Dude, increase your Amplitude!


Greetings All,

I have started to understand my quest to take on learning about the Earth element of Gold.  It seems that in this last vibrational shift we have reached a point in our evolution where we can now start to integrate our physicalness back into the One.  This is not something that will occur quickly or overnight.  We (humans) have chosen to be apart from the All for a reason.  We have learned through many lifetimes what it is like to be separate from the Source of All (however you want to name it), from each other and from the totality of ourselves.  Now we are going to start pulling ourselves back into the all.  This will take a while because we have chosen to attempt this while staying in our physical bodies. Choosing to do it the quick way is called death.  We have all done that many times too, taking little soul vacations in between trips back here.  How I currently imagine the Now scenario is to picture all the humans standing around a large tapestry.  Now imagine that we each grab ahold of a string from that tapestry and start learning how to meld with it.  Remember that melding goes both ways.  We need to melt into the All just as the All needs to melt back into us.  It is not a passive integration on the All’s part.  Of course, the All is very very vast; so first we will be concentrating on integrating the all of planet Earth (for the next few lifetimes).  This is why Lisa Gawlas has been seeing during her readings that people are being assigned to specific categories for this merger.  Some people will work with the atmosphere and air, some with the plants, some with the animals and birds, some with light and colors, some with the rocks in the Earth (I’m a rock girl.  I knew I rocked!), et cetera.  I am not the only one who is working on merging with gold, this is group effort as usual.

As to the feet chakras, I am still feeling my way along there.  I did find out some very interesting info that I will share.  This is from a meditation I did on the fifth but have not had the time to write it out other than making notes.  I did Lisa Gawlas’ Manifestation Meditation with the intent of finding out more about the chakras in the feet.  I saw the rainbow arch of energy go out–much farther then the last two times that I tried it.  Once again the energy came back to me under the ground and this time tunneled around my left foot like a little mole.  I lifted my left foot up off the ground and it had a rocket booster type of fire thing going on the bottom of the arch.  I stared at it a bit and decide to call in Gloria to help me understand.  She appeared next to me and after the greetings ended I saw a spiral of blinky white energy start to spiral down into the earth underneath my left foot.  Gloria took my hand and she grabbed on to the spiral and away we went.  The energy continued to corkscrew down into the earth and then I could see and feel that as it continued to spiral it also was doing a sine-wave up and down through the earth.  We ended up on a small square platform sitting facing each other.  I asked her about the rocket booster image that I had just seem.  She said, “You have fire on the sole of your left foot.  Fire purifies.”  “Purifies what?” I asked.  “Your intentions.  Like a forge strengthens and removes the impurities for a metalsmith, your left foot clears the cutter of your intentions.”  I think about my right foot and see a pool of still clear water in the arch of that foot.  She says,  “The right foot is the water element.  It amplifies the results back to you.  Think of the way water carries sound waves.  The whale songs for instance…”  Ok! So interesting!  I ask her for a specific activity to do to start working with both feet.  “Picture the fire and the water elongating into streams.  Now wrap them together and merge them into one.”  She tells me.  I see the streams not only merging into one another as if they are melting but that they turn into the bottom of an infinity loop.  So the energy comes down out of my body, goes into the Earth and crosses over or twists and comes back up into the other foot.  When I see the streams merge and become one, the physical area that contains the energy amplifies in volume and starts to grow up around me until it completely surrounds me.  I can feel the power in it as it surrounds me but it is my power so it feels familiar to me…it feels like confidence.  “Now open your heart and let the emotion come out.” Gloria tells me.  I see my heart chakra open and my emotion comes out (represented by tiny flying birds for some reason).  I see the flock of birds fly in a spiral down and around my body.  They are flying fast and pulling the energy of my body in tight so that the best way to describe it is that they skinny-fy and elongate my body that I am seeing in the meditation.  They fly down and into my left foot where they go through the loop in the Earth and back up into my body where they spiral up and land in my head.  Like a chicken coop in my cranium.  Gloria tells me, “You are not creating alone now. You are creating with the Earth, hence working with the element of gold. I want you just to practice cycling the energy and see what happens.”  She ends that statement with a smile.  So as usual…more fun ahead!

