Let’s Play Meet Your Activator


I’m back! And so soon!  Well its raining out and I shall take advantage!  I promised in my last post to tell you about the Activator.  Some of you I have already shared my meet and greet with back in June via personal email.  To all other readers, please take some time and meet your own Activator.  Now is the perfect time as it seems like such a huge period of growth and possibilities.

I was driving to Kansas City and met “Activator”. I will call him a he but he doesn’t have a gender. He is the energy that is in charge of turning on/off those DNA switches in every cell of my body. He told me that he only worked with me, which confused me until I sat down and had a meditation with him. I told him to wait to have a conversation with me until I had the time to have a notebook in hand. I definitely wanted to write this one down. Here is what I got the next day.



E: “Activator, tell me about yourself?”

A: “I am, what you would call, an archivist. I keep track of everything you have ever been and ever will be.”

E: “You are not a guide?”

A: “I am an Activator.”

E: “Why have you come to me now?”

A: “Well, you have been asking about who is helping you, so I have revealed myself.”

E: “Can I help co-create with you?”

A: “Yes! Indeed.”

E: “I was talking to Gregory recently about the Morse Code signal of the hearts desire. How does this translate into activation?”

A: “You cannot activate something when you are feeling low or ill. The activation comes from how you feel about something in your core.”

E: “So do I have access to everything I ever was and ever will be? Is time not an issue?”

A: “You are talking of the future?”

E: “Yes. It is easier to see what I would have access to the past. But harder for me living in a linear time to see if I would have access to something that could develop in so many different ways in the future.”

A: “You can pull something from the future and activate it in the present but if your body is not vibrating at the right density/frequency then it will not work.”

E: “The same is true if I pull from the past?”

A: “Yes.”

E: “So is there a specific range that matches with my current vibration that I can pull from?”

A: “Yes. It is like the keys on a piano. The ones that are close to “the note” you are playing are more compatible, but the farther away on the keyboard you go the harder it would be to pull something into created reality/time frame.”

E: “Can I ask what is available to me now?”

A: “Yes, you can and you should.”

E: “I thought the “spirit realm” liked to keep their secrets.” LOL!

A: “We try to keep you from limiting yourself because there is so much that you would never imagine or comprehend. When you try to understand things from your current view it has the effect of tunneling your vision and you start creating from a much smaller spectrum.”

E: “Understood. So what can or will you tell me about what is available?”

A: “Right now your conscienceness is traveling at the speed of light. Your cells too. Humanity is undergoing great change. We think you should be more aware of what your possibilities are.”

E: “Can you give me a personal example?”

A: “There is a time coming in your near future where you will need some new skills. Wouldn’t it be nice to already have them when you get there?”

E: “Well, yes. I guess the learning curve would be less steep.”

A: “Exactly. So if I was to say you will need A, B and C. Would you say you wanted them? Of course you would. But the question isn’t so simple. There isn’t just A-Z to choose from, there is an infinite amount of options.”

E: “I assume you are going to show me how to narrow the field?”

A: “In a way. I am going to show you a few different ways to approach it. The first way is perhaps the hardest. You wait until you need a skill/talent/whatever and then when you go about trying to learn how to do it—you activate it.”

E: “This sounds like the easiest way?”

A: “It is harder because it slows you down and has the effect of seeing your growth/expansion going in starts and stops.”

E: “Ahh, this is how we are currently doing it, right?”

A: “For the most part. Some of you are asking for and activating specific things as well.”

E: “So what is another way of doing it?”

A: “What if I gave you a list of things that you will need in the next few years and what they are is not know to you. It is as if the list is in code. You could begin to activate things that you may or may not use based on your free will and what course/path you choose.”

E: “So I would be activating things for all possible paths?”

A: “Yes”

E: “What facets of life do the activations encompass?”

A: “Health, wealth, happiness, abilities, talents, understandings, contacts, contracts, a well-spring of ideas, truths, loves, you name it.”

E: “Is there another way you want to tell me about?”

A: “Humans like to complicate things. We could go over each choice individually and search for exactly what we think we want and need.”

E: 🙂 “I have always liked the Easy Path.”

A: “I know. Some people think that the harder the path the greater the reward. This in not true. If you want to scale the mountain peak to get to the other side, do it because you enjoy the exhilaration of the climb, not to make yourself tougher and stronger. You all have been through many more trials than you can possibly imagine. You are already strong. Enjoy the easy path.”

E: “Ok, so do I need to talk to you again?”

A: “When you are in a time of great decision, come to me and we will map out ALL your options together. Beware of the tunnel vision. Always remember there is a vast spectrum of possibilities waiting for you.”

E: “Thank you, my Activator. I love you and thank you for the care and love you have given me and will give me. Please tap me on the shoulder (forcefully if needed) if you see me getting tunnel vision too bad.”

A: “I shall, beloved, your light is my light. I am you and always will be.”


AMAZING RIGHT?  I promptly gave the intention to activate anything I might need in the next seven years.  Easy Peasy!  Now watch out!  HA HA HA!  I did go and talk to my Darling Activator last night after I had the Gandolf/crossroads meditation. (Yes it was a busy day!)  Here is our conversation.

E:  “I am at a crossroad as you know.  Have I activated everything that I might need at this point?”

A: “Yes.”

E: “Do you have any advice for me at this juncture?”

A: “There are endless opportunities and paths to choose.  You can pull to yourself the one that feels most right to you.”

He hands me a cable about two inches thick.  It is smooth and a metallic grey color.  I give it a small tug.  It feels firmly attached to..whatever.

E: How do I know which one is correct?  You have only given me one.”

A: “They are all correct.  Which one feels right?  Does that one?”

I look back down at the cable in my hand.  I give it another tug and I can feel it break down the line at some point.  I look to the left of it and see a gold wire about the size of a violin string.  Since it reminds me of an instrumental string I pluck it.  It doesn’t have a pleasing sound.  It is also uncomfortable in my hand, rather sharp and I don’t relish the thought of tugging on it.  While it is gold, a sure symbol of high vibration, I decide to move on.  The next one beside it is a conduit of water.  Picture a hose with water flowing through it.  Now remove the hose.  The water was flowing toward me.  I could pass my hand through it but couldn’t quickly figure out how to interact with it.  I thought to myself that given enough time I could figure it out but lets see what else is available. The next to present itself is an old jungle vine.  It is thick in my hand but looks old, brittle and dry.  I look to see what is next and see a gold glowing paving stone.  I can’t tug on it but I can go and stand on it, which I do.  It feels solid and smooth.  I know it is connected to others like the links of a bracelet but I can’t see them.

E: “How do I pull on this one?”

A: “Use your heart.”

E: “So I could have used my heart with any of the others?  Doh!  Why do I have to take things so literally some times!”

A: “Yes.  That is how you pull it to you.  Follow your heart.”

E: “But I don’t know what my heart wants.  I wish I knew what was coming!”

A: “What fun would that be?”

I stuck my tongue out at him, of course!  Then I gave him a heartfelt Thank You.

A: “Always.”




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  1. Eeeee! I love this!

    That is super cool. I love all the threads being pulled by your heart. My friend Nikki and I have already set the intention for teleportation so we can meet. This is such an exciting time! I can’t wait for your next installment.



    • Holy Shit! I don’t know if you have read any of my back story on Kash, Pim and Gloria. But they told me that their “ultimate goal” was to teach me how to teleport. Of which, I don’t see happening any time soon! Lol! Lots of baby steps til that happens! So interesting that you mention it!
      Xoxo E

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