432 hertz, life pods and event horizons (It’s not as sci-fi as it sounds!)


Hello All,

I’m here with a little status update for you.  Earlier this week, I had a friend gift me by sharing a discovery she had come across.  I use the word discovery very lightly, because there are many people out there who already know about 432 hertz, a specific sound frequency.  (Including my musician husband who has known about it for over a decade.)  Well, I had never heard of it but I paid attention because there has been a hell of a lot of sine-waves and other vibrational information coming in through my meditations of late.  432 hertz is a specific wave length or frequency of sound.  Now, I am no scientist, mathematician or musician so I will let you do your own research into the specifics (of which there is a vast amount).  There are two camps that are enamored with 432 hertz.  One is the New Agers, who find that this specific sound frequency is a Universal frequency and therefore listening to music in this frequency can be very healing, awareness enhancing and mood soothing.  In my own words I would say that the frequency of you, me, anybody is sympathetically tuned to this Universal frequency.  Remember that Everything is Energy!  Think of it as two sine-waves that encounter each other and because they are similar, they flow smoothly together instead of having any dissonance where they meet.  The human frequency, as I see it, is our emotions.  And how do we create our realities, people?  That’s right, with emotion!  The other camp of 432 hertz lovers, is what I will call the scientist musicians.  They could, for the most part, give a crap about sacred geometry and finding universal symbolism that supports the 432 hertz frequency.  For them it is all about the “God Note”, or finding the sound that resonates best within the human ear.  They are interested in sound that moves a person to enjoy the experience more fully.  Music is their passion and they feel that 440 hertz, the accepted Universal Standard for tuning since 1958, creates a slight dissonance within the cochlea of the human ear.  Here is a quote from Omega432.com, as you can see, the scientist musician and the New Ager are not that separate after all.

Changing frequency may also change the electric potential of the brain which may alter and affect memory and perception by the slight change and diamagnetic charge within the water in our cells.
This is perhaps a speculation of why A=440Hz ET and higher concert pitches can be perceived as a brighter, thinner, outward of the head, whereas concert pitch at A=432Hz 12T5 or C=256Hz can be perceived as an inward experience of feeling. Our heart has more morphogenetic fields than the brain and is one of the first things to form in the womb, beating out the soliton pulse of cosmic musical DNA. We feel our emotional bodies from the heart and our solar plexus is the nerve cluster that senses those feelings like a microphone or transducer.

So, long story short, I easily found an free app on Itunes that converts all the songs in my music library on my phone into 432 hertz.  Well, all songs unless they are protected from 3rd party sharing, which means they will not play through another app…they play silently ;-).  I freely admit that I cannot physically hear any difference between the same song played at 440 hertz and 432 hertz.  There are many testimonials of people who can all over the internet.  I do not have a musicians tuned ear, so it sounds the same to me.  What I can tell you is that while listening to the first song I played through the 432 hertz app, a ring of heat or electric feeling of some kind circled the top of my skull.  I kept feeling it as I listened and then after a few songs I realized that I could actually feel the wavelengths or vibrations of the sound physically bouncing around in my brain.  The sensation I experienced is hard to put into words for you all to understand.  Suffice to say that I turned it off after a few songs because it was hard to multi-task.  The next day, I spent all day canning in the kitchen and had my phone playing through the 432 hertz app.  The feeling were not as intense.  I could still feel the ring of energy around the top of my head but only if I tuned in to see if it was still there.  As I worked I noticed that the energy had moved out of my brain and was vibrating through my organs in my chest.  It was very subtle, like a tiny hum of a feeling.  Finally by the time that I turned it off, the vibrations had moved down to my knees.  If you feel inclined to listen to anything in 432 hertz, YouTube has got recordings of every possible genre of music that has been tuned to that frequency.

I did a meditation two days ago while listening to a song in 432 hertz.  I could see inside myself and was presented with the visual of a sine-wave made out of bubbles moving and twisting up through my body.  What the bubbles represented, I do not know.  I was very beautiful.  Then yesterday I tried to connect before going to sleep and all I could see was that I was floating in a black space.  It felt like a tube but I couldn’t see the ends.  All was dark.  The walls on the sides of the tube felt metallic.  So a bit of a freaky image from a human point of view but I have learned that EVERYTHING presented is symbolic and that if I don’t get the meaning, the explanation will be coming along at some point…some time…some day….

