway! (Laughs) I only know what I know.”

E: “Well start me off with the basics.”

C: “Ok. First things first, when you have a craft in space there is no gravity unless you choose to engage with it. What does this mean? Imagine if you will the forces that pull on your airplanes as they fly across the sky. They are constantly battling being pulled down to the Earth. When you are in space there is no up, no down, no right, no left, and really no center. You are being pulled nowhere. This gives you freedom in that you are not battling against gravity at all times but it also presents its own challenges.”

E: “They call space a vacuum. Is that true?”
C: “Space may be devoid of matter as you see it but it is very much alive. It is not empty. It is the greatest living playground that you will ever encounter.”

E: “Tell me more basics.”

C: “When I reach out into the air around myself, I am surrounded by molecules which we have given names, oxygen and hydrogen etcetera. The molecules of space are visible on a whole different spectrum of energy. It is like a great highway with some things moving so so slow and others moving so very very fast. And what of the Being in the vessel? They are not completely inert for there are forces that will sweep them along somewhere. But these are forces that work at cosmic levels and at cosmic speeds. (Big Smile) They are usually too slow for our liking.”

E: “You specialize in engines?”

C: “Yes. I have been fascinated by propulsion since I was a child. You add A to B and the action C is the result. Of course, engines can be relatively complex or completely simple. From an engineer’s standpoint you always go with the more simple of a solution if you can get the results that you desire. The more simple the design the less chance of mechanical error. I have designed engines for long distance, which require very little to no energy input. I have designed engines for speed that take a great deal of input. But these are not inputs, as you would imagine. They are not fuels per say.”

E: “Tell me about your engine for the vessel that will go through the wormhole?”

C: “That vessel will have access to multiple realities at once. It will have tremendous stresses that will pull on it from multiple directions. It must be able to respond to those forces and still have the control to let the pilot decide which destination is the target.”

E: “So the wormhole can take you to multiple locations?”

C: “Yes. Most are not a single tube-like structure. They are more like a gathering of multiple folds of fabric. There are more than one option for entrance and exit.”

E: “Are the entrances and exits fixed? Are they available for repeat journeys?”

C: “Yes, again for the most part. They like anything else in this universe have a beginning and an end. They contract and expand but that is happening on the cosmic scale that I spoke of. So we have studied wormholes that are fraying around the edges, so to speak. We do not recommend these as a conduit of travel but they are not really on the verge of overnight collapse. They move slowly in their decay.”

E: “Fascinating! Give me one more basic for today.”

C: “Ok. When you currently talk about space travel, you talk about time. It will take so many light years to do this, etcetera. Well if time is relative and Earth time is not Mars time or Jupiter time or ANY other time, then how do you calculate time in space?”

E: “I don’t know.”

C: “You don’t.” (Laughs) Sorry, that is a space joke! But really, time does not exist, as you know it, in space. If you were to float out in space beyond the pull of Earth, which is further than her magnetic field by the way, if you were tracking your time by Earth’s time you would become disoriented pretty darn fast. There is something inside your body that measures time. You call it Circadian rhythm. When you are removed from the Earth’s influence, your Circadian rhythms must reset themselves. Which they do. They reset to the subtleties of the space they are in.”

E: “What does this mean for the Being traveling?”
C: “That you age differently. That you eat differently. That you sleep differently, just to name a few. If you try to force yourself to stay on the schedule of Earth time you will make yourself ill. You must allow your body to reset itself, only then will you feel “normal” again.”

E: “Wow! Very Very Interesting! Thank you! See you soon?”

C: “Yes. Come back for the next lesson.”

Circadian rhythm is any biological process that displays an endogenous, entrainable oscillation of about 24 hours. These 24-hour rhythms are driven by a circadian clock, and they have been widely observed in plants, animals, fungi and cyanobacteria.


Reach for what you want

Reach for what you want

I returned to Africa to visit with Dru-Ru again. I hope to visit my wormhole travelling contacts later today. I am intrigued by the fact that they are working on physical travel/flight when I have been getting all this info about Flight being a state of mind. So I am excited to see where that all leads! But on to my conversation with Dru-Ru about his mask and the significance of the women painting his hands.

