Bear With Me



I saw in my meditation, as I was getting ready to sleep last night, another element has been added to my foot chakra exploration.  See here for previous post about that.  I saw golden lines going down the inside of my legs and past my feet.  The line on the left leg passed through the left foot (which holds the fire/purifying chakra center) and continued on down down down.  The line on the right foot (which has the water/amplifying chakra center) went through my foot and then also went through a metallic red star that was holding steady about a foot and a half below my foot.  It was similar in shape to the image I found above, only it was more shiny and I could see through where all the black in-fill parts.  I pondered it’s meaning and came up with a lot of hmmmmm.  I asked the star what it represented.  It floated up in front of me and then over my head.  Where upon it sprouted tiny red legs and ran down the invisible wall at my back.  It made a few more quick loops around me before it settled into its former location below me.  This time when I pondered I came up with..movement.  And thought to myself well yes, a star is a sun and a sun is in constant energetic movement.  But I still couldn’t tie it in with the water/amplifier energy of the right foot chakra.  Then I hear that little star say it was the “Sacred Divine”.  Well HOLY crap!  That sounds good and all but rather vague for my liking.  I knocked on my guide Gregory’s shoulder and bugged him about it.  He leaned down, (rather put out I might add…he is a busy guide you know) and grabbed that red star and unbent all the kinks and handed me a long red tube.  I looked through it and saw a distant quasar or something all big and beautiful in my field of vision.  Whoa!  It magnifies the energy coming in!  I get the old finger tapping the nose gesture from Gregory, BINGO.  Well interesting…I have a magnifier below the water/amplifier energy.  Turn up the picture and turn up the sound, it might just be time to get busy.  Or at least to have a party.

My mind veered out of the meditation and into my own thoughts for several minutes.  Suddenly I saw an image of a tiny wooden carving of a bear thrust to the forefront of my thought train.  Luckily, that train didn’t make it too far down the tracks before I brought it to a screeching halt.  After all, that image was way too random.  I went back to it and saw that Gregory was holding a little necklace out to me.  There was a plain black cord and from it dangled a tiny plain wooden bear standing on its hind legs.  I took it in my palm where it changed shape to stand on all four feet.  And then started walking across my palm toward me.  Then, quite quickly, it was running toward me and became increasing bigger until it was a full size polar bear charging me across the snow.  My first instinct is, “HOLY SHIT, RUN!”  But I know that it is counter productive to run from large animals in one’s meditations, similar to real life. 🙂  So I stood my ground and had the joy of watching outside of myself as the bear swallowed me whole.  I saw/felt the me that was within the bear, get up on all fours and grow until I fit the skin of the bear.  Where upon I looked out through the bear eyes and sniffed with that bear nose and then promptly crawled out of the mouth.  I turned and stood nose to maw with that bear and brought my right hand up and with a twist of my wrist in the air that giant white bear became that little carving again.  Which I put in my pocket and turned and walked away.

So I looked up the symbolism of the Polar Bear and found this on

 The Inuit even have a polar bear god. His name is Tornaurssuk and presents himself in human form. Tornaurssuk is an initiate god. Meaning, when a Native is embarking upon a time of tremendous transition, the polar bear god Tornaurssuk is invoked in ceremony. The polar bear god eats the initiate and poops him or her out (sorry folks – I couldn’t think of a better way to say it). At the end of this soulful digestive process (which is quite spiritually arduous, from what I understand), the initiate is transformed – renewed. He or she comes away from the devouring/recycling process strong, and imbued with the qualities of the polar bear. 

So, pretty damn cool and I apparently lucked out by crawling out of the mouth.  And so much to ponder…am I now the initiate or the initiator or both (most likely).  And what have I transitioned to or embarked upon?  This I won’t be told, no doubt.  Spirt is very hush hush about such things.  There is so much symbolism about the polar bear but I would love to share a very interesting fact before I close.  A fact I learned from reading my kid’s National Geographic.  The hair on a polar bear is not white, but is clear.  The hair reflects light so that they appear white.

The Spirit of the Polar Bear by Teresa Zieba

The Spirit of the Polar Bear by Teresa Zieba


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