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Oh, baby that’s what I like!


Greetings All,

I went downstairs this evening to do a meditation.  When I closed my eyes, I found myself standing in space in front of the Sun.  Yesterday, I had a super brief visual come to me that my/our guides have done a round robin switch out.  New energy, new contracts, new guides! So as I stood there in space looking at the Sun, I reached out with both my hands and took my new team’s hands.  I felt them grab ahold and all line up solidly on both sides of me.  One of them however, firmly stepped up against my back and locked his arms around my torso.  He was made out of a bunch of rocks!  I felt him almost magnetically stick on to my back.  He said, “Are you ready for this?” in a very gravelly voice.  I let go of the hands on either side of me.  “I’m ready” I said.  “Let’s fly.” he growled in my ear.  Off we shot toward the sun.  When we got closer, we angled slightly down and to the right toward that giant sunspot that is on the surface right now.  As we circled over it a lasso somehow went outward from us and gathered around the outer edges of the sunspot and pulled it off of the sun.  Holy Cow!  We turned and headed toward the Earth with the sunspot tied on behind us and the rope of the lasso twined around both our middles.  When we arrived above the Earth, a hole appeared through both our torsos–like a giant hole punch.  The sunspot’s energy turned into a column and shot through us and continued down onto the planet.  The hole in our torsos didn’t close and I reached into it and saw/felt that the Rock Man and myself were perfectly fused where our bodies lay against each other.

He reached in front of me and scooped and gathered atmosphere, clouds and who knows what and packed them firmly into the hole in our torsos.  When it was full, he took the whole area that he had just filled and turned it a quarter turn counter-clockwise.  I asked him what he was doing and he said, “Resetting you for the next time.”  Ok then.  I asked him who or what he represented.  He said, “Baby, I’m the ground you walk upon.”  (So sexy, don’t you think?) “I’m the wiggle in your walk.” he added with a grin.  “And the giggle in my talk.” I said, completing the line of the song.  “No baby, that’s all you.  But I’m laughing when you are.” he replied.  “What are you here to teach me?” I asked.  “I want you to practice feeling the Earth as you walk upon her.  Feel the pull through the soles of your feet.  Work with it until you can feel when it tugs you one way or the other.  Start a communication between your feet and the Earth.  You leave your mark with every step you take, as you know.  Now it is time to make it a conscious two-way street.  Start small.  Right now I want you to remember to say hello and feel her hello coming back to you.”  he told me.  “You are not talking about a heart to heart connection, right?” I asked.  “No.  Many humans have open heart connections with Gaia.  Now I want you to feel her in your FEET.  A different sensation than through your heart. A walking awake meditation.  A communion from your Body to hers.” He replied. “Wonderful! Please poke me if I forget to do my homework!” I told him.  He smiled, nodded and said, “Now lets dance out of here.”  Then I heard the Big Bopper singing, “A wiggle in your walk and a giggle in your talk, makes the world go round.”

I’m On Fire!


Hello Dear Friends,

Just a little status update for you!  I have been super busy bringing in the harvest, literally.  I have not had much meditation time but I could sure feel something going on.  My sense of time is totally jacked!  I seem to be able to accomplish a lot in a small amount of time but then I turn around and realize that I seemed to have leaped-frogged over an entire week.  In the now, I seem to be managing my time wonderfully.  Thinking forward or back…total “What The Hell”! LOL  It actually makes my brain start bending when my current self tries to figure it out.  So in the name of fending off dizziness, I will stop thinking about it!  Ahhh, don’t you love those easy fixes?

This morning I realized that my left hand was on fire.  Not actually mind you, but that lovely chili burn one acquires after chopping up a bunch of raw hot peppers.  I actually didn’t think much about it for a couple of hours.  I have, after all, been madly putting up all the “seconds” that are not perfect enough to sell.  Then after a couple of hours of work, it occurred to me that I hadn’t touched a hot pepper in 24 hours.  Hmmm.  I saw that Lisa Gawlas’ post today had Ignite and DNA in the title.  I drooled at the prospect of reading it as soon as I had time.  After I ate lunch, I laid down to give my feet a rest and decided to see what I could see.  I was shown my hand moving back and forth in a liquid.  Hmmm again, sorry I don’t understand, show me it in a different way!  Then I heard, “How about a sail?” and I saw my hand upright moving through the air.  So I put my thinking cap on, a rudder and a sail, both steer!  Both being shown and felt with my left hand.  The left hand symbolizes (for me) the reach for something in my physical life.  So new ability to reach and acquire things in life!  Burn away hand, burn away!  I asked then what the difference this new “ignition” would bring.  I saw a “Before” scene unfold.  I was shown myself reaching for an egg.  I picked it up and brought it into my cupped hands.  It turned into a bird and flew off bringing me joy.  In the “Now” scene, I was standing up on the front of a great ship, a la the famous scene from Titanic.  I was reaching out in front of me as the ship sailed forward.