Esther: “Can you tell me about the mask that you wear?”

Dru-Ru: “The mask is a representation of my people’s belief in the elements of this land. A belief that the elements are living things that live with us on this planet.”

E: “What elements?”

D: “The Fire. The Water. The Air. The Earth. These all create and destroy. They create the new and break down the old so it can be new again.”

E: “How does you mask represent a specific element?”

(We crouch down on the bare earth and he uses a stick to draw the outline of his mask in the soil.)

D: “The oval is the land below and the sky above. The earth and the air as brother and sister. (He draws two circles for the eyes.) The water is the eyes, reflecting the images of the other three back to them. We can look into the water and behold everything else around us. (He draws a small round mouth.) The mouth is the fire. The volcano or the campfire. Both are concentrated so that they can create.”

E: “Are there any other markings that I missed?”

D: “No. Simple is better.”

E: “What about the painting of your hands? I couldn’t see much detail there. Can you tell me about it?”

D: “The women used ochre to paint my hands. It is the earth mixed with the water. Two elements for me to take into the sky.”

E: “What of fire?”

D: “Ah, is not fire already in the sky. The sun’s heat during the day and the stars at night.”

E: “So you have all four elements when you fly?”

D: “Yes. There is balance. You say to the sky, “Look I walk down below. I am your brother too just as the earth and water and fire.””

E: “When you are down on the ground, how do you bring the sky down with you?”

D: “Ah, the sky is a place of freedom and joy. It comes down with me in my heart. Do not my lungs fill with air with every breath? This is the love from the sky in all of us. It surrounds our heart – literally.”

E: “Ok! Thanks. Now what do you want to teach me?”

D: “Let us go for a walk. (We walk down to the riverbank and out onto a large flat rock the size of a house. It juts out into the river and is very flat and has been worn very smooth.) This rock is the navel of the Earth.” (My view is pulled way up above the rock, so that I am looking down on us from a great height. I can feel the stone the whole way, no matter how high I rise. I then slowly lower until my view is back inside of myself standing next to him on the rock.)

E: “Is it her ballast stone?” (I have had Gaia recently place a ballast stone inside me to help me maintain balance as I fly. I hope to write about that soon but it is still developing.)

D: “She has many stones that help her stay in balance and maintain her precise rotations. She shifts them when it is time to change her spin. This stone is very ancient and is made of rock that cooled long long ago. It is part of her birth into this reality. And now she has birthed a new reality upon her breast. Look around you and you will see the signs of birth. Releasing of the waters is easy to see. The contraction of the muscles can be felt. To bring change into your environment you must sweat and work too. You have begun your own transformation. (He is speaking of my new workout journey.) Now you know that it is all about something bigger. What do you choose to birth? Now the hands come back into play again. Reach for what you want. Accept it as your due when it arrives. Others might think that it is magic, but you and I know that you are sweating for it right now.”

When I spoke to my own hands about Reach as well.  Here are a few things that they told me.

Hands: “The Reach is most important in acquiring knowledge.  First you reach toward it to bring it to you and second you TAKE it when it comes.” and “There are many things that the hands do in the physical life.  They feed you and cloth you and explore and protect.  They are the parts of your body that are more in contact with the external world than any other body part.  They deserve special care and special thanks.” and “We are working for you in multiple realities at once.  We are first contact, so to speak, with bringing something into your created environment.  Use your hands with responsibility and love.”

Out of Africa and to the Stars

Out of Africa and to the Stars

I have more to report, oh readers.

This Saturday was our Super Powers class’ second group meditation. It is a bit of a two-part saga so stay with me. The first destination was to an alternate version of Earth where one of our soul incarnations would be using, in their day-to-day life, the skill that each of us are trying to learn. I first was able to see a large single mountain (as in not a range of peaks) with a snowcap on the top. I looked down to see that I was landing on a large grassy plain. I walked forward and came to see that I was now standing on a ridge. The grasslands swept down to a wide flat valley floor. I could see the brown foothills of the mountain on the far side and a river winding across the wide expanse.

