A Vibe Exercise and a Message from Us


Hello Everybody,

What an odd week I have had.  Has it only been a week?

I have been on radio silence as we have been adjusting to this new accelerated time line…or whatever you want to call it.  I reached out and saw a few snippets of my journey but mostly I listened to the “time out” feeling I was getting all week.  I also listened to the urge to create.  I picked up my crochet hooks that were still in their packaging (when the hell did I buy them?) and re-taught myself stitches I had not practiced in decades.  I am currently working on a hat.  I have never made a hat but that is what struck my fancy.  Much to my delight, I do believe that it will turn out.  I made two pillows for my boys out of these flannel cubes that came as the packaging for their new “Yeti Snow Ball Fight” flannel sheets.  Now let me make the point that I don’t know how to sew except for sewing on a button or stitching a patch onto a hole in a pair of pants.  But I didn’t let that stop me.  I rearranged the office, brought in a shelf unit that was languishing in the garage and organized it….and decorated it.  Yes decorated!  I am apparently freaking out now that harvest season is done here on the farm.  I know very little about decorating.  What I do know about from many years working in retail, is displays.  So I created a display, which to other people looks like decorating.  Works for me!

What has all of the craft explosion brought to me?  One of the snippets that I saw when I reached out to check my status this week, was of myself standing on the new timeline.  I was sewing my own hand to the ground.  And man, the stitches were random and all over the place. (Just like my real life stitches.) 😉  But I saw those stitches grow down into the Earth like roots.  Then I stood up and started rotating my wrist around and pulling those roots up and around my hand until I had a ball of yarn in my palm.  Pretty cool visual, yeah?  I interpreted it to showing me that my creative urges where anchoring me into not only the new energy but the New Earth, which was co-creatively bringing me the energy to further manifest and create with.  Yippee!

Another interesting experience this week came from my friend Melissa, who emailed me a “Vibe Exercise”.  Melissa sees energy as vibration.  You can read her description of it on my So Your a Beginner page.  She has been interested in my exploration of 432 hertz.  Sine waves are her thing! So she sends me the following.

Here is a game for you to feel what I feel. Go to that place where you are tuned into the sine waves. then turn this video on to watch. I’m not a christian but this song is an example of a group of people in the sweet spot vibrationally with their art. And tune into the lyrics a bit from the perspective of each of us as god. I think it’ll help you dial in on the hum. 

So fun!  A new game.  I’m all in.  I dropped everything and pulled up my 432 hertz app and listened to a few songs, concentrating on the physical sensations with in my body.  Then I pulled up her link and played the song, which is not in 432 hertz.  Holy Cow!  It was like being a puddle of water and being able to feel the sound waves hitting me.  I had turned something on in myself and holy cow, bada boom bada bing! Here is a snippet of my reply to her.
“Well I just tried it and I’m buzzing right now. I really feel high! There is a soft tremble still in the cells of my brain and heart.
The strongest impact was when one of the singers would sing their solo part. Then it was much bigger waves.”
I realized later that feeling high was not exactly the right description.  I did feel high only without the brain fuzziness that accompanies either a drug or alcohol experience.  Imagine!  So if any of you wants to try the Vibe Exercise, have fun and let me know your results!

After two days of dizziness and weird pressure I awoke this morning feeling totally normal physically and a “the eagle has landed” feeling psychically or spiritually.  After breakfast I felt a “Welcome Greeting” trying to come through.  I see a Being facing me on a white plain.  And who is that Being you ask.  Myself, of course, but not just me…little bits of each of you where mixed in.  Kinda like pixels.  So this message is from US.

“Lets not make this formal, shall we?  We are all friends here.  No one is standing at a podium.  I am YOU and you are HERE.  (Big Smile accompanied by a sign with lots of direction arrows including one that is pointing down to HERE.  We are so funny! LOL)
First of all lets review how we got here.  (I hear immediate groans all around followed my own with eye rolling thrown in!)  Ok, how about a recap? (we say with a smile)

You are a stream running/flowing along the land.  You have passed through the desert and saw God in the reflection upon the water.  You have moved through the rocks and boulders and have learned to flow around instead of pushing them out of your way.  You have left your mark on the Bolders (that is the spelling that wants to be used.  Is it not Bold to be the obstacle that is someone else’s teacher?).  But it is not your job to change the boulders.  The bolder is happy to be a boulder.  You have flown through the grasslands and the fields, enjoying those who come down for a drink.  The river sometimes flows fast and sometimes flows slow, giving you rest between the rushes.  Until one day you realize that the reflection of God that you see upon the water is a reflection of you.

Did you feel the change in the water just now?

It is no longer along for a ride, flowing wherever the land takes it.  Now the water has a purpose and yet what do you do with yourselves?  You cannot go back to floating along, your consciousness centered within.  It is too late (Big Smile), now it knows what it is like to be out and it is staying out!  Now you realize that the land is sculpted by the water.  You change the land with every drop.  The land rejoices! “You are no longer alone.  Won’t you come out and play?” (Says the land.)

That is the energy of the NOW moment.  Won’t you come out and play?  It all resides there.  Action and Joy.  Water can be violent and crash and bash.  Water can be gentle and seep and soak.  But the most important thing about water is that it permeates everything!  You don’t need stream beds anymore.  You must think of all the ways that water moves.  Under ground, above ground and in between.  Rivers and seas – yes but vapor and clouds, steam and ice, snow and rain, aquifers and puddles, wells and facets, cells and membranes.  You now have no bounds.  This is the new energy.

So how to work it?  Follow the little urges of your heart.  Don’t put off ’til tomorrow what you can do today.  You have an urge to write a letter–write it.  You think of a present for someone–make it.  A song begins to form–sing it.  A book draws your attention–read it or for some of you–write it.  Like a thread in your tapestry, grab it and weave it in.  Use the small acts to make a beautiful tapestry.  Each drop of water forms part of a beautiful wave that can travel across oceans.  There are many ways to be creative.  The more you listen to your heart the more urges come to you until it is like a symphony of waves crashing upon the beach, creating the land anew.

Enjoy my friends.  The inner work is done.  The outward work begins.  Permeate everything!”

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