Ok, then.  That made me think for a minute.  Why the giant boat?  What do we know about big boats?  They travel with a lot of forward momentum, aka they are hard to stop or turn.  Lesson:  Be careful what you reach for!  Have a clear mind and heart when you reach for what you want.  Oh, yes…as I type that I was reminded of one of my Super Moon meditations where this little feral pixie version of myself said that very thing to me (quite fiercely too).

And then what do I see when I do have time to read Lisa’s post?  This awesome quote!

 “You MUST be absolutely clear and concise in your communication of desires and questions and no longer being half-ass about anything!!”

Choose wisely my friends.  Have fun while doing it.  Cue the Titanic soundtrack. 



Pineal/Heart Meditation, Drinking Light


Dear Fellow Evolvers,

I received a meditation from my new friend, Zarah, a couple of days ago.  She had received it last summer.  I didn’t post it right away because I was busy using every Kleenex in a five-mile radius.  After my two days of excessive nose blowing, I woke up to Lisa Gawlas’ post this morning on the changes she is seeing within the systems in the body, first and foremost being the Pineal Gland.  The entire time I took my brief (Thank God!) time out, I kept hearing, “Out with the old, in with the new.”   Well the old left through my poor little nose and the new entered through the top of my head. LOL  So here is Zarah’s Pineal/Heart Meditation that arrived at the perfect time!  Once again this week, we are being nudged to merge energy.  In this case, the Pineal, the Heart and the Sun.  A Trifecta!  A Trinity! A Hat-Trick (if we can pull it off)!  Thank you so much Zarah for sharing it with us.

Drinking Light

I was given this meditation in July 2013. So the comments about the weather are a bit outdated now, but if you have rainy weather don’t complain – be grateful that you are given some breathing space. 😉
  1. You can drink the nonphysical light that is inside the sun (the intelligence contained within it) like a fluid.
You can absorb it via the pineal gland or via the cell membranes, soaking it up through the skin and drinking it into the cells. It’s as if the cells have little mouths and they drink in this light. Then you can just allow the light to flow through your cells and you should also drink a lot of water when you do this exercise.
The newest light codes are transmitted by the sun, and from what I heard, this is why we have had so much rain recently [this was last summer LOL] – to give us time to process the light codes that have come in previously. If we had sunshine all the time it just would have been too much. Also the rain brings everything into flow, while giving us time to process the newest light codes before the next higher ones come in. And we should not be surprised about the funny weather but just know that this is the reason for it.
  1. If you want to decode the information that is in these light codes, go directly into the pineal gland with your awareness and drink in the light from the sun. If it helps you, you can visualize a small version of yourself standing in your pineal gland. Then open your heart while you are drinking this light, and see and feel the energy coming up from your heart, connecting to your pineal gland and reading / decoding the information contained within the light codes.
So to clarify: It looks like the light from the sun is coming in through your forehead into your pineal gland, while your heart energy streams up from your heart into your pineal gland. But you have to be present IN the pineal gland. It’s not like you look upon it from the outside and connect it from there, but you have to be actually present in the pineal gland and receive both streams of energy from the sun and your heart, respectively. If you find it too hard in the beginning to focus on keeping your awareness in the pineal gland, drinking the light, and receiving the heart energy simultaneously, you can practice each step individually and then combine them.
When I tried this for the first time I found the light in the pineal gland much too bright. Then I heard:
That’s why you need the heart, because it gives you the energy you need to be able to handle this light intensity, and also to understand what the information is about.






The Void


This Meditation was inspired by the words of the Being formerly know as John Lennon.  A dear friend sent me her experience with him; you can read the complete post here.  Here are the words that inspired me to post this NOW.

“As you plumb the depths of your Soul Ocean, remember to make time for simply emptying the vessel.  As you bring up more treasures, birth more artistic vision, then reward yourselves with the gift of an empty box, a blank slate from time to time!  Wipe clean the mirror. 
Imagine the rapture and zen bliss of the still, silent, empty, open, formless Void.  Make time for effortless merging with Nothingness.  You’ll be amazed at what awaits you.” 

This meditation is quite simple and yet perhaps more of a challenge for us in our busy worlds.  Find a quiet place and center yourself.  Don’t skimp on this step!  Now place yourself in that empty formless Void.  Float or hold your attention there for a while.  Then merge yourself with the Nothingness.  This can be accomplished in many ways, see what comes naturally to you.  You could suck that void right into your Being.  Or perhaps take the Void and let it permeate your Being, like water through cloth.  Or take your Being and disperse it out into the Nothingness.  Follow the experience that happens next.  Enjoy!

