It’s Science Class Today…Waveforms, Binary Code and Fibonacci Scale


binary code

Hello All!
Things are a-foot at the Circle K, as Bill and Ted would say.  I have seen both slinky/spiral energy and ladders of energy down by my pond.  (Click here for the background on this conversation if you are a new reader.)  Both are showing up in different colors.  I have easily made the jump that the slinky energy is a sine wave.  While researching sine waves I saw that there are more than one kind.  Who knew?  Not me!  I have forgotten more about science and math then I recall.  There is the curved sine wave that we are all familiar with which is called a sinusoidal wave.  And there are non-sinusoidal waves called square waves, triangle waves, sawtooth waves, rectangular waves and pulse waves.  I have a friend Melissa that “sees” in vibration and I proposed to her that the ladder energy I was seeing in meditation,  was a square sine wave.  She took her own look and freaked out and said, YES YES YES!  So what is a square sine wave?

Sine, square, triangle, and sawtooth waveforms

And then Lisa Gawlas started seeing and posting about a  V type of platform (for lack of a better word).  And I thought, well maybe those are triangular waveforms.  So I went into meditation to find out what the different kinds of waveforms are and what the differences are.  Melissa had told me months ago that I needed to know that communication is electricity and that electricity is expressed in 1 & 0’s.  Ahh Binary numbers…I also don’t know anything about you!  That is why I bring up numbers in the following conversation with Myself, the part of me that Knows.

Why are there different kinds of sine waves?
They all have a specific purpose, a way to move the light.
What is the purpose of the curved sine wave?
The singular wave function is to move through time and space with as little of inter-fear-ance as possible.
Yes. Easily.
Is it the 1?
Yes, the singular thought, note, space, discovery, notion, Being, etc.
Is the square wave the 0?
The square wave is one and the same plus every other 1.
How is it represented numerically?
One forever. (One with a line over the top.)
What represents the 0 or what does 0 represent?
The zero is the absence of everything and the availability of everything.
The unknown? (This is what Myself calls dark energy/dark matter.  See Portal 101 for more info.)

Yes. Pure potential.

So a square wave..the ladders…are an infinite combination of sine waves.  More specifically, one square wave is equal to one sine wave (at the same frequency) PLUS an infinite number of sine waves at diminishing values.  Also the transition from minimum to maximum happens instantaneously with a square wave.  Sine waves are a single pure frequency or “note”, while a square wave has infinite harmonics.  A square wave has access to ALL.  Sine waves are very specific.  Back to the info…

What is the function of the triangular wave?
The triangular wave is an inverse of another wave.  A half of a whole.  When they line up in the right way they complete each other and complement each other too.
So if Lisa is seeing the ET’s step out of a V shape then is she in the mirror V shape?
Yes, she completes the circuit by bringing her vibration to the party.
Why is it a V shape instead of the (a drawing of two curved sine waves into locking with each other)?

The loops that you drew, can happen and do happen and should happen.  Each sine wave is a thread and represents/carries an idea…etc.  They interweave with the thought that is You.  So you are a fabric of threads.  The human consciousness also is a tapestry of woven sine waves that weave together to form the whole.  Hence what a few experience and Master, flows through the ALL.  The difference in the two is two-fold.  First the wave length of the two are quite different.  The curved sine wave flows through with little resistance and the triangle wave is more of an exclamation point ( I first wrote explain-ation point…both points being made).  It only flows smoothly when the mirroring wave links up.  Second the purpose of the singular sine wave is to carry information over an infinite amount of time and space.  The triangle wave is mainly used for short periods of time.  Bringing two worlds/vibrations together to communicate/view/exchange for a brief time.

Super interesting!!!!!  Let me tell you, it is awesome having Melissa to talk to about this stuff since she sees vibrationally.  She sees people as a tapestry.  All those sine waves linked together creating the expression that is that person.  So she and I have been back and forth with this info for a week or so.  Then Lisa published a post recently where she saw as she was sleeping an infinity symbol above her body.  Here is her description.

Above my body, the entire length of my bed, a gold infinity sign was created about 4 feet above my body.  In the loop that was at the lower half of my body were all these dots of golden energy, on the upper part, long strands, maybe about 2 feet long of golden energy, kinda looked like stiff strings.  Then, they took another infinity sign and put it over my computer chair, smaller in size, but with the same details.  Then they were back in my bedroom and then folded the infinity sign in half, so that the two circles were now intermingled as one.  The dots and strings intermingling.  Then, on top of the infinity sandwich, another was creating, but instead of two loops connecting, it was two triangles connected at the points.  This time tho, the dots of energy that was placed in the lower half were various shades of red, blue and super light gold.  The strings I think remained all gold.  Then again, back out here to my computer chair to tweak (I guess) the smaller infinity sign and align it (somehow) with the triangle sign.  This work continued all night long.  I have no idea what they were doing and what it means but it was amazing to witness, stunning to see.

