Hello Readers,

Three days ago I had a tight lower back in the evening.  The next day I had a tight middle back ache going on.  Yesterday I woke up with a nerve pinch under my left shoulder-blade.  I could barely turn my head right or left.  By midafternoon the pinch had gone and left the whole area tight and sore.  It is still that way this morning.  I have been getting subtle promptings/nudges to start exploring the “Way of the Light” again.  (For those readers who aren’t familiar with my previous introduction to this, check out the My Experiences page and scroll down to the bottom.)  After I drop one of my kids off at kindergarten, I lay down on my bed to stretch out and decide to ask if anybody on my astral “friends and family plan” wants to talk about the Way of the Light.  Armond and Atom/Anton show up.  They both pop into my bedroom.  In my mind’s eye, Armond is very tall and previously I couldn’t see much else about him other than the impression of the color blue/purple.  Today he looks like a fabric draped figure.  Only he isn’t wearing fabric, it is like an energy of blue with those fifties-style stylized stars on it.  He reminds me of that opera singer from the movie The Fifth Element, only male energy and no facial features visible.  Anton looks like a cross between Indiana Jones and The Fonz (LOL he has the best sense of humor!)  Anton’s name has changed three times since I met him.  Lisa Gawlas told me that it is probably changing with my own vibrational changes.  I haven’t seen him in a while so I ask him what his name is this time.  He says, “Abe” and leans over the bed and kisses me on the forehead.  He says to look it up and I would see why.  I look it up later and it means, the father of multitudes.  Hmmmm… Not sure where that will lead me but I’m getting the tip of the iceberg feeling.  He takes my attention into my sore shoulder.  It seems to be on a micro level.  I am seeing the darkness in the space between tiny things!  We zoom in on the darkness of one area and go “through” it to the other side where I can see a sun shinning.  I ask if it is our sun (Earth’s) and Abe tells me yes.  I watch as a filament from the sun whips out and puts something in Abe’s hand.  I am now just floating in space somewhere.  Abe comes over to me and takes an Ace bandage and wraps my shoulder with it very tightly.  I realize at that point that my shoulder has already been feeling that way, very tight.  Then, I am back lying on my bed.  Abe puts a small something in my right hand and asks me what I feel.  I realize that this is what the filament put in his hand, not the bandage.  I have my meditative fist closed around it and it feels like a small glowing rectangle, about the size of a Lego block.  Suddenly it dissolves in my hand and I see it travel in a quick golden wave up my arm and through my body.  Abe pulls on the wrapping on my shoulder, wrapping it up some more.  I tell him that I don’t understand what the wrap is for.  He “shows” me that the wrap is holding the infused energy in a specific location so it can complete its goal.  Interesting!  I am also told that the Sun sends tiny packets of information/energy to us so that the body can absorb it without being to overwhelmed.  This info isn’t a surprise to any of us but what is interesting to me is what the Sun feels during the transfer.  I am shown the Sun reaching down to me and placing a cough drop sized bit of golden energy on my tongue.  The  “cough drop” dissolves and the gold energy travels through my body like before.  But this time I am also given the Sun’s reaction to the energy transfer.  When the energy of the Sun touches me, a joyous love vibrates back up to the Sun and fills the belly of the Sun.  It is not a one way street!  Everything and everybody the Sun touches sends back (unconsciously or consciously) this amazing energy to the Sun.  When I think about how many people and living things the Sun touches on this planet alone, I kinda understand what actually fuels the Sun.  Wild!

I ask about the Moon’s energy.  Abe pops me out onto the rock wall where I did my last Super Moon meditation.  It is night out now in my meditation and the full Moon is in the sky.  Armond sits down beside us and he is the one who shows me that the Moon’s light is the Sun’s light.  Of course, we all know that the Sun shines on the Moon and the light reflects down on to the Earth.  But he said it was not just a reflection of the light.  When the light reaches the Moon, alchemy takes place and a new blend of energies is what “pours” off the Moon and comes down to the Earth and everyone/thing on her.  I hear ALCHEMY a couple of times.  I have a feeling that they are showing me the tip of that iceberg I mentioned earlier.  I think this is all part of a greater understanding that will be unfolding.  But the points that they emphasized today are that energy is never a one way street and that alchemy happens on all levels.  This is not only about how energy moves between celestial bodies.  This is how energy moves between EVERYTHING.  I mean how amazing is it to consider that all this energy that the Sun has/is sending us as we, the planet and everything on it increase our vibration, is also raising the vibration of the Sun. It is that crazy infinity loop thing going on!  And then to think of the Alchemy of energy; that is starting to boggle my mind.  The blends that must already make up the humans on this planet at this time are staggering.  I keep thinking about the complexity of our DNA and how…..God my Brain is overloading!  LOL!  Needless to say, we all effect everyone and everything around us just as they effect us on some level.  And of course, to think that it is all there, encoded within us, amazing alchemy in action!

I hope some of that makes sense to you all! LOL

Love, Esther

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