Running Wild


Hello Dear Readers,

I went outside yesterday night and the Moon was so bright and full already that I went ahead and did the Vessel meditation a day early.  I did another meditation tonight too and I will fill you in on that you as soon as I have time.  Have fun with this retelling, it’s one of the strangest experiences I have had in quite some time.

I sat on the steps of my front porch.  I closed my eyes and saw a square platform in front of me.  There was a large clear vase standing in the middle of it.  I watched the Moon pour it’s light into the vase and fill it up.  When it filled it up to the brim, I could clearly see it was an image of me made out of sparkly white light.  I took my own hand and walked into myself.  I concentrated on the feel of the energy within me and felt a large pulse of it go out in a circle around me and out into the world.  I looked down at the platform and it had become the head of a large sunflower.  There were no paths to take only petals all around.  Instead my heart was drawn up and I saw a white wisp of energy above me going up into the sky.  So I jumped up and flew upward.  I flew up for a little bit and then was immediately struck by lightning. It didn’t hurt but I saw the little burned to a crisp me plummet back down to the face of the sunflower. LOL! Yikes!  I watched as the little blackened me stood up and shook off all the black.  My view came back to being within my body.  I saw that there was now a stem connected to the head of the sunflower.  I started walking down it and encountered an inchworm.  I climbed on it’s back and it took me back up to the flower head.  I got off and watched it start to eat a petal.  It reached out with one of its many “hands” and handed me a bite.  I ate it and my body started shaking and I saw myself slide across the head of the sunflower, dislodging seeds in a furrow.  I got up and picked up a loose seed and ate it.  I had a strong knowing that I was “planting a seed” within. (hmm I wonder what it was?)

I then decide to go back down the stem again.  I run down it and end up in a grassy field.  I keep running and there are many other beings and creatures running about in the moonlight as well.  The field is covered with movement!  My attention is drawn to one being that looks like a wild feral looking creature that has my face!  She is the only one standing still and she is staring at me. I want to keep running but she keeps pulling on my attention.  I walk up to her and she pokes me in the forehead.  She doesn’t remove her finger and while it looks like she is holding it still, I can feel that she is rather forcefully opening my third eye.  She says, “Be careful what you ask for” in this fierce little voice.  She says it three times!  Each time she says it my third eye is opened more and more.  When it is open enough to her liking, she SHOVES a large clear crystal inside the opening she has made!  None of this is painful, but it is all very unusual and very very odd.  I feel more like “What the fuck!” than anything else.  While this all happens rather forcefully I have no fear of her or what is happening.  The crystal is sticking out of my forehead by a couple of inches.  I think I ask her if she is just going to leave it like that.  LOL  She leans forward and blows on the crystal.  When she does that, the crystal morphs into a white sparkly energy that flows into my head and then out the top of my head.  It curls upward into the sky.  She takes my hand and says, “Let’s run again.”  We run to a different field and she pulls me into a circle dance that other beings are doing. My vision is pulled back and I see that I am dancing naked in the moonlight.

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