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Dewy Delight

Dewy Delight

Here my dear friends is the beginning of a wonderful meditation for you. Place yourself down in that glorious dewy grass and explore and play! It is a time of new beginnings. Let this sensory experience unfold! Xoxo Esther

writing to freedom

Dewy Delightpoetry, new day, fresh

glistening and fresh

dew drops calling to come play

let’s start a new day


drop that mopey frown

come sing with giggles and glee

open your heart to me

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Hello Readers,

Three days ago I had a tight lower back in the evening.  The next day I had a tight middle back ache going on.  Yesterday I woke up with a nerve pinch under my left shoulder-blade.  I could barely turn my head right or left.  By midafternoon the pinch had gone and left the whole area tight and sore.  It is still that way this morning.  I have been getting subtle promptings/nudges to start exploring the “Way of the Light” again.  (For those readers who aren’t familiar with my previous introduction to this, check out the My Experiences page and scroll down to the bottom.)  After I drop one of my kids off at kindergarten, I lay down on my bed to stretch out and decide to ask if anybody on my astral “friends and family plan” wants to talk about the Way of the Light.  Armond and Atom/Anton show up.  They both pop into my bedroom.  In my mind’s eye, Armond is very tall and previously I couldn’t see much else about him other than the impression of the color blue/purple.  Today he looks like a fabric draped figure.  Only he isn’t wearing fabric, it is like an energy of blue with those fifties-style stylized stars on it.  He reminds me of that opera singer from the movie The Fifth Element, only male energy and no facial features visible.  Anton looks like a cross between Indiana Jones and The Fonz (LOL he has the best sense of humor!)  Anton’s name has changed three times since I met him.  Lisa Gawlas told me that it is probably changing with my own vibrational changes.  I haven’t seen him in a while so I ask him what his name is this time.  He says, “Abe” and leans over the bed and kisses me on the forehead.  He says to look it up and I would see why.  I look it up later and it means, the father of multitudes.  Hmmmm… Not sure where that will lead me but I’m getting the tip of the iceberg feeling.  He takes my attention into my sore shoulder.  It seems to be on a micro level.  I am seeing the darkness in the space between tiny things!  We zoom in on the darkness of one area and go “through” it to the other side where I can see a sun shinning.  I ask if it is our sun (Earth’s) and Abe tells me yes.  I watch as a filament from the sun whips out and puts something in Abe’s hand.  I am now just floating in space somewhere.  Abe comes over to me and takes an Ace bandage and wraps my shoulder with it very tightly.  I realize at that point that my shoulder has already been feeling that way, very tight.  Then, I am back lying on my bed.  Abe puts a small something in my right hand and asks me what I feel.  I realize that this is what the filament put in his hand, not the bandage.  I have my meditative fist closed around it and it feels like a small glowing rectangle, about the size of a Lego block.  Suddenly it dissolves in my hand and I see it travel in a quick golden wave up my arm and through my body.  Abe pulls on the wrapping on my shoulder, wrapping it up some more.  I tell him that I don’t understand what the wrap is for.  He “shows” me that the wrap is holding the infused energy in a specific location so it can complete its goal.  Interesting!  I am also told that the Sun sends tiny packets of information/energy to us so that the body can absorb it without being to overwhelmed.  This info isn’t a surprise to any of us but what is interesting to me is what the Sun feels during the transfer.  I am shown the Sun reaching down to me and placing a cough drop sized bit of golden energy on my tongue.  The  “cough drop” dissolves and the gold energy travels through my body like before.  But this time I am also given the Sun’s reaction to the energy transfer.  When the energy of the Sun touches me, a joyous love vibrates back up to the Sun and fills the belly of the Sun.  It is not a one way street!  Everything and everybody the Sun touches sends back (unconsciously or consciously) this amazing energy to the Sun.  When I think about how many people and living things the Sun touches on this planet alone, I kinda understand what actually fuels the Sun.  Wild!

I ask about the Moon’s energy.  Abe pops me out onto the rock wall where I did my last Super Moon meditation.  It is night out now in my meditation and the full Moon is in the sky.  Armond sits down beside us and he is the one who shows me that the Moon’s light is the Sun’s light.  Of course, we all know that the Sun shines on the Moon and the light reflects down on to the Earth.  But he said it was not just a reflection of the light.  When the light reaches the Moon, alchemy takes place and a new blend of energies is what “pours” off the Moon and comes down to the Earth and everyone/thing on her.  I hear ALCHEMY a couple of times.  I have a feeling that they are showing me the tip of that iceberg I mentioned earlier.  I think this is all part of a greater understanding that will be unfolding.  But the points that they emphasized today are that energy is never a one way street and that alchemy happens on all levels.  This is not only about how energy moves between celestial bodies.  This is how energy moves between EVERYTHING.  I mean how amazing is it to consider that all this energy that the Sun has/is sending us as we, the planet and everything on it increase our vibration, is also raising the vibration of the Sun. It is that crazy infinity loop thing going on!  And then to think of the Alchemy of energy; that is starting to boggle my mind.  The blends that must already make up the humans on this planet at this time are staggering.  I keep thinking about the complexity of our DNA and how…..God my Brain is overloading!  LOL!  Needless to say, we all effect everyone and everything around us just as they effect us on some level.  And of course, to think that it is all there, encoded within us, amazing alchemy in action!

