Are you Running Out of Time?

Are you Running Out of Time?

I love this post and meditation! I don’t know why I didn’t reblog it as soon as I read it. I have been thinking about it ever since and doing my own interaction with time. Please Enjoy!

Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

                                                       running out of time
We all have the feeling that we are running out of time.  I have today, as I prepare for Thanksgiving.  So I decided to do some Inner Alchemy on this false thought/belief.  Time is an illusion, or so they say.   It is not a physical thing, which we all know.  So, I decided I wanted to know more about this “illusion” that I felt like I was running out of.  The only way I know to do this is by going into a mini meditation.     When I sat down and tuned into “time”, I felt an energy.  I started to think about the sentence that kept going through my head…”I am running out of time”  Since time is not…

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I live in Fort Collins Colorado, in the United States. I explore the human abilities that are beyond the five senses. It is my passion to examine what we are all capable of. I believe that the human race will leap forward with our exploration as we continue to merge science and spirituality.

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