I ask her, “Why will I be working with and through the element of gold?”  “To increase you amplitude.” She responds.  Amplitude?  Is that a word?  I look it up and find the following at Merriam-Webster.com.


 noun \-ˌtüd, –ˌtyüd\

: a measurement that indicates the movement or vibration of something (such as a sound wave or a radio wave)

Full Definition of AMPLITUDE

:  extent of dignity, excellence, or splendor
:  the quality or state of being ample :  fullnessabundance
:  the extent or range of a quality, property, process, or phenomenon: as

a :  the extent of a vibratory movement (as of a pendulum) measured from the mean position to an extreme

b :  the maximum departure of the value of an alternating current or wave from the average value

:  the angle assigned to a complex number when it is plotted in a complex plane using polar coordinates —called alsoargument — compare absolute value 2

Fascinating!  So we have math and science combined with the quality or state of being.  All energy travels in a wave and our waves are being amped, baby!  “Why does learning to work with something specific matter?” I ask Gloria.  “You are joining forces with a part of the Earth.  Merging a part of you with a part of her.  The specificness is to learn the vibration of one thing so you will recognize the difference within your own body.  You (meaning all of us) are starting the process of merging with a higher level of vibration.  This means learning to physically interact and react to the world around you..on a deeper level then you humans already are.  You are one with her but you have separated yourselves to Experience (her emphasis).  Now you will learn how to recognize different elements of her creation around you.  To do it all at once (merge with all of Gaia) would be too overwhelming.  You each will learn specific building blocks.  Ones that you have an affinity with to start out.” She tells me.  “I have never worked with metals or stone in this lifetime.” I tell her.  “No, but the option was always there.  It was never kept from you.”  She responds.  “Is it an advantage or disadvantage that I know little or nothing about them?”  I ask her.  She laughs and says, “Neither.  Remember this is a new adventure.”

During my next meditation, I ask for more information about working with gold.  I have gone through my jewelry box and found two things with a high gold content.  The ring I mentioned last time which now needs resized if I am the wear it and a tiny thin flat gold necklace.  I hear that this is enough.  Apparently, much to my disappointment, I don’t need to be decked out like a Aztec princess in order to make a connection.  I have been wearing the necklace for a day or two at this point.  In my meditation a gold being comes to me.  He looks just like the Academy Award statue, smooth and shiny with just a hint of facial features.  “Who are you?” I ask him.  He laughs and says, “I am Gold. Who better to talk to you about it, hmm?”  “Why have you chosen me?” I ask.  “You have the ability for me to flow through you easily.”  He tells me.  “How should I go about learning how to work with you?” I ask him.  “Wear me against your skin.  Picture me melting into you and dispersing through out your body.”  As he tells me this, he runs his finger along my necklace.  I see my necklace melt into my upper chest and then see little sparks twinkle along my body as the gold disperses.  Then he starts gathering up all the gold sparks and brings them up to my heart chakra, which now looks like a glowing forge.  He puts the gold in the fire of my heart and says, “Now you can make anything you want out of it.”  The gold in the fire morphs and becomes a wide wrist cuff, then a mask, the a bunch of fine gold links and finally a gold snake arm band.  (Not random imagery, I could ponder for a page about it!)  “But I’m assuming that I am not creating jewelry…unless that is what I want.”  I state.  “Correct.  You are using the element of gold to boost you creational abilities.” He says.  “How does it do that?”  I ask.  “By the fact that you are not alone.  You are not holding yourself apart anymore.  Now you have another element that is threaded through you.”  As he tells me this, I see a gold band that goes down through me from head to toe.  I imagine for a moment what it will be like when I have more elements incorporated within me;  and get a brief glimpse of how solid I will feel.  I have that same feeling from my last meditation that I identify as self-confidence, only this time instead of surrounding me it is within and feels solid and strong.

“So I assume this is a two-way street?  As we learn to incorporate different parts of Gaia, what happens from your point of view?”  I ask Gold.  “Imagine, if you will, the joy I find at merging throughout the cells of your body, to learn the human as the human learns me.  When something melts into another, both are changed–both become part of the other until there is no discernible separation.  You are starting small. (He smiles) Your goal is to have many lifetimes full of integration while holding a physical form.  Then from there–there is always more goals.” He says with a laugh and a smile.  I tell him thank you.  He touches my chest with his finger and says, “Any time.  I am now part of you.”

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  1. “…such as a sound WAVE or radio WAVE” –now this I can sink my vibrational teeth into.
    To quote Bill & Ted: “Most Excellent!!” Also everything for me lately has been 3rd (yellow/gold) chakra energy reformatting, the by-product of which has been no appetite. Ppl can google “Ormus” and “Etherium” supplements too if they want to get even more intimate with Gold in the physical.


    • Ohhh, thanks for the tip! I will check them out and see if they call my name. So awesome that you are tugging on the same string as me, and merging it in your own way. I too was excited about the sound waves tie in! And extra high fives for working a Bill and Ted reference in! “Be excellent to each other. And party on, dudes.”


    • Thanks Sarah! But I never would have thought of it either….so can’t take too much credit. Although if you want to jump down the rabbit hole, you can say that it is me talking to myself and therefore I did think of it. LOL! I love the whole sound wave/energy wave thing that is coming to me. Now the trick is exploring that some more and making it explainable to myself and others. (My science studies are vague memories at this time.)

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