WWJD (what would John do? part 3)


Dear Fellow Humans,

Here is Part 3 from the Being formerly known as John Lennon.  Thank you so much to my dear friend who has sent me her experiences and brought me in to be a small part!  She has done her homework, as a soul, and truly found a centered confidence in her Being, in her heart, in her physical chest (that I can feel when I think of her).  As my husband says, “Sometimes we have to shovel a lot of shit to get an amazing harvest.”  And so it is with some of you too!  We are done with the shit shoveling and even the seed planting and plant growing.  It is a time of harvest now my friends.  We are also planting our new seeds now and every seed bed needs to be properly prepared for maximum germination.  Toward the end of this post, John talks about the Void which jumped out at me as a particularly timely meditation for us all to be doing.  I will post it as a separate post next so that it will be easy to find each time we need to  “wipe clean the mirror”, as John says. 


John and I have gone back and forth now for several days.  There is a soothing neutrality to his vibe that is at once unconcerned with our worldly affairs yet at the same time has been politely attentive and conscientious toward my feelings, Esther’s feelings and the resultant spiral of energy that is being generated outward.
He has said much in this 3-part discourse, and it’s refreshing to sit like a wide-eyed student in a great cosmic lecture hall.  His mode was hardly a lecture though.  In his words it’s been a Vibrational Broadcast, “designed to illuminate and inspire, not teach or preach”…
Figuring it all out for yourselves and respecting each other’s vantage points… that’s what matters.” 
Part 3
Everything is equal under the sun.  People need to feel as much love and respect for a houseplant or a horse or their presumed enemy as they do their sons and daughters (or sweethearts). 

Life is life is a gift. You craft your soul’s journey and draw up the blueprint to serve YOUR soul’s experience and evolution.  You don’t exist to “serve” god– and that includes fake gods… Men parading as gods… Energies masquerading as gods and demons and heros and saviours… 
Some of you still create celebrity demi-gods and monarchs to mirror back to you your own strengths and weaknesses,  innate divinity as well as “flaws”.  As soon as you shatter these mirrors they have zero relevance, but while under the godspell you still look for something to worship.  As a human I was always amused by this phenomenon and went out of my way to have a go at blind idolatry, no offense taken! (laughs)
The energy of Source is totally impartial. “God” doesn’t care if you sleepwalk through life. If you need to keep reincarnating, fine!  If it’s your ultimate goal to return to Source and merge with your God-Self?  Fantastic.        

I will return when I feel as though my soul can move about in physical form unimpeded by mind viruses and fallacy parading as truth.  Then the joy and rapture of being in a body can be fully celebrated without “bad guys” (self-serving forces that play the “negative” role in the polarity) generating chaos or stealing and hoarding energy for their own ends. Then souls can elect to return in the safety and knowledge of freedom, genuine free will, fellowship and creative carte blanche.  
The spark of life doesn’t  belong to anyone, can’t be bought, sold, commodified, yet they do…they try to harness and exploit your “Chi”, your life force as if they own it.  There aren’t an elite select few that have exclusive rights to being Supermen. 

In my life as “John” I learned all about overcoming self-loathing and judging outside experiences. I learned how to not be so hard on myself and others. Grudge holding feels good until you realize it’s eating you from the inside out. 
My problem was a constant quest for “love” outside myself, and I was quite a glutton for both pleasure and punishment– neither of which are real love.     What I was really questing for (and this is everybody’s trip) was spiritual connection and liberation.  It’s only because you’re raised with the program of god/saviour that you seek it.  We feel like something is always bloody missing, when in fact it’s not.  For others it’s fame, fortune, glory, power, riches.  They have no innate spirit of Peace, stillness, contentment.  These sorts of folks think that seeking or trying to create “peace” as a priority is silly. 
And the atheists are just as bad with their nihilism. They’re disrespecting and discounting the Divine Spark–in their neighbor, their co-worker, in the laughter of a child, in the opposite sex…
Spirituality is like a dirty word now.  And we can do better than that at this point in the game.  The journey figuring it all out is the point, not the destination ‘cuz you’re all gonna get back to Source eventually. 
Pot smoking and drug taking in general is totally passé, not necessary.  When the individual is connected to their Higher Self they realize this. I’m not talking about marijuana as pain medicine, or having the occasional Shamanic trip with various botanicals… I mean, again it’s your story, your movie.  
Yes, it’s important to have Fun along the way, but if that is your only objective (“Is this cool? Are we having fun yet? Will this make me feel good?”) you’re going to miss so much.
Pretending to be happy all the time is much worse than genuine unhappiness.  Who defines “happy”? 
As long as the world is configured the way it is humans will seek ways to lessen their discomfort. The key is to remove or change the things that are causing the pain, but it appears such a radical paradigm shift is slow coming.  When you realize that a quantum tipping point is possible and quite easy within consensus (harmony within diversity) your evolution will exponentially accelerate, but who am I to talk about such things?