This morning I woke pretty grumpy and down.  As I took my kindergartener to school, I was doing the anxiety spiral about money.  I’m sure you all know how that goes.  After I dropped him off, I headed to the grocery store.  On the drive I started trying to pull myself out of the anxiety spiral.  My self talk turned into a driving meditation with myself.  Yep, no guides, no ET’s, just me talking to ME.  I was reminded to open my heart wider…to the tune of it being pulled as open as a storm sewer cover.  Reminded that EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS PROVIDED, ALL WAYS PROVIDED.  And then the love that I could feel inside of myself, snapped me back into alignment.  Notice the love came from within me.  Not from outside of me.  Not from my Higher Self down or into me but from within ME.  I parked the car in the grocery store parking lot and turned it off.  I closed my eyes and thought of the black tube I had seen the night before.  I wanted to see if there was more information so I could make sense of it.  I saw myself exiting the black tube.  I was in the shape of a life pod, (to be sci-fi geeky) basically a rounded corner coffin-like thing.  But I know LIFE pod is a much better description than coffin.  LOL!  The most amazing thing about the visual was that the entire pod was completely covered with a vast amount of electric strands of red-orange energy.  The energy was moving very quickly through these strands and the color was very shocking and vibrant coming out of the black tube.  The pod entering what I understood as “living space”, which was represented as a starry night with a large sun off to the right.  So I am out of the dry-dock of the tube and electrified and on the move.  Oh the language of symbols!  Still confused but loving the electric energy that I saw.

I had a chance to read Lisa Gawlas’ post when I got home.   She made several points that I resonated strongly with.  The first having to do with the emotion that we put out.

We got to this moment with a lot of buffers on us, especially within our thought energy.  Because of the binding of spirit and body, those buffers are no longer in place, meaning, we better be super mindful of how we feel when we are “thinking” because that is the energy that is fueling your day to day life.

Now, we all know this.  And we are also all human.  We are going to have doubts, anxiety, fear, anger.  Don’t stay in those feeling, in other words, don’t wallow.  Reorient yourself, realign as soon as you can and don’t ACT from those emotions.  She also said the following.

Another common theme for yesterdays adventures, YOU are the creator creating, YOU.  It is now your responsibility to know your heart, know the desires and know the energy field around you.  Spirit said to several people yesterday, you now have brand new eyes and its up to you to use them.  See the energy in front of you that will take you to your desires, the created outcome of your desires.  Stop asking your guides to do it for you, their role is very different now than it ever has been.  They (our guides) are more like the banks of a river, holding the energy in place for you to recognize, use, swim in… but they can no longer do it for you as they had before.  If you think about it this way, YOU have become the spiritual guides to an evolving humanity, very present on earth.  Maybe look at it like this, you graduated university, received your masters degree, you cannot keep going back to your teachers and asking them to do things for you.

Now, I believe that our guides are really us on some level.  But it was especially ah-haaing to read that right after having Myself come to me during my driving meditation.  And then I read the following about a book she is listening to in her car.
Erik said we can look at the humans like living in the opening of a dark hole, and everything before them, the light before them is the “event horizon.”  Potentials unfolding for them.   Hearing this, which was a much longer conversation than I am sharing, simply because I didn’t look at chapter or time and I am not going back to look for it and I don’t want to be totally inaccurate in remembering the conversation.  But, when I read this, this energy wrapped around me and I suddenly knew without a shadow of a doubt, this is what i see in your readings, your “event horizon.”  It’s your greatest potential expressing itself in unmistakable ways (assuming I get the translation correct) what you do with it, or don’t do with it… is up to you.

And just like Lisa, knowing that what she sees in her readings is our “event horizon”, I knew that the black tube from the day before was the representation of the ‘dark hole” that humans have been living in.  We have left that energy and entered the “event horizon” or as it came to me earlier, “living space”.  Represented as the life pod, we have everything we need within us!  We are body and spirit integrated.  We have our big girl (or boy) panties on and are ready to explore.  Remember to have fun everybody!

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