I turned and saw a man standing to my right facing me. He was about fifteen feet away and was wearing an African ceremonial wooden mask. The mask was very tall and skinny and was curved a bit, very much like the shape of your eye…only turned up and down. It had minimal markings. In white paint the outside shape had a solid line around it and the eyes and mouth had simple lines drawn around them. The man was standing quite still, just waiting for me I suppose. I approached more carefully than usual. It is a bit freaky to approach a person with a mask on. I couldn’t see his eyes at all.

He seemed to sense my discomfort or maybe I said something to him, I don’t remember, but he slid the mask off. I could see then that he was tall, skinny but fit. His black hair was just beginning to turn grey. I learned his name was Dru-Ru.

I asked him to show me how he used Flight in his daily life. He took my hand and we flew down into the valley below. I suddenly saw that there was a village and just as suddenly we were in a dark hut. He was sitting on the ground and a woman or maybe two were painting his out stretched hands with a brown earth colored paint. It was very hard for me to see in the hut. I mostly got bits and flashes, here and there. Quite suddenly he was done and taking me with him he stepped outside and we began to ascend in the air until we stood on the snow at the top of the mountain. He told me that he flies up here to “speak to the snow. I honor it and thank it for falling so close to my people. And I ask it to melt into the river below so that we may enjoy it.”

I asked him, “Well won’t it melt into the river anyway?”

“No.” he said. “It can melt into the Earth. It can be pulled up into the sky. It can freeze into a glacier.”

He then took me over to a steep ravine that carved down on the east side of the mountain. This ravine was well below the snow line and the foot of it ended right at the river. There was scrub brush but a lot of the soil was bare. There were deep lines cut into the soil from water runoff. He sat down upon a promontory above the ravine and focused his attention on a small cloud in the sky. I looked at it too and it was dark on the bottom and I could feel the water in it. He told me that he comes up here to call to the clouds to have them release their water here so that it will flow into the river. It was so very interesting to see him using flight to address water issues for his people who clearly live in a dry savanna locale.

It is fascinating to me that water keeps coming up with my Flight meditations. I am not the only one in our class having experiences with water. It connects most of us in a very strong manner. So there I was checking my email this afternoon when I read the newest post from Lisa Rising Berry. Her whole post was on water and it was such an avalanche of fascinating information that I can only tell you to go read it if you feel interested.

The second leg on our meditation journey was to travel to a different Earth where inter-dimensional travel is the norm. We are to link up with another incarnation and explore the technology that we encounter.

I became aware that I was standing inside a building this time. The room was very large and utilitarian. It had a high ceiling and there were people scurrying about. My incarnation was female this time and I kinda settled into her body. I never saw her face.   It was like I slipped into her from the back and above.   She had shoulder length curly gray hair. She walks over to a long cigar-shaped object that is in the middle of the room and slides underneath it like a mechanic. As she walks over to it I see that there is a large rectangular opening in the wall that was at my back. It is open from floor to ceiling like a hangar door. I can’t see beyond it but I know at that moment that we are in space and that I am in a hanger-like room. I know because I am inside her that my grey haired lady is working on the engines but I am not communicating with her like other guides. I don’t know if that is because of the way that I entered her or because I don’t have specific questions at that point. I am still orienting myself.

A man walks up to the object above me and crouches down to look at me/us. He starts talking to me though and not my incarnation. Ah, so here is my guide. He takes my hand and pulls me up from under the object. He tells me his name is Aktu and that we are in the Antilles star system. He explains that the technology that they are working on is a prototype of a vessel to physically travel through wormholes. He points out the large bay door and I can suddenly see a large black circle in space off to one side. There is white light surrounding the lip of it and the whole thing is pulsing with slight movement, kinda like an anemone swaying in the currents of the sea.

I ask him about the engines of the machine, and he tells me that they have something to do with gravity (gravity fed or gravity driven maybe). I reach out and touch the outside of the machine and to my surprise it gives underneath my finger and feels soft like a metallic skin. He takes me around the machine to a woman who is working at a desk of some sort. She is not paying any attention to the people in the room including a small cluster who are standing behind her watching her. I can’t really see what she is doing. Aktu tells me that she is training to go through the wormhole. I ask him how she can do that if they have never been inside. He informs me that they have had probes inside which they base her simulation off of. That is all the info that I get before I am called back to the class.