My way to tap into all of this was Music.  The muses of my own imagination showed me what was possible even if the practical application—by my reckoning—fell short in the material world. 
Everything is a Collaboration.  There wasn’t a single song I wrote in a Vacuum.
There is no such thing as “success” with the Infinite, only varying degrees and qualities of Vibration. 
In spite of what manifested in the outside world, I always saw that the potential was vast, unlimited… and fed a great cosmic source that in turn feeds all of creation.  A great circuit of life and light without end…
Here, there is no sense of human Ego or power for power’s sake. 
When you tap into the feelings of creating and giving freely you work in just such a space. And if it is honest, if it is genuine, THIS is the nexus of “the Peace that surpasseth understanding“.  Giving without expecting anything in return, giving to serve…that is Divinity. 
The worrying adults in the life of a young John mirrored for me the futility of worrisome behavior.  While the lighthearted ones mirrored back to me the magic of laughter and a good joke.
What is being mirrored back at you in this moment and what’s the message? That thing you slam the door on will just creep through an open window.  Whether it’s wearing a devil mask or full clown regalia is up to you. 
The most important thing I leave you with is this: The mind as a tool merely houses the imagination and personality/ego. It is not the master cylinder.  The Heart-mind is.  How your heart expresses its unique individuation of Love (god) is your soul’s calling card, it’s trademark, it’s essence.  Much of it is uncharted and awaits exploration, yes. 
As you plumb the depths of your Soul Ocean, remember to make time for simply emptying the vessel.  As you bring up more treasures, birth more artistic vision, then reward yourselves with the gift of an empty box, a blank slate from time to time!  Wipe clean the mirror. 
Imagine the rapture and zen bliss of the still, silent, empty, open, formless Void.  Make time for effortless merging with Nothingness.  You’ll be amazed at what awaits you. 
And when in doubt, return to love, pure LOVE…right here, right now.
At One with the Music of the Spheres,
[John’s final “note” was that he couldn’t emphasize enough that PEACE truly beginswithin the individual.  And to see it realized in the material world, self-mastery is the key. “I was going about it all backwards, ya see.”  When I pointed out that many would say he was actually light-years ahead, he said: “Yes, that’s true too, but hardly the brightest or best among you. Look around.  Give your children the freedom to be themselves. The days of compromise to please the System are over!”]


WWJD (what would John do, part 2)

