Taking the Next Step


There is something growing in my pond.

Or maybe as Lisa Gawlas is now saying, something is Becoming in my pond.  Or maybe I am becoming able to see it.

It all started back last week when I was seeing the large boom box speakers pumping out base all over the Earth.  Well I also saw that where the sound wave were under water the ripples coalesced into a blue beam of light that shot up out of the center of the circle and went out past the atmosphere of the planet, and never ended.  The beams on the ocean were gargantuan in feeling and scope and the one on my pond was the diameter of a golf ball to my view from the bank.  But I kept thinking soft ball as I wrote that and indeed started typing it.  So about fist sized…LOL.

The second or third time that I played with the sound circles in meditation, I saw that there was a structure around the blue beam coming out of my pond.  It was made of light beams, sort of like a PVC structure ;-), only lavender in color.  Pastel colors represent newly arrived energy.  It consisted of a 3D rectangle, long side perpendicular to the water, with a pyramid on top.  The light beam came straight up through both and went out the top.  There were also “leg” struts that came off of it and one went north and landed on the high bank of the pond and one went south and landed on the low south side of the pond.

The next day I was walking my dogs down and around the property which always takes up and around the high side of the pond.  As I walked along I had the memory of the structure surface and instead of seeing it in purple it was now an amber color.  I have been playing with the energy of this in meditation this week.  Mike and I pole danced all around the structure and climbed up on the pyramid to dance along it’s angles (that was fun! Sliding down the peak was my favorite part.)  This male/female energy intertwine was his idea.  When we had danced on every part of it, we were standing at the peak around where the beam of light comes out.  Mike reached over and tugged me forward just enough that my heart center came in contact with the beam and I was sucked right down in it and the beam lowered down and disappeared under the water.  I was now viewing this from hovering above the pond.  Stillness everywhere as I pondered what the hell it meant and what my next move would be.  Then I see a tiny periscope pop up from the water and motor on over to the south bank.  Out of mini submarine pop these tiny Beings who are dragging a giant trunk.  Well, giant for them.  They make a bee line for the bee hives. 🙂  When I ask them if that is where they are going, they say “We’ve been invited.”  Vibrationally I couldn’t see what they had in that trunk or what they did at the bee hives.  I was quite confused by the whole bee experience.

The whole energetic structure was not so weird. (Weird being relative.)  After all, I just had the Portal 101 experience and knew that more info would be coming my way.  I had committed to learning about that and in for a penny in for a pound.  So I had something out in my pond that energetically was certainly very portal-ish.  But I wanted someone else’s point of view.  I reached out to my friend Melissa to see what she could see.  Here is what she wrote back.

Hi gal!