As I relate my experiences to Lisa and the other class members she asks me about Dru-Ru’s mask and the painting of his hands. She tells me that both are important and to ask him about them. Like a good little student, and because I am too curious, I did that earlier this evening and will try to get that all typed up for you tomorrow. Until tomorrow then, happy travels of your own.

Father Sky

Father Sky

I went to visit Dragha again. This time instead of the steep wooded terrain, when I go to her she is running across a prairie. I am running with her already as well which makes me laugh and ask what the hell we are doing. The wind catches us then and lifts us both up like kites again. The sensations of being lifted like that are so cool and hard to put into words. I can feel the wind as it rushes against me and the exact moment that it hits me in the exact right location…kinda low on the hips…and propels me into the air. It is very much like that lift that Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey do in Dirty Dancing, only I keep on going up, up, up. When we are high in the sky over the prairie, Dragha rolls over on her back and floats along as if she was hanging out in a swimming pool. She asks me, “Do you ever look up when you fly?” Well, no I tell her as I flip over too.

She tells me that the clouds seed the earth. She reaches into one as we float by and removes some seeds, which she places on my chest. Then she takes one specific one and dives straight down to the ground. She pushes the seed into the soil and a plant rapidly grows upward.

Dragha: “All plants reach up toward the clouds.”

Esther: “Toward the sun too.”

D: “Yes, but the clouds can give that plant, every plant, something that the sun cannot.”

E “Water.”

D: “Yes, water. Water to the sky is like breathing to the human. Water is life. You have heard that before but have not applied it to the sky.”

E: “Explain it to me.”

D: “The sky covers the Earth. Surrounds it, protects it. The sky is the barrier between space and created reality. To bring your physical self into created reality you need water.”

E: “What of love?” (See previous My Experiences page (not posts) for more info on this.  It is older stuff from last year and links to another blog…you will have to read quite a bit but it won’t be boring!)

D: “Water is love made manifest. There is a shift between energetics to become manifest reality on Earth. Water is always involved. It is the KEY to existing on this planet.”

E: “Explain water’s connection to flight.”

D: “Anything and Everything in the air/sky is always coming down to land on the Earth at some point. You see the fertility of the land and the oceans but you see a sterility to the sky. The sky seeds the Earth. All the fertility would not happen without the sky.”

E: “Ah, so Father Sky…”

D: “Yes, the sky is the creator energy. So to spend time in it you MUST realize the enormity of what is available to you.”

It is always so interesting to me when my view of the universe gets tilted a little…another very cool sensation. I kinda felt bonked on the head after this conversion!

Back to the Future

Back to the Future

Hello Friends and Strangers,

The day of my first Super Powers class, a few hours before it was going to start, I began to work out. I’m talking physical exercise here folks not any class prep. Sometimes before I begin to get all sweaty, I like to “look” at my energy field around my body. For the last few months it appears to me as cones of energy that are all over my body. The pointy end of the cone is facing out and the cones are different sizes depending on where they are on my body. The ones on my head are the largest these include my third eye, the very top of my skull and a punk rock line of them down the back of my skull. They also include two large ones that protrude from the back/side of my neck and angle down. I have been paying particular attention to these because when I first began my workout journey these needed adjustment or I would get bad headaches after I finished exercising. Bear in mind that I do not know what I am doing! I could physically feel the tension and pain in my neck and so I went in and saw the cones and “opened” them up. And it worked. They got two to three times bigger than they were and I stopped feeling like I wanted to remove my head from my body. I have not had to adjust them in a month or so but I like to check them out and see if there are any changes, which there sometimes are. My favorite cones are on my hands and feet. They are only medium size but I can feel their energy the strongest.