Dear Fellow Consciousness Expanders,
As promised, here is part 2 from the Being formerly known as John Lennon.  You can read part 1 here if you missed it.  Part 2 is about UFO’s and aliens; but more precisely about the very nature of reality and the mind.  And yes, for those who know me, I am fully aware of the irony that I am posting these statements out into the blog-o-sphere.  My biggest teachers this year have been what I would call ET’s.  While this was a surprising developement for me at first, I chose and will choose to continue to explore that path.  So how do I reconcile those experiences with J.L.’s statement below?  Well, first I feel strongly that the below message is from John.  I literally hear him inside me when I read the words.  Secondly, I also know that my ET experiences were/are real, the knowledge I have gained through those interactions has been truly expansive for both my mind and heart.  Third, I’m ok with NOT knowing everything!  As a matter of fact, the more I learn the more I understand that I know diddly squat about pretty much everything.  Every time I learn something new, everything that I thought I knew gets erased, rearranged or expanded.  Do I believe that the universe is teeming with life?  Yes.  Do I believe that we create our own reality?  Yes.  Do those ideas clash?  Yes, when you think about it.  LOL!  I am totally ok with that.  The nature of reality boils down to we are all one,  not just us humans here on earth, but EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE.  On the other hand, we have all chosen to come to this planetary/universal reality to learn.  And therefore we are experiencing multiple realities at once.  Consciously, most of the time, we are here in this Universe where separation is used as a tool for learning how to become one again. We have created a reality that is teeming with life and yet if all life is one then nothing really exists but the one. Shwoooo! I’m getting deep. Suffice to say, I currently believe in two contradictory realities!  The trick, I suppose, is not getting too hung up on either. (Easier said than done!) We are here now to BE human, not to be perfection.  Oh, the freedom I get from embracing my imperfection (and therefore humanity)!   So speaking of freedom,  in closing I will quote Don Miguel Ruiz who wrote The Four Agreements which is a Practical Guide to Personal Freedom.  This is from chapter 3 titled The Second Agreement : Don’t Take Anything Personally.  “Nothing other people do is because of you.  It is because of themselves.  All people live in their own dream, in their own mind; they are in a completely different world than the one we live in.  When we take something personally, we make the assumption that they know what is in our world, and we try to impose our world on their world.”
A few people have had questions about John’s UFO/aliens statement in Part 1.
He was happy to elaborate for clarity.  
Initially, John showed up after I requested his presence in meditation. Then, the downloads continued through 3 restless nights preceding the full moon lunar eclipse.  In spite of my often unbearable density and spiritual isolation, his unexpected and very accommodating energy allowed me to feel light as a feather.  From now on this is how I’ll always think of him: Light as a Feather.
Yes, like many people I “saw’ a flying ship once upon a time, but it was terrestrial rather than from another world or dimension.  Whatever phenomena people witness—whether bizarre or sublime—it’s still a part of the Illusion– anchored by the collective consciousness. 
Your mind is perceiving images projected onto the scrim of life by two different sources:  
1)  From the programs that have been inserted into the matrix of your reality (from birth on)  And
2)  your own lush, vivid, fertile imagination.   The latter is internal, the former is external, see?  
What is the purpose of these experiences?  It’s going to be different for everybody, unique to each individual. You created the experience to learn something.  Think of them as characters in a play.  Roles in an elaborate cast.  Who shows up to help round out your Karmic stage play?  For some of you it’s “Beatles”! (laughs).  For others, aliens or fairies or demons or Jesus or football stars!  Is it a comedy? A drama? A mystery? A tragedy? Ever changing, right?
Some people go their whole lives and never see a spacecraft or meet an extraterrestrial—whether physically or metaphysically—because their Higher Self did not create that experience.  I had a burning desire to see a UFO in my lifetime…and so it was.  Had I been as passionate about meeting beings from another world, then who knows? 
I dabbled in Ouija boards and séances briefly, but just to validate my belief in an afterlife, in a realm beyond the Dreamworld of the 3rd dimension.  It’s natural to want to contact your loved ones in the astral realms or spirit world.  My higher self then prompted me to get back fully into my body and “be here now”, grounded in earth energy.  I never quite fully mastered that, but no matter. 
But back to the notion of seeing and believing what we wish to see…
If an Artist stands before a blank canvas not yet having commenced painting, his or her creation already exists as the past/present/future is all one.  Then there’s the thing she puts on the canvas– it’s tangible, it’s real, and it’s exclusively her creation… or is it?  We have The Observer who adopts the thing as their own and it’s filtered through their own set of senses.  If one person sees a sunset, and the other person sees a pink elephant…so be it!  No right, no wrong.  If the artist then takes the canvas down and burns it, the artistic vision and that which was seen by the observer still exists.  The vibration of that piece of art is indelibly etched on the scrim of life (and more importantly in the mind of the observer) and recorded in the Akashic field. 
Guess who knows this and has always mirrored these truths?  An exceptionally gifted and beautiful woman and Artist named Yoko Ono.  She taught me these subtle aspects of perception including the permanence of impermanence.  And once your eyes are opened, you never look at anything the same again.  It fosters a playfulness that is a huge part of her legacy… of Our Legacy, if I might say. 
What else can I say about “aliens”?  It’s nothing to get hung up on, that’s for sure.  Unless you want to get hung up on it.  Remember you project these mind tricks, you play the mind games with yourself by choice. It’s like kids making up imaginary friends.  God knows I had my share.  Entire worlds and kingdoms and magical realms and absurd wonderlands I created from a very, very young age. Those alternate realities were highly personal and were precious to me, sacred even.  All children should be given the space and respect to do this if it suits their fancy.
I’m not placing judgments on your concept of aliens and UFOs, but rather merely offering the humble suggestion that you observe with playful scrutiny, taking nothing at face value.   Your inner world and version of the unfolding Hollywood Movie is as special and valid to you as my imaginary friends were to me as a kid!
In my previous discussion of religion and addiction? — I would add “aliens and UFOs” to that list of obsessions and fixations which lead folks in all sorts of nutty detours through the labyrinth of life. 
But certainly if you’re learning, growing, evolving and mining the Truth in the midst of the madness… if you’re doing the work… and not letting your energy be usurped or sabotaged by someone else’s trip or agenda? then you’ll make it out of Wonderland a stronger, wiser soul. 
When Alice fell down the rabbit hole she could have gone stark raving mad but it was all her dream!  Each and every encounter had a purpose in spite of appearing to be lunacy.  She learned to navigate the matrix by her own volition.  She learned to take the reins of her own destiny and craft the story to suite her needs.  Her primary “need” (though she wasn’t conscious of it) was to learn personal empowerment.”  She had to become the master of her destiny, rather than a passive observer or hapless victim. 
You will know that you’re nearing a quantum breakthrough in your world when gender inequality is finally resolved.  Imagine the Yin and Yang symbol – it represents overall balance.  I know you’ve heard this a million times, but: “seek balance” in all things.  
As the human spirit blossoms, I witness your exhilaration, and in turn you witness this for each other. 
In deep abiding peace, 


