Pineal/Heart Meditation, Drinking Light


Dear Fellow Evolvers,

I received a meditation from my new friend, Zarah, a couple of days ago.  She had received it last summer.  I didn’t post it right away because I was busy using every Kleenex in a five-mile radius.  After my two days of excessive nose blowing, I woke up to Lisa Gawlas’ post this morning on the changes she is seeing within the systems in the body, first and foremost being the Pineal Gland.  The entire time I took my brief (Thank God!) time out, I kept hearing, “Out with the old, in with the new.”   Well the old left through my poor little nose and the new entered through the top of my head. LOL  So here is Zarah’s Pineal/Heart Meditation that arrived at the perfect time!  Once again this week, we are being nudged to merge energy.  In this case, the Pineal, the Heart and the Sun.  A Trifecta!  A Trinity! A Hat-Trick (if we can pull it off)!  Thank you so much Zarah for sharing it with us.

Drinking Light

I was given this meditation in July 2013. So the comments about the weather are a bit outdated now, but if you have rainy weather don’t complain – be grateful that you are given some breathing space. 😉
  1. You can drink the nonphysical light that is inside the sun (the intelligence contained within it) like a fluid.
You can absorb it via the pineal gland or via the cell membranes, soaking it up through the skin and drinking it into the cells. It’s as if the cells have little mouths and they drink in this light. Then you can just allow the light to flow through your cells and you should also drink a lot of water when you do this exercise.
The newest light codes are transmitted by the sun, and from what I heard, this is why we have had so much rain recently [this was last summer LOL] – to give us time to process the light codes that have come in previously. If we had sunshine all the time it just would have been too much. Also the rain brings everything into flow, while giving us time to process the newest light codes before the next higher ones come in. And we should not be surprised about the funny weather but just know that this is the reason for it.
  1. If you want to decode the information that is in these light codes, go directly into the pineal gland with your awareness and drink in the light from the sun. If it helps you, you can visualize a small version of yourself standing in your pineal gland. Then open your heart while you are drinking this light, and see and feel the energy coming up from your heart, connecting to your pineal gland and reading / decoding the information contained within the light codes.
So to clarify: It looks like the light from the sun is coming in through your forehead into your pineal gland, while your heart energy streams up from your heart into your pineal gland. But you have to be present IN the pineal gland. It’s not like you look upon it from the outside and connect it from there, but you have to be actually present in the pineal gland and receive both streams of energy from the sun and your heart, respectively. If you find it too hard in the beginning to focus on keeping your awareness in the pineal gland, drinking the light, and receiving the heart energy simultaneously, you can practice each step individually and then combine them.
When I tried this for the first time I found the light in the pineal gland much too bright. Then I heard:
That’s why you need the heart, because it gives you the energy you need to be able to handle this light intensity, and also to understand what the information is about.






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