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Evolving Your New Skills from the Inside Out!


Hello All! Here is another great post from Lisa Gawlas to share with you! I do feel that April is a boots on the ground kinda month. Which I am very much looking forward to because March was no fun for me. I did figure out why my team was singing “Dark side of the Sun”. I have been learning most of the month to be “at ease” with my darker side. A lovely facial scrub of my emotional core. And then, the Eclipse came and the physical core scrub began. Yikes! But I can see what is happening and the soul energy that is infusing my “new” core. So it’s all good! Right? I am soooo ready for a new song. Hmmm what shall it be? Xoxo Esther

The Shift of Time and Energy!


I have been an advocate of co-creative meditation for what feels like the entirety of my path.  It has changed my life, my mind, just about everything about me for the better, but I am realizing too, it has done so much more than that as well.

This really is a time when many new skill sets are coming to the fore for people in readings and ET sessions and of course, the training ground is meditation.  The greatest, most direct place within yourself to start reprogramming your mind, what it thinks it knows and what it will discover it can do.  But there is equally something more that is happening thru it all, something that will eventually make your new, or maybe better said, dormant abilities effortless in your day-to-day life.

Thru several of the readings yesterday, this particular message became so clear, so obvious I don’t know how…

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