Egg games, Easter version


Enjoy this sharing from Roel Elzinga as he shares his recent experiences!

My amazing life in a new world

Gel egg

About a week ago, Lisa Gawlas did a channeling for me. Today I want to share (as far as possible) about my experiences after that.
The story is about Hajamu, Onjamu and Jesus.

For me, Hajamu (male energy) is teaching me how to influence my own energy, starting with the orange egg Lisa saw in my belly.
Onjamu (feels like female energy) will teach me about the use of (some kind of) heart-centered energy generator, and much more.
Then there is Jesus (integrating male and female energies), the all encompassing, he will show me how to bring this into the world.

Until today, my main focus has been on the use of the orange egg.
The first thing it did, was expanding in a flash and start rotating, with my belly as center point. Size just a bit bigger than my hip-width.
It’s a higly dynamic egg, changing and rotating…

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I live in Fort Collins Colorado, in the United States. I explore the human abilities that are beyond the five senses. It is my passion to examine what we are all capable of. I believe that the human race will leap forward with our exploration as we continue to merge science and spirituality.

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