I like how the infinity loop folded back on itself and that is when the strings/1’s plugged into the dots/0’s.  And remember that the 0 is the energy source.  The human has to use the string or the energetic well of energy just sits there.  In other terms, if you have a piano in front of you, it just sits there until you sit down and press a key.  The more practice you do pressing keys the more potential is opened up through the instrument in front of you.  It also explains to me how individuals can see the same idea represented so differently to each of them in meditation or physical life.  The string/idea/the 1, is plugged into infinite outcomes! The fact that there was two triangle waveforms linked up over the top of Lisa’s infinity waveform was super cool!   What does it mean in a deeper sense?  It’s a Mystery!!!!  We are just learning the lay of the land, so to speak.  But we do know that communication and exchange of information are showing up in very specific light waveforms.  Which is damn interesting to me.

Then I read Lisa’s post today and I knew info wanted to come on in.  Here is the pic that she included in her sharing.

I had to drop one kid off at school and then go grocery shopping.  I barely had the patience to put the groceries away before I ran for my journal.  Wait! Just wait….I wanted to write this down…  Notice that the Fibonacci Scale starts with 0!

What is the Fibonacci Scale/Spiral?
It is a representation of sound in matter.
Why does it “add up” like it does? (Meaning 2+3=5, 3+5=8, etc.)
The perfection of sound is represented in the tones that are spaced as they are.  The math side of it is just showing the spacing between tones that achieve this perfection.
What would you like me to know about it?  (AKA how does it relate to my current investigation.)
The Fibonacci scale, how you use it, is in it’s light wave form.  As you see, it is a spiral of energy that expands.
Is it the 1 that gets added to other 1’s or is it an expansion of the 1?
It is the expansion of the singular one that is pulling more of one’s self into one Being.
So the 1 (singular thought that is a Being), that sine wave will continue to grow through life and lifetimes to achieve the infinity of the spiral.  And it is all plugged into a 0 at the top/beginning point of the spiral, which feeds or is the source of unlimited potential of the sine wave?
Yes, except the purpose of the spiral is to connect with the ALL in an individual manner.  The spiral of each person/Being is being driven outward by their love.  As each Beings love expands, their octaves grow.  The spiral expands into the ALL when a Beings “life” ends and then contracts back down and begins again when they are “reborn”.  The love for their Mother/Father/Caregiver starts the expansion of the spiral from the start point of 0, which equals unlimited potential.  That is why children who have not been loved/nurtured in the beginning have developmental problems.  Their spiral is not expanding.  They don’t know love.
So the spiral doesn’t expand over lifetimes of experience.  It expands and contracts with birth and death?

Yes, it is the singular expression of all that you choose to express with the binary code that you chose.

So there you go…bringing it back to singular expression aka sine waves and binary code.  I am not sure I understand this other than on a super simplified level.  Please remember that I am not a science or math expert in ANY way.  I do love that last line from above.  It is so LOADED with info for me to pick apart.  I do remember that when I was inside a portal having my Portal 101 lesson..the walls of it looked exactly like the picture at the beginning of Lisa Gawlas’ sharing today.  Only the walls were streaks/threads of white and black energy.  The white being the 1 and the black being the 0.  Same information but represented differently.   And just like with the Fibonacci Scale, Love is what creates the movement.  I also see that people who have had an expansive spiritual event (in meditation, by drug or plant, or ritual or whatever) their spiral literally expands during the event and then retracts back to the current or new octave that they are sustaining.  A NDE, Near Death Experience, is the same.  An expansion and the contraction back as they re-emerge with their “life”.  Amazing to think about!

When I was searching for images for this post I ran across the image below.  It lead me to Token Rock.  A website whose bi-line is “Rediscover your divine music”.  Look at all that is going on with that image.  We have a sine wave that is divided by a Fibonacci spiral that is also a square wave!  And they are equal to ????  I don’t know but it is blowing my mind!
Until Next Time, All You Need Is Love!  Esther

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  1. Interesting subject. I went through a sacred geometry phase a couple of years back, and kept drawing spirals and enneagrams (from Gurdjieff) and fibonacci expressions. I also love how the different wave forms produce different sound tones. Trumpets, violins and electric guitars all sound different because of their wave shapes – saw / sine / square or jagged. Interesting! How do we use them?


  2. Hmmm…I’ll be back to catch up soon. I’ve been getting a lot of these too. Sine waves, spirals and a big goopy mess I just throw in the journals until I go back later. I haven’t looked up many of the details so this is my bookmark to self to get back here. Sounds like you’ve been busy! HUGS


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