So there I was running my awareness over all the different cones on my body. I was concentrating on my back, which was feeling tight across the shoulders. I saw the cones lined up across my shoulder blades sink straight through to the other side and come out my chest along my collarbone. I am pondering this change when suddenly out of my back, a bunch of feathery things started growing. They were/are more fern shaped than anything and occupied a triangle of real estate that went across my shoulders and then ended the triangle at my tailbone. They swayed around and I called them algae because they were green in color. As I worked out, I checked on them a couple of times and found that two of the fronds had grown up and arched up on both sides of my head…like large fuzzy moth antennas.

I went back (doing my homework) to visit Dragah yesterday. We spoke about flight again. One of the points that she illustrated was that when you come to a fork in a path when you are on foot, you must walk them both to see what each holds. But a flyer has the advantage of seeing both paths and then choosing which one to walk…if they wish.

Here is one of her quotes. “Duality is about walking. Putting one foot in front of the other to create the construct that you see as your life. Flying is about not only being aware of multiple constructs happening at once but choosing which one you want to walk and play within. Technically you are playing in them all anyway but right now it is about learning to pick and choose and FOCUS on one at a time.”

Toward the end of my visit with her, I asked about the new energy system growing on my back. Here is our conversation about that.

Dragah: “Ah, your energy system is evolving into a different expression for you to see. It took the form of the cones to illustrate the power of certain parts of your body. The leafy tendrils are also showing you something unique about your body. Any ideas?”

Esther: “The ones coming up off my shoulders remind me of antennas. I also was thinking algae when I saw my back because there is a constant sway or “under the sea” motion to them.”

D: “Very Good. The ends of each tendril are absorbing and releasing information just as a plant in the sea absorbs nutrients and releases others for the food chain to continue. What you need to do is learn to adjust and “angle” those tendrils to pick up the information that interests you. Look at them now.”

E: “They are all standing stiff and pointed in the same direction…like those filings that point at a magnet.”

D: “Good. (Laughs) They are pointing at me. But swivel them just a bit (and suddenly I am back in the previous meditation that I had done before this one) and your focus changes.”

(I bring my attention back to her)

E: “So I already know how to use them unconsciously.”

D: “Yes. Now what do you think you could achieve if you used them consciously?”

E: “Well more, obviously. But I cannot imagine it.”

D: “More and more and more again. They are showing you the equivalent of your energetic decisions.”

E: “Why are they on my back?”

D: “The back bears all the bodies functions, your reach and your steps, your organs and your breath. It holds your head up high, which contains so many sensory inputs and outputs. Your back is your strength. It supports the ALL of you.”

E: “And in flight…it supports the wings.”

D: “It is no coincidence that the back is where the wings grow out of. Wings are power in a membrane so thin that you can see through it. Wings are feathered with hollow tubes of unbelievable strength. All coming from the back.”

Fly with Me

Fly with Me

Good Morning, Good Day, Good Evening!

I have not shared my personal meditation adventures for some months. Mostly I have been hording them for myself, like left over Halloween Candy. I have had the thoughts to share them with you all, but that has NOT been where the FLOW has been.

I have been all about the Flow, consciously and unconsciously, since maybe March. It feels like much more time has past…but that is what my journal says. And what is the Flow, you ask. It is I, as I wake, picking the priorities of what I would LIKE to do with my day and then letting my day bring me there. It is interesting to watch my day unfold with sudden shifts in WHEN things happen. Sometimes I can feel the branching before me of two different paths…and I choose one. It is not extravagant or extraordinary in any way. Just simple.

I can also tell when I am out of the Flow. I usually judge this by my irritation level. No excuses about “incoming energy” or “body realigning”, those things are non-factors in the “irritation zone”. Have I been perfect? HELL NO! As a matter of fact, sometimes I like being crabby and bitchy…at least for a bit. And then I pull my head out of my ass…usually anyway.

But anyway, on to exciting news!

I am taking Lisa Gawlas’ Super Powers June Class. Super Powers, for those who don’t follow her blog, are skills that we have the potential to ROCK in this lifetime because somewhere in a galaxy far far away…opps I have Star Wars 7 on the brain…somewhere and sometime as another life expression we figured it (the skill) out and kicked major ass doing it. So, why not bring it into the here and now? After all, what else is there to do? (Cue laughter)

I hope to be sharing my class experiences with you; after all I take much better notes when I need to share. Without further ado…we are on to the first experience from class last night. I went on a meditation trip and ended up on “ancient” Earth.

