The Time of the Pheonix


Hello Dear Readers,

I was so excited to read Lisa Gawlas’ post the day after I posted my pre-full moon post.  She wrote about how she learned that this last Super Moon brought in the Time of the Phoenix.  I understood so much more of the imagery in my last two meditations.  The sunflower and the ring of fire that I will talk about today are obviously the sun’s energy being reflected from the moon.  Or as Lisa put it in her post today, “ I hear my team whisper in my ear (heart) that the moon takes in the sun’s energy and releases it out to us, changes from its pure energy to one that we could handle.”  She also spoke about the ash imagery, which helped me see what the crazy lightning strike that blackened me was all about.  I (and you) have risen from the ashes!  Pretty Damn Cool!  

The evening of the full moon brought cooler weather to us here in Kansas.  I had turned off the air and opened all the windows.  The kids and I went out to sit on our front porch and I was watching the sunset.  It was incredibly brilliant with lots of oranges and pinks.  There was a cloud directly in front of the setting sun, so you couldn’t see it directly.  My husband came in from the fields and joined us out on the porch.  He said to me, “Turn around, you’re looking in the wrong direction.”  I turned East instead of West and got to witness the Super Moon coming up.  It was so huge and yellow with the reflected light of the sunset.  All four of us watched it come up and reveal its self.  This was an odd occurence.  A) The kids were just as interested as the adults.  B) We all were out there to see it without thought or plan to do so.

I went back out later after I had finished the dishes and the sky had darkened completely.  The Moon was higher and was now white instead of yellow.  I went out and sat on this rock wall we have.  I  didn’t quite know what to meditate on.  The moonlight was hitting the lenses of my glasses.  It was splitting off into rays.  Depending on how I tilted my head I either got a cross (four spokes) or double that with eight spokes radiating out.  When I stopped moving at one point, I was treated to a full on Moon halo on my lenses.  It was so cool and so bright.  If I hadn’t been focusing on what was happening on my lenses, all that reflective light would have been disruptive to my ability to see.  I  suddenly remembered my first Super Moon experience (which seems like years ago) where I became a portal for the Moon’s energy.  I took some of it down to Inner Earth.  How can a few months feel like such a long time?  I have not visited with Rossa in so long.  As I thought of her, I had the idea to invite her UP for this last Super Moon.  I didn’t know if she would come up to me if I called her.  But I closed my eyes and focused on her.

My attention is pulled way down deep into the Earth, almost to a tiny pin point of a narrowing of focus.  I give her a tap tap, “Ya wanna come up?”  BOOM!  She immediately pops up next to me on the wall. (This is happening in my meditation.  I have my eyes closed.)  She is wearing a gown, I don’t remember the colors now but the sleeves are a different color than the bodice and skirt.  She is holding a silver hand mirror in her hand.  Instead of a reflective surface in its center, it is black.  It is not flat black but instead has a deepness to it.  I remember thinking it looked like a portal or something.  I don’t ask her about it.  We sit and look up at the moon.  I ask the moon, in my head, to show me what it is sending out tonight.  One of the light beams coming off of the Moon starts unrolling and I can see that it is a large unfurling spool of sheet music.  What a cool image!  Another tendril of light unfurls and reaches down and takes Rossa’s mirror out of her hand.  It brings it up to the face of the Moon, where the Moon EATS it.  I’m talking violently, crunch crunch munch munch.  (Umm ok, now I see that we are getting more of the imagery that Lisa has been getting about people being in the belly of the Moon.  Then, I was confused and surprised about this symbol of being taken into the Moon’s energy.  LOL )

The Moon starts spinning around and then suddenly stops.  As it stops it throws out a RING OF FIRE that comes off of the Moon in a horizontal expanding ring.  The ring of fire reaches us and deposits Rossa’s mirror back on her lap.  It is now made of gold instead of silver, and has a mirrored surface in the center.  (So we got an upgrade!)  I ask her “What the hell was that!”  She smiles and says, “I absorbed its reflection.”  At this point, a bug flies up my physical nose and my ankles get attacked by mosquitos.  I drop the meditation to swat and blow my nose.  Unlike the rest of the universe, we don’t really have a mosquito problem out here on the farm.  I feel like I am being herded inside.  I need another kleenex anyway, so off I go.  After I have settled myself inside, I write down all of the above experience but I don’t feel like it is finished.  I decide to try to talk to Rossa and see if there is anything more to communicate.  This is a long shot, usually when I am pulled out of a meditation with my Inner Earth folk, that’s all I am going to get.  But when I tap back into Rossa, she is still sitting on the rock wall!  I ask her about the mirror again.  She says, “I will take it back to my people.  They will be able to see the moon in themselves.”  “Why is that important?” I ask her.  “The energy of the moon, the coding that you saw, it plays its song inside everyone.  You should see it in yourself.”  She replies with emphasis on SHOULD.  “Oh, wow!  That is very beautiful.  Do you feel the energy of the moon easily in Inner Earth?” I inquire.  “It is similar to the situation of how it feels for you when you are standing in the sun on a sunny day.  If you go stand in the shade, the sun doesn’t stop shinning but it is less intense, less harsh sometimes.  So it is with the moon’s energy (and the sun’s as well).  We are standing in the shade but we still enjoy it.  Would you like to come down next week and see what we look up at during the night?” She says.  Holy Cow!  “You have night and day?” I ask.  “You will have to come to find out.  Do you want to?” She says with a smile.  “I would love to.  I am very curious!”  I reply.  “I will see you then.  Thank you for the invite UP.” She tells me.  “Thank you for the invite DOWN!” I tell her.  “From my heart to yours.  I will await your visit.” She says.  “I love you too, sugar britches.” I say.  She laughs.  “I mean, my friend.” I correct with a chuckle.  “As you are mine.” she tells me.  I see the moon is reflecting or shining out of both of her eyes as she goes.

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