WWJD (what would John do? part 3)


Dear Fellow Humans,

Here is Part 3 from the Being formerly known as John Lennon.  Thank you so much to my dear friend who has sent me her experiences and brought me in to be a small part!  She has done her homework, as a soul, and truly found a centered confidence in her Being, in her heart, in her physical chest (that I can feel when I think of her).  As my husband says, “Sometimes we have to shovel a lot of shit to get an amazing harvest.”  And so it is with some of you too!  We are done with the shit shoveling and even the seed planting and plant growing.  It is a time of harvest now my friends.  We are also planting our new seeds now and every seed bed needs to be properly prepared for maximum germination.  Toward the end of this post, John talks about the Void which jumped out at me as a particularly timely meditation for us all to be doing.  I will post it as a separate post next so that it will be easy to find each time we need to  “wipe clean the mirror”, as John says. 


John and I have gone back and forth now for several days.  There is a soothing neutrality to his vibe that is at once unconcerned with our worldly affairs yet at the same time has been politely attentive and conscientious toward my feelings, Esther’s feelings and the resultant spiral of energy that is being generated outward.
He has said much in this 3-part discourse, and it’s refreshing to sit like a wide-eyed student in a great cosmic lecture hall.  His mode was hardly a lecture though.  In his words it’s been a Vibrational Broadcast, “designed to illuminate and inspire, not teach or preach”…
Figuring it all out for yourselves and respecting each other’s vantage points… that’s what matters.” 
Part 3
Everything is equal under the sun.  People need to feel as much love and respect for a houseplant or a horse or their presumed enemy as they do their sons and daughters (or sweethearts). 

Life is life is a gift. You craft your soul’s journey and draw up the blueprint to serve YOUR soul’s experience and evolution.  You don’t exist to “serve” god– and that includes fake gods… Men parading as gods… Energies masquerading as gods and demons and heros and saviours… 
Some of you still create celebrity demi-gods and monarchs to mirror back to you your own strengths and weaknesses,  innate divinity as well as “flaws”.  As soon as you shatter these mirrors they have zero relevance, but while under the godspell you still look for something to worship.  As a human I was always amused by this phenomenon and went out of my way to have a go at blind idolatry, no offense taken! (laughs)
The energy of Source is totally impartial. “God” doesn’t care if you sleepwalk through life. If you need to keep reincarnating, fine!  If it’s your ultimate goal to return to Source and merge with your God-Self?  Fantastic.        

I will return when I feel as though my soul can move about in physical form unimpeded by mind viruses and fallacy parading as truth.  Then the joy and rapture of being in a body can be fully celebrated without “bad guys” (self-serving forces that play the “negative” role in the polarity) generating chaos or stealing and hoarding energy for their own ends. Then souls can elect to return in the safety and knowledge of freedom, genuine free will, fellowship and creative carte blanche.  
The spark of life doesn’t  belong to anyone, can’t be bought, sold, commodified, yet they do…they try to harness and exploit your “Chi”, your life force as if they own it.  There aren’t an elite select few that have exclusive rights to being Supermen. 

In my life as “John” I learned all about overcoming self-loathing and judging outside experiences. I learned how to not be so hard on myself and others. Grudge holding feels good until you realize it’s eating you from the inside out. 
My problem was a constant quest for “love” outside myself, and I was quite a glutton for both pleasure and punishment– neither of which are real love.     What I was really questing for (and this is everybody’s trip) was spiritual connection and liberation.  It’s only because you’re raised with the program of god/saviour that you seek it.  We feel like something is always bloody missing, when in fact it’s not.  For others it’s fame, fortune, glory, power, riches.  They have no innate spirit of Peace, stillness, contentment.  These sorts of folks think that seeking or trying to create “peace” as a priority is silly. 
And the atheists are just as bad with their nihilism. They’re disrespecting and discounting the Divine Spark–in their neighbor, their co-worker, in the laughter of a child, in the opposite sex…
Spirituality is like a dirty word now.  And we can do better than that at this point in the game.  The journey figuring it all out is the point, not the destination ‘cuz you’re all gonna get back to Source eventually. 
Pot smoking and drug taking in general is totally passé, not necessary.  When the individual is connected to their Higher Self they realize this. I’m not talking about marijuana as pain medicine, or having the occasional Shamanic trip with various botanicals… I mean, again it’s your story, your movie.  
Yes, it’s important to have Fun along the way, but if that is your only objective (“Is this cool? Are we having fun yet? Will this make me feel good?”) you’re going to miss so much.
Pretending to be happy all the time is much worse than genuine unhappiness.  Who defines “happy”? 
As long as the world is configured the way it is humans will seek ways to lessen their discomfort. The key is to remove or change the things that are causing the pain, but it appears such a radical paradigm shift is slow coming.  When you realize that a quantum tipping point is possible and quite easy within consensus (harmony within diversity) your evolution will exponentially accelerate, but who am I to talk about such things?

My way to tap into all of this was Music.  The muses of my own imagination showed me what was possible even if the practical application—by my reckoning—fell short in the material world. 
Everything is a Collaboration.  There wasn’t a single song I wrote in a Vacuum.
There is no such thing as “success” with the Infinite, only varying degrees and qualities of Vibration. 
In spite of what manifested in the outside world, I always saw that the potential was vast, unlimited… and fed a great cosmic source that in turn feeds all of creation.  A great circuit of life and light without end…
Here, there is no sense of human Ego or power for power’s sake. 
When you tap into the feelings of creating and giving freely you work in just such a space. And if it is honest, if it is genuine, THIS is the nexus of “the Peace that surpasseth understanding“.  Giving without expecting anything in return, giving to serve…that is Divinity. 
The worrying adults in the life of a young John mirrored for me the futility of worrisome behavior.  While the lighthearted ones mirrored back to me the magic of laughter and a good joke.
What is being mirrored back at you in this moment and what’s the message? That thing you slam the door on will just creep through an open window.  Whether it’s wearing a devil mask or full clown regalia is up to you. 
The most important thing I leave you with is this: The mind as a tool merely houses the imagination and personality/ego. It is not the master cylinder.  The Heart-mind is.  How your heart expresses its unique individuation of Love (god) is your soul’s calling card, it’s trademark, it’s essence.  Much of it is uncharted and awaits exploration, yes. 
As you plumb the depths of your Soul Ocean, remember to make time for simply emptying the vessel.  As you bring up more treasures, birth more artistic vision, then reward yourselves with the gift of an empty box, a blank slate from time to time!  Wipe clean the mirror. 
Imagine the rapture and zen bliss of the still, silent, empty, open, formless Void.  Make time for effortless merging with Nothingness.  You’ll be amazed at what awaits you. 
And when in doubt, return to love, pure LOVE…right here, right now.
At One with the Music of the Spheres,
[John’s final “note” was that he couldn’t emphasize enough that PEACE truly beginswithin the individual.  And to see it realized in the material world, self-mastery is the key. “I was going about it all backwards, ya see.”  When I pointed out that many would say he was actually light-years ahead, he said: “Yes, that’s true too, but hardly the brightest or best among you. Look around.  Give your children the freedom to be themselves. The days of compromise to please the System are over!”]


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