Merging with the new Alive Earth Meditation


Dear Readers,

I found the following in the comment section on Lisa Gawlas’s blog post today.  I love the meditation that was given to Zarah.  I have pasted her words below.  Thank you Zarah for sharing it so I could find it!  Let me know how it goes for you.  Have fun!


“On the day of the lunar eclipse I was given this meditation: to imagine that your body and the earth’s body melt into each other. It looked like there were pockets of potential inside of the earth’s body … amazig new potentials that we cannot understand when we think in terms of the old earth. For these new things (they aren’t really “things” but I have no better word), the only way to bring them from potential into actuality is to merge with them and feel them come alive. The more people who bring their focused intention to this, the better, because more potentials will be activated. And since “size” or “distance” does not really exist outside of our limited reality, it’s easy to feel yourself the same size as the earth and just merge into it. (That’s how my team explained it to me.)”


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