I’m On Fire!


Hello Dear Friends,

Just a little status update for you!  I have been super busy bringing in the harvest, literally.  I have not had much meditation time but I could sure feel something going on.  My sense of time is totally jacked!  I seem to be able to accomplish a lot in a small amount of time but then I turn around and realize that I seemed to have leaped-frogged over an entire week.  In the now, I seem to be managing my time wonderfully.  Thinking forward or back…total “What The Hell”! LOL  It actually makes my brain start bending when my current self tries to figure it out.  So in the name of fending off dizziness, I will stop thinking about it!  Ahhh, don’t you love those easy fixes?

This morning I realized that my left hand was on fire.  Not actually mind you, but that lovely chili burn one acquires after chopping up a bunch of raw hot peppers.  I actually didn’t think much about it for a couple of hours.  I have, after all, been madly putting up all the “seconds” that are not perfect enough to sell.  Then after a couple of hours of work, it occurred to me that I hadn’t touched a hot pepper in 24 hours.  Hmmm.  I saw that Lisa Gawlas’ post today had Ignite and DNA in the title.  I drooled at the prospect of reading it as soon as I had time.  After I ate lunch, I laid down to give my feet a rest and decided to see what I could see.  I was shown my hand moving back and forth in a liquid.  Hmmm again, sorry I don’t understand, show me it in a different way!  Then I heard, “How about a sail?” and I saw my hand upright moving through the air.  So I put my thinking cap on, a rudder and a sail, both steer!  Both being shown and felt with my left hand.  The left hand symbolizes (for me) the reach for something in my physical life.  So new ability to reach and acquire things in life!  Burn away hand, burn away!  I asked then what the difference this new “ignition” would bring.  I saw a “Before” scene unfold.  I was shown myself reaching for an egg.  I picked it up and brought it into my cupped hands.  It turned into a bird and flew off bringing me joy.  In the “Now” scene, I was standing up on the front of a great ship, a la the famous scene from Titanic.  I was reaching out in front of me as the ship sailed forward.

Ok, then.  That made me think for a minute.  Why the giant boat?  What do we know about big boats?  They travel with a lot of forward momentum, aka they are hard to stop or turn.  Lesson:  Be careful what you reach for!  Have a clear mind and heart when you reach for what you want.  Oh, yes…as I type that I was reminded of one of my Super Moon meditations where this little feral pixie version of myself said that very thing to me (quite fiercely too).

And then what do I see when I do have time to read Lisa’s post?  This awesome quote!

 “You MUST be absolutely clear and concise in your communication of desires and questions and no longer being half-ass about anything!!”

Choose wisely my friends.  Have fun while doing it.  Cue the Titanic soundtrack. 



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