Merge and Connect


Dear Readers,

Here is my meditation experience from yesterday.  I sat down on the couch, centered myself and did Zarah’s Merging with the new Alive Earth Meditation.  I pictured myself as a super-sized me and lay myself down upon the curvature of the Earth.  I became somewhat translucent and melted into her as she melted into me.  I saw the pockets of energy that Zarah spoke of, they were scattered around the Earth and exploding upward with white energy.  I sunk into the center of the planet and found that I was in the nebula energy that Lisa Gawlas spoke of in her last few posts.  I was floating and spinning/swirling along.  I went through the nucleus and when I got to the other side, I realized that I was not alone.  I was holding the hand of another being and we were kinda floating/dancing with each other.  I pulled my view of the other being in and saw that he looked just like the green and white image that Lisa had posted on her site but he was black with white reflector tape areas. LOL! Very power rangers (for you with small children)!  Hmmmm just think of that title…power ranger.  Interesting!  Anyway, I knew from Lisa’s post that another melding could take place if I desired.  I took his other hand and brought our floating bodies flush with each other.  Where our hands joined, they melted into each other so that there was no beginning or ending of either of our arms.  I rested my forehead against his and then we melted through each other.  I turned around and looked at him and he was no longer solid but was now an opaque form that I could only see around the head and shoulders.  Well damn!  I thanked him for whatever had occurred with our fusion manuever.  I started floating down out of the nebula and toward a very physical looking earth.  I landed in a woods at night.  At this point I realized that the meditation was flowing right into a meditation that I had wanted to post right before I found Zarah’s meditation.  The Wood Spirits meditation can be found here.

In the forest I could see many golden lights sprinkled throughout the woods.  They are all the shinning hearts of people.  I knew that one was waiting for me beside a tree.  The ground was wispy with fog, which I knew was a carpet of new energy (the nebula itself) that is infusing into everything.  The being that was waiting for me was all in black, representing unknown possibilities to me.  He/she/it looked like a 3D silhouette.  The being took me through the trees until, quite suddenly, we were standing on the edge of a cliff looking down into a valley far below.  At first glance, I was disoriented when I looked down.  It had a bit of fun house mirror feeling to it.  It was as if a section of the forest had dropped a couple of hundred feet.  It was daylight on the green trees below.  I heard that phrase, “A dream within a dream”.  Me being me, I jumped off the cliff and headed down.  I was floating through the air and then someone started setting off fireworks down below.  I was flipping and sliding through them as I fell/floated down.  I landed on the ground and it was night again.  I was not in a forest however but on a short grass plain.  Gandolf was there again!  (See here for previous Gandolf experience.)  Now I will freely admit to you that I have been suddenly interested in Tolkien these days.  I am in the midst of reading the books again (last time I was a teen, so I’m not that crazy).  I also have purchased, insanely cheap, the new trilogy movies for Lord of the Rings and the first Hobbit movie.  Why? I asked myself the same damn question.  My easiest answer is that they are about the end of an age and the seeds that are planted for the next one.  I’m sure there is more to it than that but we will see….  I digress… Gandolf set off a few more fireworks.  I asked him if he was really Gandolf this time.  He said,  “As real as your going to get.” He leaned down and smiled at me.  (He appeared quite tall and spoke with a lovely British accent.)  “I want to show you something about the way you got here.”  He turns me around and points to a long empty road lit by the moon that goes off into the distance, across the plain, up a hill and disappears over the other side.  “A lonely path.” I say.  “You were never alone.” he replies firmly.  “I know.  I just meant that the path looks lonely.” I tell him.  “Ah, but the path isn’t lonely either.”  he says and shows me how the path is melted into the earth.  “Each step on the path moves you forward but you are always tethered to the Earth.  If you jump in the air, do you not come back down?  The Earth does not let you go floating off.  You are partnered with her on your journey.  Each step forward that you take is a step forward for her. Yes, (he says, knowing I am thinking of the population of the planet) that is a lot of steps forward.  Why do you think there are so many people on the planet right now?  They are here to help her leap forward not to tear her apart.  It is a true symbiotic relationship.  She exists because of you and you exist because of her. Now, he says and turns me around the opposite to face the opposite direction, let us talk of the future.”  He throws what looks like a map of stars into the air.  Each star is connected by a glowing white line to a few other stars.  It is a random pattern of stars and glowing lines, some zigging off one way, others curling another.  “What would you like to choose?” he asks me.  Of course there is nothing to differentiate anything by.  I say, “Can I choose it all?”  He laughs and says, “You will be very busy indeed, if that is what you choose!”  “Ok, I will let my heart choose.”  I reply with a grin.  (Thank you many reminders this year, to get me to remember that at this moment!)  One particular line raises up a little and glows brighter than the rest.  “Now watch.”  Gandolf says and takes my shoulders and turns me midway between the past road and the future map.  I hear and feel the road “speed up”  like a race car and it goes racing past me and shoots off the ground and connects with the glowing line that my heart has chosen.  “That is enough for today, I think.” he tells me.  “I agree.  Will we see each other again?” I ask him.  He steps out of the grassy plain and sits down next to me on the couch.  (I don’t have my eyes open!  Still meditating here people!)  “I am not going anywhere.  But one word of advice, if I may.  Don’t take things very seriously on the way forward.  Laugh, cry, dance and sing.  We are all experiencing this with you and it is much more fun for us when you all don’t take yourselves too seriously.  Relax.  The hard part is over and the fun is just beginning.”

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  1. Your Gandalf feels very familiar to me LOL. I love his last piece of advice: “Don’t take yourselves so seriously – laugh, cry, dance and sing.” Yay! 😀 The fun is just beginning …


    • I know what you mean! He definitely has that aura of universal archetype feeling about him. Thanks for putting your meditation out there for us to use. I will post your pineal one today!


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