Portals 101

Portals 101

Hello Everybody,

I seem to be “between stations” in my meditations.  Either I can’t remember what occurred a few minutes after I finish (similar to most dreams) or I am getting my meditation visuals through a potato sack, very grainy.  And yet because I trust in myself I know that what I can see through the haze is happening all the same.  Evolution is not only happening on the physical level (sniffle, cough, sneeze) but on all other levels too.  Yippee!  That said, I had a kick ass meditation yesterday that I was smart enough to start writing down in the middle of so it wouldn’t go the way of the dodo bird.

I started the meditation by connecting with a stone that my friend Melissa sent me around Christmas, an Ocean Agate.  This is not something I do often but have been wanting to since before I even got this one.  Lovely stone!  Looks very cosmic.  While looking at it before beginning I noticed that it has the energy of three, four and eight embedded in it (simply from looking at it’s physical features).  The Three equals Trinity energy, aka Creator, Soul and Physical Being all as One.  The Four is Earth energy and the Eight is infinity, the sacred and unending cycling of energy.  Now, I don’t recall very well the beginning of the meditation except that when I reached out to connect with the stone I saw a bunch of interlocking green circles strung out toward me.  I do remember meeting Niya, a young female part of myself who knows how to “travel”.  I only remember that because I spent so much time trying to figure out how to spell her name.  (Niya means New Achievement in Hindi, Champion as an Irish name and Intended as an Islamic name.)  I don’t remember how we got on the subject of portals but I do know that when I asked her to tell me about them, she asked me, “Are you sure?”.  I seriously thought about it for a bit.  Whenever you get the “Are you sure?” question you should not take it lightly.  If you really say Yes, then it’s down the rabbit hole Dear Alice!  So I pushed through all the doubts and bullshit and said Yes in a deep way.  Yes, at the core of myself, if you will.  Then I jumped off the cliff that I was standing on toward the tiny black portal way down below.  It was in the portal with Niya that I started having such a cool conversation that I dropped out of the meditation and grabbed my journal.  The following is me transcribing both sides of our conversation (with eyes wide open).  You will never think of dark matter or dark energy the same way again!

I have gone through any number of portals while in meditation.  They remind me of the “hole in my pocket” from the Beatles’ movie Yellow Submarine.  There is usually not much that I see when I go through one.  I just am in one space and then like opening a door I am through to the other side.  With Niya, I was sitting in one and not moving.  The energy of it streamed past us from far above our heads to way down below us, in a tube like formation.  The colors where white and black and very random in placement.  Like a lot of strings constantly moving from above me to below me, the middle directly above and the middle directly below were both dark but not with the same black energy that was streaming down, just more of an emptiness feeling.

N:  “Ok, so Portal 101.  What is it made of?”

E:  “Well, light no doubt and..or I could just say that I don’t know.”

N:  “Your right. 😀  It is made of Light and the Unknown.”

E:  LOL  “What about Love?”  (I’m asking this because with my previous investigation into Telepathy.  I was taught that Love is how you send and receive.) 

N:  “Love gives it direction but there is no “direction”, so it is more like it gives it purpose.”

E:  “What happens if love is not used?”

I look down and see the black and white that is streaming past us start shooting off every which way and loose it’s smooth directional flow.

N:  “The light gets diffracted and looses its clarity.”

E:  “Back to the Unknown ingredient.  Is this something I need to know?  I mean is it dark energy or dark matter or something?”

N:  “The Unknown of the universe is exactly that, Un Known.  It is where you, me, everybody, everything pulls from to Create.  Why do you think there is so much of it?  You can never use it all.  This is the real meaning of unlimited potential or unlimited possibilities.  Your scientists will “discover” this in their own way.”

E:  “So we have Light, which we use for moving the thought, emotion, message, body, Being, whatever around.  We have the Love which gives purpose to the process.  And we have the Unknown, unlimited potential, which makes anything possible.”

N:  “Yes.  The Unknown is the well, the storehouse of energy for the event or process as you call it.  The Light is what binds that which is moving with the potential.  Sort of like a platform on a sea–if you will.  You (meaning humans) can see light on different frequencies (examples = infrared or ultraviolet).  See it differently perhaps but see it easily non the less.  Light is what binds us together, frequency wise.  There is light that you can see with the human eye and many kinds that you can not.  Light is a constant everywhere no matter the vibration or frequency.  So is the Unknown.  Think about it.  How many things in your life are unknown?  (Big Smile)  It really is staggering.  It is always being exchanged and turned into created reality and always being returned into potential.  Which is another discussion for another day.  And Love, Love is what brings it all together.  Love gives the event purpose and direction.  Love is the whole reason to do it and the whole reason that the event is accomplished.”

E:  “So if Light and Unknown and Love are everywhere, then what makes a portal different from any other space?”

N:  “Nothing! (Laughter)  A portal can be created anywhere because the ingredients are everywhere.  What is different is the ability of the Being to utilize what is there in a fuller way.”

E:  “What about areas that are used regularly?  Why is the same area used?”

N:  “Convenience, habit, enjoyment of the view.  Why do animals make a trail to the water hole?  Why do you comb your bangs to the left?  There are some things that we enjoy doing a certain way or in a certain space because it flows for us.  There is a curve to the hill that the animals will follow to get to the water.  They could go up and over the hill, and sometimes do, but generally they enjoy following the flow of the land.  The same is true of your hair.  You could brush it the other way but it seems to flow better to brush it to the left.”

E:  “So whats next in Portals 101?”

N:  “Next I want you to create a Portkey.  You have been watching lots of Harry Potter lately.  Now, there is no such thing as a Portkey (because you don’t need anything physical) but I want you to create something with the intention of shifting it’s vibration.  The mandala pillow that you want to crochet would be perfect.  Then we will play with it, a game as you would call it.  Until next time….I’ll be waiting! 🙂


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  1. I love the way you’re so lighthearted and practical about your meditation. (on the surface?) I’m one of those oh-so- serious types, and often block my own way because I’m just too damned intent. Too much focus and too little joy. I’ve learned something. Thanks for continuing to share.


    • Thanks Wayne! And yes, I think that about sums me up, on the surface and in my core, lighthearted and practical. And I think both help me stay in the other but more importantly, keep me SANE! 😜


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