When I feel into those pyramids, it feels a lot like what Lisa describes as the crystal port keys that they planted (or are planting). It feels like you could “see” yourself going into the beam with the idea or intent held for the location you’d like to go to. BAM!! you’re there. Going to go for a ride?
I also feel you touching them even if you are not aware of it. Have you ever seen Buddhist prayer wheels where people walk by them and touch them to spin them? You gently stir them. Interesting.
Ok.  So crazy!  Validation of portal.  But what the hell?  It is over the water of my pond.  How the heck do I physically interact with it….when the time comes for that lesson…or series of lessons.  And how the hell do I tell people about this without them thinking I have finally LOST IT.  Also when I called and talked to Melissa about it, she was able to see that the Beings who came the visit the bees had used the same portal…therefore showing that I am not the only one who is using it/ will use it.  HOLY CRAP!  And no they don’t really have a mini sub…think symbol here people.
I knew that 2015 was/is about bringing us out of our internal experiences and journeys and start taking all that we have learned and start using it PHYSICALLY.  But I wasn’t quite prepared for the physical to show up in this manner.  All my adventures, and work and tears and learning has been done from the comfort of my own home.  Now I need to step up and take the next step literally out of my house and onto the land (and water).
This morning I asked for the next step.  I was shown by Niya and Mike in meditation, to go down to the North Side of the pond and lay my hands on the ground where the leg strut lands and connect with an energy under the ground that looked like giant amber slinkys or corkscrew-like energies.  So I got up, put on a hoodie, a Carhart coat over the top, a hat, my gloves and changed into my waterproof mud shoes and off I went.  It is bright and sunny and beautiful today.  Temps are in the forties (farenheit) but there is a stiff cold wind…so I was glad that I had all those layers.  I walked down and up on the high bank of the pond.  Which puts me next to the road and about twenty feet up in the air.  Basically anyone driving by can see me.  Talk about pressing the comfort zone button again.  “Oh, look honey, stop the truck.  I think that lady is having a heart attack up by the pond.”  I do not want my neighbors calling 911 because I am crouched over up by the pond.  But I decided to stop being a Chicken Shit.  I will be the Neighborhood crazy lady.  After all, I already am…just need to bring it out in the open. 😀
I got comfortable.  Yes, there is mud on my jeans as I type this.  It took me a bit but I could feel those corkscrew energies.  Physically my fingertips were tingling.  I saw in my mind’s eye, two large springs of amber energy (about basketball size in diameter) connect with my hands.  They gave a little bounce and I saw (not with my physical eyes) them bounce me to a standing position.  Then they bounced again taking me higher into the air and then higher still.  I pulled my meditative eyes up above my physical body about a hundred feet.  I could see myself down below and these slinkys of energy coming up out of the ground.  There were not only two.  I think there were four.  I physically stood up and walked around to the south side of the pond.  The day before I had determined where that “leg” landed.  There was a mole hill right in the exact spot.  I stood there and now had my hands back in my gloves and in my pockets.  This hadn’t been part of the assignment but I felt it was the next step.  I remembered my explorations a few months back with sending energy out of my left foot chakra and bringing it in my right foot chakra.  I felt into the ground there and just felt this little spurt of energy..like a little burp.  It certainly wasn’t as “active” as the other side of the pond.  I started to cycle the energy through my feet chakras.  I can feel the energy rising up through my body.  I took a peek with my mind’s eye and saw that I had become one big flame.  Only the flame was stylized, like the ones that you see in Indian or Buddhist art.  The flames then shot up into the sky and went up to the atmosphere of the Earth.  I had a pulled back view as they made a circle around the Earth and then divided once they made one complete circle and split in two and raced around the Earth at a 90 degree angle to the other line of fire.  (This is not the first time I have seen this image presented to me…the first time it was a white energetic line that gift wrapped the Earth.)  The fire wrapped Earth turned into a small apple sized golden globe that was placed in my left hand.  Where it fell apart into multiple puzzle pieces.  I then got the feeling that I was to bury the pieces in the mole hill.  Ok.  Eyes now open, I took off my gloves and bent down and started digging with my left hand.  Ohhhh it was cold wet mud!  I made a little dent and then put the invisible pieces into the hole…where they coalesced into a golden seed and slipped down into the middle of the hill.  I buried the “seed” and then stood up.  I could see (with my mind’s eye) a slinky of red energy that now arched up over the pond and connected to the area that I had just worked on the North bank.  There was also Love coming to me.  I knew I was being asked to write about my experiences.  But as ALWAYS it is my free choice to make.  I could feel the peace and love that accompanied me whether I chose to go out into potential crazy land or not.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE, it said to me.
I read two things before I went down to the pond.  The first was a post from Lisa Gawlas.  She said a number of things that resonated strongly with me.

I want to start with a word our teams have been saying, dare I say, force feeding us for the last few months: RESPONSIBILITY.

They had stated again and again, the mantle of power, the full responsibility of what it means to be us, to be conscious souls alive in biology was being handed totally over to us.  I think many of us, in this moment, namely me, can take that word, that energy, for granted.  I think too, I am going to couple the word responsibility with the phrase “know thyself.”  One without the other is a non energy in the realm of spiritual growth and progress.

Keeping with the word, the energy of responsibility, as I was recapping so much last evening, I thought about the readings over the last two years.  All the visuals, the trinkets of information given to you.  Even the understanding of why some readings only last maybe 15 minutes when your session should be 30 or 60 minutes.  Lets tie the word responsibility here with free will.  Freakin pesky!!

The visuals, the keys of information are released to you very purposefully.  They include so much information about your “super powers” your abilities and even, tho it may not seem like it at the time, what you have come here to this realm, to do.  They allow me to understand only so much because at the end of the day, they want you to understand it, to open up the fullness of yourSelf.  When they cut sessions up into 15 minute bites, it is really yours soul way of stepping back and seeing what you are going to do with the energy they gave you.  If you haven’t done anything different, we keep seeing the same things over and over, maybe in a slightly different way, but repetitive none the less.  From the souls perspective, why give a second helping of food if you haven’t eaten the first helping.  I had no idea there was a method to the madness!!

The second thing I read was the latest email update from Sandra Walter.  I love this quote from her.

You serve as your own Mystery school during this passage, beloveds. Creative intuition will bridge you to the 5D state. Gather in new, organic ways; classic structure does not serve the expansion, there must be wide open space for the unknown. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Feel secure in your infinite faith, the Source of your Highest power.


I freely admit that I have no (or perhaps Know is better) idea what I am doing down by the pond.  But I do know that I have accepted the Responsibility to teach myself about it.  It is a new world out there and the best teacher for each of us is Ourselves.  I am purposefully stepping into the uncomfortable so that I can get a second helping.  My first plate was licked clean! I’m choosing to move on to the second course.  What about you?

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