Oh, baby that’s what I like!


Greetings All,

I went downstairs this evening to do a meditation.  When I closed my eyes, I found myself standing in space in front of the Sun.  Yesterday, I had a super brief visual come to me that my/our guides have done a round robin switch out.  New energy, new contracts, new guides! So as I stood there in space looking at the Sun, I reached out with both my hands and took my new team’s hands.  I felt them grab ahold and all line up solidly on both sides of me.  One of them however, firmly stepped up against my back and locked his arms around my torso.  He was made out of a bunch of rocks!  I felt him almost magnetically stick on to my back.  He said, “Are you ready for this?” in a very gravelly voice.  I let go of the hands on either side of me.  “I’m ready” I said.  “Let’s fly.” he growled in my ear.  Off we shot toward the sun.  When we got closer, we angled slightly down and to the right toward that giant sunspot that is on the surface right now.  As we circled over it a lasso somehow went outward from us and gathered around the outer edges of the sunspot and pulled it off of the sun.  Holy Cow!  We turned and headed toward the Earth with the sunspot tied on behind us and the rope of the lasso twined around both our middles.  When we arrived above the Earth, a hole appeared through both our torsos–like a giant hole punch.  The sunspot’s energy turned into a column and shot through us and continued down onto the planet.  The hole in our torsos didn’t close and I reached into it and saw/felt that the Rock Man and myself were perfectly fused where our bodies lay against each other.

He reached in front of me and scooped and gathered atmosphere, clouds and who knows what and packed them firmly into the hole in our torsos.  When it was full, he took the whole area that he had just filled and turned it a quarter turn counter-clockwise.  I asked him what he was doing and he said, “Resetting you for the next time.”  Ok then.  I asked him who or what he represented.  He said, “Baby, I’m the ground you walk upon.”  (So sexy, don’t you think?) “I’m the wiggle in your walk.” he added with a grin.  “And the giggle in my talk.” I said, completing the line of the song.  “No baby, that’s all you.  But I’m laughing when you are.” he replied.  “What are you here to teach me?” I asked.  “I want you to practice feeling the Earth as you walk upon her.  Feel the pull through the soles of your feet.  Work with it until you can feel when it tugs you one way or the other.  Start a communication between your feet and the Earth.  You leave your mark with every step you take, as you know.  Now it is time to make it a conscious two-way street.  Start small.  Right now I want you to remember to say hello and feel her hello coming back to you.”  he told me.  “You are not talking about a heart to heart connection, right?” I asked.  “No.  Many humans have open heart connections with Gaia.  Now I want you to feel her in your FEET.  A different sensation than through your heart. A walking awake meditation.  A communion from your Body to hers.” He replied. “Wonderful! Please poke me if I forget to do my homework!” I told him.  He smiled, nodded and said, “Now lets dance out of here.”  Then I heard the Big Bopper singing, “A wiggle in your walk and a giggle in your talk, makes the world go round.”

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    • Thank you Gina! I haven’t read that since I posted! As I did I was thinking of Lisa’s recent statement that Gaia has both a feminine and masculine energetic. That must have been Him! Hehe! Thanks for the reminder and homework poke!


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