Filling up the Vessel


Hello Dear Readers,

With the third Super Moon fast approaching, I asked for a meditation game that we could all do when it arrives.  As you will see, we are being strongly prompted to make choices from the heart.  If you want to do this meditation at any other time, feel free.  The Moon is always sending us something.  Please try to do this in the actual light of the Moon, but if that is not possible don’t worry you are still getting all that the Moon is offering.  I would love to hear back about your experience!

Center yourself and find a comfortable position.  Look up at the Moon and say whatever feels appropriate to you. (No need for formality here.  The Moon has known you all of your lives. Lol)  Close your eyes and picture a platform.  On the platform is a clear vessel.  Watch as the moon pours it’s self into the vessel, filling it to the brim.  When it is full, you will see that the vessel is you.  Take your attention into the vessel and feel the glow of the Moon through every cell of your body.  Each pore is sparking with the Moon’s energy; for while the Moon changes you, it does not only stay contained within.  Look up from yourself and you will see that there are paths coming off of the platform like spokes.  They are all different and yet none are the wrong path.  Chose the one that warms your heart.  Step off onto the path and experience what comes to you.


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