Merge and Connect


Dear Readers,

Here is my meditation experience from yesterday.  I sat down on the couch, centered myself and did Zarah’s Merging with the new Alive Earth Meditation.  I pictured myself as a super-sized me and lay myself down upon the curvature of the Earth.  I became somewhat translucent and melted into her as she melted into me.  I saw the pockets of energy that Zarah spoke of, they were scattered around the Earth and exploding upward with white energy.  I sunk into the center of the planet and found that I was in the nebula energy that Lisa Gawlas spoke of in her last few posts.  I was floating and spinning/swirling along.  I went through the nucleus and when I got to the other side, I realized that I was not alone.  I was holding the hand of another being and we were kinda floating/dancing with each other.  I pulled my view of the other being in and saw that he looked just like the green and white image that Lisa had posted on her site but he was black with white reflector tape areas. LOL! Very power rangers (for you with small children)!  Hmmmm just think of that title…power ranger.  Interesting!  Anyway, I knew from Lisa’s post that another melding could take place if I desired.  I took his other hand and brought our floating bodies flush with each other.  Where our hands joined, they melted into each other so that there was no beginning or ending of either of our arms.  I rested my forehead against his and then we melted through each other.  I turned around and looked at him and he was no longer solid but was now an opaque form that I could only see around the head and shoulders.  Well damn!  I thanked him for whatever had occurred with our fusion manuever.  I started floating down out of the nebula and toward a very physical looking earth.  I landed in a woods at night.  At this point I realized that the meditation was flowing right into a meditation that I had wanted to post right before I found Zarah’s meditation.  The Wood Spirits meditation can be found here.

In the forest I could see many golden lights sprinkled throughout the woods.  They are all the shinning hearts of people.  I knew that one was waiting for me beside a tree.  The ground was wispy with fog, which I knew was a carpet of new energy (the nebula itself) that is infusing into everything.  The being that was waiting for me was all in black, representing unknown possibilities to me.  He/she/it looked like a 3D silhouette.  The being took me through the trees until, quite suddenly, we were standing on the edge of a cliff looking down into a valley far below.  At first glance, I was disoriented when I looked down.  It had a bit of fun house mirror feeling to it.  It was as if a section of the forest had dropped a couple of hundred feet.  It was daylight on the green trees below.  I heard that phrase, “A dream within a dream”.  Me being me, I jumped off the cliff and headed down.  I was floating through the air and then someone started setting off fireworks down below.  I was flipping and sliding through them as I fell/floated down.  I landed on the ground and it was night again.  I was not in a forest however but on a short grass plain.  Gandolf was there again!  (See here for previous Gandolf experience.)  Now I will freely admit to you that I have been suddenly interested in Tolkien these days.  I am in the midst of reading the books again (last time I was a teen, so I’m not that crazy).  I also have purchased, insanely cheap, the new trilogy movies for Lord of the Rings and the first Hobbit movie.  Why? I asked myself the same damn question.  My easiest answer is that they are about the end of an age and the seeds that are planted for the next one.  I’m sure there is more to it than that but we will see….  I digress… Gandolf set off a few more fireworks.  I asked him if he was really Gandolf this time.  He said,  “As real as your going to get.” He leaned down and smiled at me.  (He appeared quite tall and spoke with a lovely British accent.)  “I want to show you something about the way you got here.”  He turns me around and points to a long empty road lit by the moon that goes off into the distance, across the plain, up a hill and disappears over the other side.  “A lonely path.” I say.  “You were never alone.” he replies firmly.  “I know.  I just meant that the path looks lonely.” I tell him.  “Ah, but the path isn’t lonely either.”  he says and shows me how the path is melted into the earth.  “Each step on the path moves you forward but you are always tethered to the Earth.  If you jump in the air, do you not come back down?  The Earth does not let you go floating off.  You are partnered with her on your journey.  Each step forward that you take is a step forward for her. Yes, (he says, knowing I am thinking of the population of the planet) that is a lot of steps forward.  Why do you think there are so many people on the planet right now?  They are here to help her leap forward not to tear her apart.  It is a true symbiotic relationship.  She exists because of you and you exist because of her. Now, he says and turns me around the opposite to face the opposite direction, let us talk of the future.”  He throws what looks like a map of stars into the air.  Each star is connected by a glowing white line to a few other stars.  It is a random pattern of stars and glowing lines, some zigging off one way, others curling another.  “What would you like to choose?” he asks me.  Of course there is nothing to differentiate anything by.  I say, “Can I choose it all?”  He laughs and says, “You will be very busy indeed, if that is what you choose!”  “Ok, I will let my heart choose.”  I reply with a grin.  (Thank you many reminders this year, to get me to remember that at this moment!)  One particular line raises up a little and glows brighter than the rest.  “Now watch.”  Gandolf says and takes my shoulders and turns me midway between the past road and the future map.  I hear and feel the road “speed up”  like a race car and it goes racing past me and shoots off the ground and connects with the glowing line that my heart has chosen.  “That is enough for today, I think.” he tells me.  “I agree.  Will we see each other again?” I ask him.  He steps out of the grassy plain and sits down next to me on the couch.  (I don’t have my eyes open!  Still meditating here people!)  “I am not going anywhere.  But one word of advice, if I may.  Don’t take things very seriously on the way forward.  Laugh, cry, dance and sing.  We are all experiencing this with you and it is much more fun for us when you all don’t take yourselves too seriously.  Relax.  The hard part is over and the fun is just beginning.”