I arrived hovering over a steep wooded valley. There were mountains in the near distance. It took me a bit to get my feet on the ground. As a matter of fact, I was thinking for a minute that I wasn’t going to land at all. But then there I was in calf-high grass, crouched down and looking down the steep walls of the valley. To my right, a woman approached me, she was walking along the rim but I think she came up from below. She had dark hair that she parted in the middle. I do not remember what she was wearing, only that it was a dress. Her name is Dragah. She told me I was on ancient Earth…an Earth before humans. She considered herself to be from Earth because she had chosen to incarnate here but not through a birth process. She looked very human to me, except for her eyes. She called me sister and let me tell you that was totally the vibe I got from her. We embraced as we neared one another and she placed her 3rd eye against mine and this light pink spiral, aka sine wave, joined us together from forehead to forehead.

She told me that the Super Power that I could learn from her was Flight. Flight. Yes, Flight. I asked if she meant literal or figurative. She laughed and said, “First you must learn to fly with your mind. Then we will conquer the other.” I was immediately reminded of a meditation that I did in early May where a Bird Woman came to me. I will tell you all about that in just a minute. Dragah knew the memory that I was having and told me that the Bird Woman was not her but that she had learned from her too. She said that Flight of the Mind means freedom from “constructed thought”. And lo and behold, wouldn’t you know it, she was talking about my Flow that I have been working with only in a little different way. When you fly, you have the freedom to get where you want to go that is different than if you walk, freedom from the constructed reality that is the ground beneath our feet. She also picked me up like a kite and tossed me off the edge of a cliff to show me about LOFT. It totally reminded me of the Let’s Fly A Kite Meditation. I could feel the wind currents around me, and the tug of the string that connected me to her. She showed me that if you fly too high you loose sight of the specifics of what you are looking at and if you fly too low you cant see the bigger picture. Translation…your view of a situation or problem is UP TO YOU. Only when you examine YOURSELF and YOUR viewpoint can you determine what you are missing out on. Sometimes, personal history applying here, you don’t realize that your viewpoint no longer serves Anyone but especially yourself and your family. Such days can be foundation rocking and filled with tears and regret, at least until you realize that your previous view led you to the NEW. There is no need for forgiveness, because you did not know. But now that the view has changed you can’t be a dumb ass about it anymore. At least you need to catch yourself when you are being that dumb ass.

This is a fine time to bring in the Bird Woman meditation experience.

A woman who was half bird and half human showed up half way through a meditation that I was having about…wait for it…super powers. I had quite forgotten all of the specifics of our conversation. When I looked it up all I was remembering was the Bird Woman, herself. You will see how amazingly it interlocks with last night’s meditation. She was quite striking and reminded me of a hummingbird in her colors and shape. Her feathers were all blues and greens and quite iridescent. I was doing a writing meditation at the time so I have good notes. (Smile)

Here is our conversation.

Bird Woman: “I am the essence of all the beauty and strength in the female part of you.”

Esther: “Is there a super power there too?”

BW: “Oh yes! First you must combine The Flight with The Step. To do this, remember that flight has speed and is not constrained to roads and paths. “As the crow flies” is a popular saying. Use it in your life. You have a strength to reach a destination by using the FREEDOM of flight.”

E: “Out of the box thinking?”

BW: “And out of the box DOING. Now combine that with The Step (She places one of her human feet very purposefully on the dirt in front of her.), very purposeful decisions about where you want to go or to do but not HOW you get there or how you want to do it. Flow! Flow! Flow! Let it unfold and the flight will show you the way.”

E: “Why does this come from the female side of me?”

BW: “Your male side is just as important and he is a Man Bear (I got an image of him.) You must talk with him too. As for me, we—you and I—are beginning to blossom with this new way of being, a new way of flowing through the day. When you get frustrated—STOP—and see what you are trying to push that should just be left alone. Bring yourself back to feeling into what your “day” wants to do next; which is based on the intentions (she deliberately steps forward again) that you have set.”

So there you go. Pretty damn cool.