Hello Dear Readers,

I find myself with some actual time to sit down and share with you.  This is an amazing occurrence for a farmer in September.  I have not had much time to myself in ages.  A few days ago something shifted a bit.  I walked into the kitchen in the evening and stopped and stared at the clock on the stove.  It read 9:00.   While this might not seem worthy of my attention to you, to me it was quite a surprise. My internal clock told me that it was much later than that.  So I think to myself, “Did we just have another time shift?”  Sure enough (at least for me), the time seemed to slow way down for the rest of the evening. I got in a movie before bed!  (Also not your normal occurence for us.  We usually have to watch our movies in 30 minute segments in the summer.)  Fast forward to yesterday.  I woke up feeling normal and went about my morning.  About 11a.m., I suddenly had a wave of tiredness come over me.  It’s what I like to describe to myself as the “download sleepies”. It feels like a sudden tiredness that pulls at you.  It says to you, “Sleep.  This will be so much easier if you sleep.  Close your eyes!  Seriously, this won’t hurt at all.”  LOL  Anyway, I have two kids at home and so actually falling asleep when they are awake is not advisable for my sanity’s sake.  But I laid down to rest for a minute anyway.  To try to ensure that I wouldn’t pass out entirely I did a meditation.  I had read Lisa Gawlas’s recent post about us being in a “docking station” waiting for our next adventure.  I kept seeing a railroad platform in my head every time that she mentioned it.  So I decided to meditate on my “docking station” to see what I could see.

I centered and focused and opened my internal eyes and was staring right into a bright white light of an oncoming train.  I was standing on the tracks! Not on the railway platform!  Of course my initial reaction is “Oh Shit!”  But I rallied myself.  After all if this is what is coming, then lets just grab on, right?  So I held my position and when that train hit, instead of being smacked I was sucked into that big white light on the front of the train.  It sucked me into a jelly-like white light that extended through most of the engine of the train.  The light felt thick and I was suspended for a few moments in it.  Then it let me go and I flew into the next train car which was where I became stretched.  There was nothing that I was holding on to and nothing holding me in place, and yet I was pulled and stretched and experienced the same feeling of speed as when I saw the train barreling down on me.  After a bit of that I was released and floated gently back through the train until I came to a passenger car and settled into a seat.  The train I was on was mostly see-through.  The edges of windows and chairs and such where all outlined but mainly I could see right through it.  My point of view was pulled to above the train and I watched it turn and go over a bridge and enter a town made of gold.  Not the color gold, but looked like it was made entirely of a poured gold form.  There were no divisions between the building and every structured flowed into the next.  All was One.  How is that for cool symbolism?  I was still above it all and I was being pulled higher and higher. I look up and see an open trap door right above me with a golden rope ladder hanging down.  I climb up and know that I am inside a floating balloon animal.  I don’t know what the animal is but I can see out the eyes and ears.  Interesting!  There is a seat and controller in it but when I sit down we don’t seem to go anywhere.  Well Alrighty Then!  That is where the meditation ended.  So interesting and confusing at the end.  A floating balloon animal?  I can see and understand most of the other symbolism but that one, not so much.  LOL!  But hey, we have got fast moving energetic system with impending changes.  No surprise there!  We have a city of gold and a ladder of gold.  Yippee!  Vibrational increase and spiritual yumminess.  Any ideas on that floating animal balloon?

I got up and shared the meditation with a friend.  I could feel the pressure building in my head for most of the afternoon.  The wind outside was just a blustery!  Again that evening at 9:00, I had time on my hands.  I went down to the basement to have another meditation.  This time I decided to talk to my guides who I haven’t chatted with in a while.  I called to them and asked them how they wanted to represent themselves today.  I saw a flash of a stone circle at night with wizards sitting on all of the stones.  I must explain at this time that I am currently in the midst of watching The Lord of the Rings.  So this was definitely humor on my guides part. (“Guides that fit the Guided”, I just heard!) LOL!  One of the wizards, I will call him “Gandolf the Grey” as that is how he chose to appear, was standing behind my left shoulder.  My surrounds shift and I am now standing at a crossroads.  It looks like two dirt paths that cross and go to the four cardinal directions.  There are four waist-high stones at the corners where the paths intersect.  He tells me that I am at a crossroads.  I say, “Maybe I should talk to my Activator?” (I will post my introduction to this guide as soon as I have time.)  He says, “Perhaps, but you already know what you must do.  Go toward the light.  Always exposing, Always discovering, Always seeking more of yourself.”  I turn to him. “So Gandolf…” I start.  “Roger.”  he says.  “Roger?” I ask.  He morphs into a young male with black hair.  “Who are you Roger?” I ask.  “I am you in another time and place.” he replies.  “Why have you come to me today?”  I ask him.  “To take your hand, that we may go forward together.” he tells me.  “Is your world, when and where your from, ascending?” I inquire.  “No.  But I can ascend with you now.” he replies.  I reach out and take his hand.  We end up facing the North path.   “Are you ready?” I ask him with a smile.  Then I think to myself, “What about my other lives?”  I look back over my shoulder and BAM there are all these individuals lining the East, South and West paths.  I ask if they are all ready to come with us.  A few step off the paths and turn away but the majority stay.  We all put our hand on the one in front of us.  I see myself reach forward with my foot and draw a line across the path in front of me with my shoe.  The line is white and looks like a bunch of sparkly stars.  I hold Roger’s hand and step across.  I turn into a human figure that is filled with the white star light, like the line I drew on the ground.  The same thing happens to Roger.  My view gets pulled up above to look down.  As each of my lives/aspects cross the line, more and more stars are added to this small area right in front of the line.  Soon the stars become sparks and then the sparks grow into fireworks as more cross the line.  I can hear rockets whistling by my viewing spot and see a big celebratory round of explosions go off as the last of the individuals crosses the line.

It was very beautiful and such a surprising experience!  Thank you fellow selves!

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  1. Hi Esther!
    What a cool trip! I love all your selves being present and the buildings of gold.

    I have no idea what a floating animal balloon means but I got messages about trains and rails this week too. It started to come together for me as the week passed and more messages came. But I wonder what it means for you! I got a lot of sports analogies too and I am not even a sports fan. Haha!

    Now, I am super curious about your Activator. I never heard of one. No Pim this time?

    I’m glad you had the time to meditate and to post. I can’t imagine how busy you must be with a farm AND kids. Holy cow! I was wondering how you were doing so I’m glad to see your post.

    Much love!


  2. Hi Sarah,
    I’m so glad you are having train imagery too! Validation! As to what it means for me… I’ve chosen to jump on a new fast moving path that will not be hidden (transparency). And other meanings too, I’m sure! I will try to get up a post about my Activator tonight. It’s raining out…so I shall strike while the irons hot. You will enjoy him/her/it, basically a keeper/organizer of your Akash.
    XOXO Esther


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