Wood Spirits


When I did the Merging with the new Alive Earth Meditation today, it flowed right into a meditation that I wanted to post when I first read the following article this morning. I will post my experience of both tomorrow but in the mean time, if you feel led, here is another meditation for you. You find yourself in the woods, there is a light carpet of fog around your ankles. The fog is the new “soup” that is penetrating both the Earth and us at this moment. The woods are scattered with beings, their hearts glowing like stars within their chests. They are like a map of stars laid within the forest and are our new connections with each other. Venture into the woods and experience both the place itself and any others who connect with you. Have Fun!


Deep in the woods, the air is still and hung with mist. The light travels through shadows, leaning in long slow lines, and blushing through the folding ferns. Spirits hover almost unseen, at the very edges of vision, gone as soon as you glance.

The shadows hold secrets and hidden form, playing in patterns across bark and crumbling wood. You feel a cool breath on your neck, and as you turn a wood pigeon clatters away through the low branches, breaking the silence into sharp shards.

Heart of mystery
Held in green silence
Awaits the seekers footfall.

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Merging with the new Alive Earth Meditation


Dear Readers,

I found the following in the comment section on Lisa Gawlas’s blog post today.  I love the meditation that was given to Zarah.  I have pasted her words below.  Thank you Zarah for sharing it so I could find it!  Let me know how it goes for you.  Have fun!


“On the day of the lunar eclipse I was given this meditation: to imagine that your body and the earth’s body melt into each other. It looked like there were pockets of potential inside of the earth’s body … amazig new potentials that we cannot understand when we think in terms of the old earth. For these new things (they aren’t really “things” but I have no better word), the only way to bring them from potential into actuality is to merge with them and feel them come alive. The more people who bring their focused intention to this, the better, because more potentials will be activated. And since “size” or “distance” does not really exist outside of our limited reality, it’s easy to feel yourself the same size as the earth and just merge into it. (That’s how my team explained it to me.)”


WWJD (what would John do?)


The following was sent to me by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous.  It is a beautiful example of what you can experience when you open yourself up to Anything is Possible!  You just crack you consciousness open and spread it around.  This is a statement that the Being that was John Lennon gave to her.  His tone was quite jovial, which is hard to get across in the written form.  He described the way that he is transmitting data to her as a wave, hence the use of his term “waveform” below.  She describes J.L.’s energy this way:  “…feels like if you were floating on gentle waves on a gently rolling blue ocean of infinity.  Like being rocked like a sleepy baby.  Ha, ha!  ‘Rock n roll!’ …Lol”  I will post part two next week. 

The following was transmitted via waveform and transcribed through auto-writing from John Winston Ono Lennon as he was known on Earth from 1940-1980.   Happy Birthday John!  And thanks for sharing your celestial wisdom.

WWJD? / TCOB!  *

Part 1

Up ‘til now I’ve spoken through few mediums or channels.  Truth is, I’ve had little to say.

Souls are given the choice to reincarnate.  People think it’s obligatory, but it’s not.  Karma is about advancing your soul’s evolution.  It’s not a punitive system, it’s not a debt cycle as assumed.   You’re not a passive passenger in the back seat, you’re the driver.

And so I choose not to reenter a world that would rather sit in front of, or behind really, a computer all the time. I knew technology was advancing but did not foresee people speaking through “tweets” instead of meeting on park benches.  Here on the astral plane I can be an observer and angel of sorts.  Just know though: “Angels” as you’ve been taught and shown aren’t real, and are just more made up nonsense to keep you comforted and looking ‘without’ rather than WITHIN.

“God” is nothing as you imagine it.  And although it’s not bad to dream up your gods and angels in your material world, you may want to rethink this habit.  They’re security blankets, see?  Seek less “comfort” through addictions and try creating new levels of creativity and self-reliance – this will shatter the spell that the matrix of religion has you under.  It (your “religion/addiction”) could be something as innocuous as playing video games, or something more insidious as giving your power away to a cult.

You’re made to believe that you live in a reality so complex that you can’t possibly comprehend or embrace its depth and breadth.  But in “reality” there is so much you choose not to see, feel, sense, perceive, know.  There is also much that is kept purposely hidden from you.  It’s your job to discern the truth, not to be mollycoddled by some nanny state or internet guru or celebrity!  You won’t find yourself in a Self Help Book, but you will find somebody else’s version of the trip!

