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Inspiration…is it behind door #1, door #2, or door #3?

Inspiration…is it behind door #1, door #2, or door #3?

Are you opening your doors? They are waiting!

Living An Inspired Life

I am standing in a place surrounded by doors. At present they are all closed. Not because they are locked and I can’t open them, but because I haven’t chosen to open them…yet.

I have a dear friend who uses a meditation based on this very concept. She calls it her “Palace of Possibilities”. She describes it as walking down a long hallway surrounded by doors, each one waiting to be opened to unlimited possibilities of one sort or another. Her inner child accompanies her on these sacred journey’s of self-discovery, so that she can approach each door with an open heart and a child’s sense of curiosity and wonder. This whole concept really speaks to me.

At first, being surrounded by all of these doors and possibilities, seems daunting and overwhelming. Which one do I open first? What if I don’t like what is behind a door? What if…

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For Crying Out Loud

For Crying Out Loud

Hello Everybody,

It has been forever since I posted!  I was thinking about that fact yesterday morning and this….poem…started pouring through my brain.  I actually had to stop making breakfast and grab my grocery list to scribble down the first two lines because they were so interesting….I HAD to know what came next.  Then splat! it all was there, fully formed, a message in a poem!  For those of you that do not live in the US, the phrase “for crying out loud” is used to convey exasperation.  So I love the double meaning going on with it!  The image that I chose for this post is a lovely little “weed” called Henbit.  It is a transmuter of chemicals and I see it all over at this time a year.  It loves to grow in Roundup sprayed fields or along sprayed fence lines, turning bare dirt into a carpet of purple!

Show me your huddled masses, that I may know you

Show me your tears, that I may read

Your heart’s desire–never forgotten

Now growing strong like a humble weed

Can you not see it, growing in cracks

Along edges of fields and railroad tracks

It is there for the humble

It is there for the proud

It is there for you all

For Crying Out Loud

Do not forget that what you have begun

Is now growing strong in the light of the sun

Egg games, Easter version


Enjoy this sharing from Roel Elzinga as he shares his recent experiences!

My amazing life in a new world

Gel egg

About a week ago, Lisa Gawlas did a channeling for me. Today I want to share (as far as possible) about my experiences after that.
The story is about Hajamu, Onjamu and Jesus.

For me, Hajamu (male energy) is teaching me how to influence my own energy, starting with the orange egg Lisa saw in my belly.
Onjamu (feels like female energy) will teach me about the use of (some kind of) heart-centered energy generator, and much more.
Then there is Jesus (integrating male and female energies), the all encompassing, he will show me how to bring this into the world.

Until today, my main focus has been on the use of the orange egg.
The first thing it did, was expanding in a flash and start rotating, with my belly as center point. Size just a bit bigger than my hip-width.
It’s a higly dynamic egg, changing and rotating…

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