Manifestation Meditation and the Element of Gold


Hello Dear Friends (New and Old),

I had a reading today with Lisa Gawlas.  She has been getting some very specific information lately in her readings.  There is so much “newness” here on Earth and with Us after last week’s awesome display of solar activity.  I was excited to talk to her, as always.  She is such an amazing lady!  A few days ago she gave out a meditation that I have been playing with for the last few mornings.  Here is her description of it.  If you read her whole post you will read an example that illustrates things more clearly.

With all of this, we are using two elements to create with.  The pure light of your soul and the sound frequency that is creation itself, wait three things, it is the emotion itself that creates the light wave.  So feel it, then see the feeling turn into light, run it up into hear ears (looking like an internal ear buds being used) then turn the frequency in your ears from static to creation sound (the sound will be different every time.)  Next watch the manifesting light stream from your head out into the field of creation (a yard or someplace other than where you are doing this.)  Pay attention to the frequency, you want a perfect backwards C shape in the bend of your light field.  You can think of it as moving from you, out into our perceived future then bringing back to your world of creation the thing you are desiring.

The first time that I tried it I was asking a question.  My throat has been “upgrading” since the large sunspot appeared and the X-flares were released.  Quite thankfully, there has been very little pain and when it does hurt it is usually for only a couple of hours. But I have had lots of swallowing difficulties, throat tickles leading to coughing fits and a new sexy whispery voice.  I asked for information on what was going on with my throat or better put, what is my new voice going to be used for.  I felt the emotion in my heart center and pictured it as light.  I pulled that up to my ears and focused there for a minute or so.  Then I arched it out from my head where it curved out and entered the soil of the Earth.  From there it came back toward me like a mole burrowing under the surface of the soil.  It reached my feet and then all these tendrils uncoiled from my ankles and feet and grabbed the energy and rapidly brought it up my body by handing it to tendrils that we lining the whole of my body.  It got to my neck and then I saw my mouth open and a big white solid-ish energy came out of my mouth in a large straight line.  It reminded me of the milky way. (Not the first time this has been seen coming out of my mouth…thank you Melissa!)  Then in my brain, I was told to remove the word “upgrade” when thinking of what is going on with me and to instead use the word “Evolving”.

Now we all know that evolution is what is going on here but this still struck me quite fiercely.  After all when we upgrade the systems on our computers, the same basic machine is operating underneath.  We are not upgrading our programing…which is easy to imagine considering that our bodies are staying whole through this drawn out shift.  It is similar to not being aware how much your child is growing until you see pictures of them from a year past.  We are INSIDE the body that is evolving…it is hard to see the growth, especially if the image in the mirror looks the same.

The second time I did the meditation was this morning.  I was only focusing on combining the energy of the emotion and the sounds within the ears.  When I did I saw the energy arch out from me like a rainbow (not rainbow-colored though) and go out in front of me.  The energy went down into the  soil of the Earth again.  This time it created a hole around it that I could look down into.  The energy moved underground again and moved toward me.  The tendrils on my ankles grabbed it again but this time the tendrils were a different color and texture.  Very interesting!  This time instead of pulling it up my body, my attention was drawn to the hole on the far end of the rainbow arch.  I pulled my consciousness down into it and there embedded in the soil was a large blue gem or crystal.  It entered into my head which then felt very heavy.  That is all that happened so I opened my eyes and started my busy day.

When Lisa called and we started my reading, I appeared to her to be standing in her kitchen in front of her stove.  I had an arch of energy that went from the middle of my feet (the arch) and travelled over to her back door.  The arch was made up of solid gold edges on both sides with a creamy white (marshmallow anyone?) filling in the middle.  There were four little golden points along both gold edges that she was told represented new tools/skills available for me to discover and use.  The white middle represented unlimited potential.  The solid gold edges were the most interesting aspect of the whole arch.  My new homework is to learn how to manifest using the elements of the Earth.  Gold being assignment #1.  I am to meditate with it,  learn it’s vibration, wear it, become BFF and then move on to learning other elements when I am ready.  What this all means, I am not at all sure.  But it sounds interesting!

The odd coincidences that surround this revelation today are many.  The first and most amazing to me is that Lisa asked if I have any gold jewelry I can wear.  I told her that I have a ring.  Two hours later, as I was driving and had time to pause and think about everything.  It occurred to me that the gold ring that I do have I found when I was 10 or 11.  I was laying on the floor of the living room of the old farmhouse where we lived and saw something glinting under the couch.  I pulled it out and saw that it was this gold ring with an inset clear stone.  I took it to my mother who was astounded.  She said, “This is a real ring!”  She then proceeded to call any woman who had visited our house for the last six years.  LOL  The owner was never found and she kept it in her jewelry box for me until I had grown enough for it to fit.  I wore that ring from age 14 until I got pregnant with my first child. Then NO rings fit any finger! I haven’t worn it since I took it off six years ago.  (Ahhh, the 6 year cycle repeats!)

Also speaking of jewelry, I have my fair share.  Mostly this is due to my mother who is quite a self taught expert on old artisan pieces.  She is an eBay shark, and finds people who are selling a bunch of pieces at once.  People who don’t realize that one of the 10 pieces is special.  She gets the one that she wants for a steal and then has all these extra items that she doesn’t need.  I end up with some of those extras, which I very rarely adorn myself with.  I forget that they exist most days of my life.  But another coincidence, I have been inspired to wear choker-style necklaces for the last few days.  So basically I have been wrapping my neck in different stones each day.  And if you will recall, in my post about transmuting the giant sunspot’s energy, my new guide (who wrapped his arms around me from behind)–was made of stone.  And we transmuted the solar energy into the Earth by funneling it through both our bodies (that were fused together).  He also gave me the homework of connecting to the Earth through my feet.  When I told Lisa about this, she told me that the root chakra is really a three-pronged chakra.  One section in each foot and one in, how did she put it…oh yeah..”the woo woo”.  LOL!!!  Well we all know about the woo woo section but apparently I am being told to concentrate on the foot sections.  Each foot has a different vibration and I need to play with it and see what they do.  Lisa wanted to tell me her personal interpretation of what each foot represented, based on her past experience, but her team said it didn’t apply.  Once again people, another example of new time, new energy, new learning that needs to happen.

I am pretty excited about a specific investigative adventure.  I know nothing about gold or the other Earth elements that I will be working with (porous rock was mentioned).  But it is fun to have a focus!  The information from today will hopefully help me figure out this “physical connection to Earth through my feet thing” that I have been assigned, after all it does help me narrow my focus considerably.  What is the most interesting and the least understood is that I can use an element of the Earth to help focus and strengthen my manifestation/creation ability.  I shall follow the bread crumbs, as usual.

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