Use the Force, Luke!


Hello Dear Readers,

I’m sure that any followers of Lisa Gawlas’ blog saw her post on how we all now have our own star that we need to connect to.  Here is a bit of what she said.  The connection with her rising star will help her adjust to her new emerging navigational system within her body.  So if I can suggest to every one of you, find your star, meditate with it, enliven the solar energy within you, this is your new gps system and works with worlds beyond our own.”  So I was confused about this star and asked my team what it was about. I was shown that my star was in my chest where the heart chakra is.  It looked just like a mini sun, shining away.  I then had an image of a standard Catholic representation of Jesus, this image was zoomed in on his burning/glowing heart in his chest.  I’m sure there is a name for how his heart is portrayed but I don’t want to look it up.  I’m sure you all know what I am talking about. I was being shown that this new star energy that Lisa is seeing is also representative of the Christ Consciousness. So Cool.  I also had read a blog the day before by Lisa Rising Berry about what she calls aether.  Please check out the link here, she does a great job of pulling lots of different views together to show that they are all the same damn thing!  Yippee!  Here is a small section.


There are so many different names for this 5th element….Aether, quintessence, akasha, prana, chi, Christ Consciousness, spirit, Holy Ghost, Dark Matter, God Particle, and I am sure I left some out.  It’s the inner space of the void from where all is created.  It’s the representation of bringing all together in unification. Aether is where the other elements came from, the womb of creation.  It is the color black with purple mixed in.  Now, this element has been around since the very creation of this Universe.  If you look at the vesica piscis you can see where the two circles join.  The middle is the void, where all creation begins.  Our Universe was created out of the Void of Darkness…which is Aether.  And this same element is re-birthing our next new beginning…our New Genesis. 

So, we have this amazing new energy moving in.  I want you all to take a moment or two and start a conscious connection.  You might want to wait until after the eclipse.  When I sat down today, I felt a totally interesting physical “pulling” on the area right below my third eye (strange location).  I was pulled deep into a swirl energy but couldn’t see anything else.  I was dizzy and a little nauseous for a while afterward.  Yippeee, eclipse energy coming in strong!


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