“It” all exists in the Mind anyway.  Or what I’d call the “heart-mind”, a more subtle place.  And it’s up to you to work your way to this secret garden through the maze of life.

When I use the word Real, it’s like: what is really real then?  You are a Dream within a Dream.  I can’t really elaborate beyond this…[when I asked: are we the dreamer or the dream?  He says:  “Yes. Both.”]

The bits of mental energy you chose to cleave unto, well, they’re either grounded in Truth or they fall into the category of Everything Else— that’s the stuff that defines “Illusion”– as the Hindus and Buddhists call it. Illusory, fluff, falsehood, fairyland, (“Jarg” as the lads say nowadays) …but neither bad nor good.

You get to choose what to keep and what to toss.  Ultimately though, as the Soul goes, it’s better to seek the Truth and work within that framework than to keep generating more lies and trivia.  Those days are coming to a close—where the human mind just makes shit up to keep itself entertained.  Example?  UFOs and “aliens”…

You– as a collection of consciousnesses, keep striving for a bull’s-eye that does not exist, and meanwhile the Truth is standing right next to you watching you throw dart after dart after dart into the wild blue yonder.

What happened to the brotherhood of man, unity and harmony and not least of all peace and love?  Those words have been relegated to a fictitious unreachable abstract.  You still live vicariously through a synthetic world of TV, movies and yes even music to get your love, to get love into your life.

Most of all you plug into the internet to get and give this elusive love.  That‘s a bit weird, isn’t it?  I mean connecting is one thing, but living through a machine? (or is the Machine living through you?)

I could say a lot about the energy of music (sound waves) being converted into the Digital medium. Now THIS is a subject my earthly identity would have been outspoken about at this time!  …the whole ITunes thing. Whether you like it or not the music is and has been corrupted. By the time the “file” reaches your ears, it’s more like a virus than a living, breathing, organic spiritual entity.  Imagine the difference between an endless spiral or a unique mandala or a gorgeous crop circle versus a hunk of cold, hard stone that’s been passed around between questionable parties.**

But back to the Big Picture…on the other hand, how little things have changed.  From my perspective, it looks like a snail’s pace.  …Kids on a treadmill and the dangling carrot has long gone bad, so they’ve replaced it with a hologram of a nice “new” carrot-on-a-stick. (or an Apple maybe? *wink*)

So, what’s it like in the timeless neutrality of Source?  Well, if you can imagine pure love…then you can “be here” too, as it’s all one integrated field of light.   If you can ground yourself in Terra Gaia- your physical earth, while also connecting to the infinite cosmos, anchoring it all in pure unconditional love?  That’s the way. You’ve bridged and birthed what the sages have always called “Heaven on Earth”.

What is real? Your Mother, the Earth.  That’s what to plug into.  That’s what to give and receive from, it’s the essence of unconditional Love.  Nurturing.

You don’t have to march and protest and wave signs, just connect, RE-connect.

Meditation is a wonderful thing and to be honest, it was the only thing that kept me sane when I was still a person and an identity in the world.  The thing that we call “god” (your higher self) would remind me that I was “OK”, and that everything was gonna be fine.  More than fine! …shining bright and the sound was, IS, beautiful too.  The sound of unity is joyous ecstasy, what you’d call orgasmic.  But it’s Pure, ya know.

There are an infinitude of worlds, and if you had a glimpse of the macro view, if even for a second, you’d gripe and grumble a whole lot less and start daydreaming again a whole lot more… in a fields of wildflowers, cloud-gazing.

You’d realize that the person sitting right next to you on the tube or subway IS god.  The thing we call “Self” is a little bit of you, and a little bit of me, and a little bit of each other as well as the Sun and Stars and Ocean… That’s why we was always singing “Come Together” and “All together now…” right?

As my messenger friend here once paraphrased: ‘do what thou wilt, AND HARM NONE’.  It’s easy.  I believe she also said: “worlds come and worlds go, Lighten up.”

It’s what to do now with this story you’ve written, and the song yet to be sung that you’re dreaming, that’s the question!  And all I can say to get started is to stop hating yourselves.

It’s time to collaborate on the ultimate song…

for ALL began with TONALITY.  The Word was sound before it was a word.  And the thing was Light before it was a thing.

Say the word and you’ll be free, Be the word and be like…“god”–the true you.

The sound/word is: LOVE.


[footnotes:  * WWJD = “what would John do?”  TCOB – his reference to Elvis’s “taking care of business”

**John says: “don’t hate the messenger” (wink) – and I’m pretty sure he means me, not him!  He also made the analogy:  “It’s more like a picture of fireworks than the fireworks display itself bursting overhead” when referring to digitized music.]