I hope some of that makes sense to you all! LOL

Love, Esther

The Time of the Pheonix


Hello Dear Readers,

I was so excited to read Lisa Gawlas’ post the day after I posted my pre-full moon post.  She wrote about how she learned that this last Super Moon brought in the Time of the Phoenix.  I understood so much more of the imagery in my last two meditations.  The sunflower and the ring of fire that I will talk about today are obviously the sun’s energy being reflected from the moon.  Or as Lisa put it in her post today, “ I hear my team whisper in my ear (heart) that the moon takes in the sun’s energy and releases it out to us, changes from its pure energy to one that we could handle.”  She also spoke about the ash imagery, which helped me see what the crazy lightning strike that blackened me was all about.  I (and you) have risen from the ashes!  Pretty Damn Cool!  

The evening of the full moon brought cooler weather to us here in Kansas.  I had turned off the air and opened all the windows.  The kids and I went out to sit on our front porch and I was watching the sunset.  It was incredibly brilliant with lots of oranges and pinks.  There was a cloud directly in front of the setting sun, so you couldn’t see it directly.  My husband came in from the fields and joined us out on the porch.  He said to me, “Turn around, you’re looking in the wrong direction.”  I turned East instead of West and got to witness the Super Moon coming up.  It was so huge and yellow with the reflected light of the sunset.  All four of us watched it come up and reveal its self.  This was an odd occurence.  A) The kids were just as interested as the adults.  B) We all were out there to see it without thought or plan to do so.

I went back out later after I had finished the dishes and the sky had darkened completely.  The Moon was higher and was now white instead of yellow.  I went out and sat on this rock wall we have.  I  didn’t quite know what to meditate on.  The moonlight was hitting the lenses of my glasses.  It was splitting off into rays.  Depending on how I tilted my head I either got a cross (four spokes) or double that with eight spokes radiating out.  When I stopped moving at one point, I was treated to a full on Moon halo on my lenses.  It was so cool and so bright.  If I hadn’t been focusing on what was happening on my lenses, all that reflective light would have been disruptive to my ability to see.  I  suddenly remembered my first Super Moon experience (which seems like years ago) where I became a portal for the Moon’s energy.  I took some of it down to Inner Earth.  How can a few months feel like such a long time?  I have not visited with Rossa in so long.  As I thought of her, I had the idea to invite her UP for this last Super Moon.  I didn’t know if she would come up to me if I called her.  But I closed my eyes and focused on her.

My attention is pulled way down deep into the Earth, almost to a tiny pin point of a narrowing of focus.  I give her a tap tap, “Ya wanna come up?”  BOOM!  She immediately pops up next to me on the wall. (This is happening in my meditation.  I have my eyes closed.)  She is wearing a gown, I don’t remember the colors now but the sleeves are a different color than the bodice and skirt.  She is holding a silver hand mirror in her hand.  Instead of a reflective surface in its center, it is black.  It is not flat black but instead has a deepness to it.  I remember thinking it looked like a portal or something.  I don’t ask her about it.  We sit and look up at the moon.  I ask the moon, in my head, to show me what it is sending out tonight.  One of the light beams coming off of the Moon starts unrolling and I can see that it is a large unfurling spool of sheet music.  What a cool image!  Another tendril of light unfurls and reaches down and takes Rossa’s mirror out of her hand.  It brings it up to the face of the Moon, where the Moon EATS it.  I’m talking violently, crunch crunch munch munch.  (Umm ok, now I see that we are getting more of the imagery that Lisa has been getting about people being in the belly of the Moon.  Then, I was confused and surprised about this symbol of being taken into the Moon’s energy.  LOL )

The Moon starts spinning around and then suddenly stops.  As it stops it throws out a RING OF FIRE that comes off of the Moon in a horizontal expanding ring.  The ring of fire reaches us and deposits Rossa’s mirror back on her lap.  It is now made of gold instead of silver, and has a mirrored surface in the center.  (So we got an upgrade!)  I ask her “What the hell was that!”  She smiles and says, “I absorbed its reflection.”  At this point, a bug flies up my physical nose and my ankles get attacked by mosquitos.  I drop the meditation to swat and blow my nose.  Unlike the rest of the universe, we don’t really have a mosquito problem out here on the farm.  I feel like I am being herded inside.  I need another kleenex anyway, so off I go.  After I have settled myself inside, I write down all of the above experience but I don’t feel like it is finished.  I decide to try to talk to Rossa and see if there is anything more to communicate.  This is a long shot, usually when I am pulled out of a meditation with my Inner Earth folk, that’s all I am going to get.  But when I tap back into Rossa, she is still sitting on the rock wall!  I ask her about the mirror again.  She says, “I will take it back to my people.  They will be able to see the moon in themselves.”  “Why is that important?” I ask her.  “The energy of the moon, the coding that you saw, it plays its song inside everyone.  You should see it in yourself.”  She replies with emphasis on SHOULD.  “Oh, wow!  That is very beautiful.  Do you feel the energy of the moon easily in Inner Earth?” I inquire.  “It is similar to the situation of how it feels for you when you are standing in the sun on a sunny day.  If you go stand in the shade, the sun doesn’t stop shinning but it is less intense, less harsh sometimes.  So it is with the moon’s energy (and the sun’s as well).  We are standing in the shade but we still enjoy it.  Would you like to come down next week and see what we look up at during the night?” She says.  Holy Cow!  “You have night and day?” I ask.  “You will have to come to find out.  Do you want to?” She says with a smile.  “I would love to.  I am very curious!”  I reply.  “I will see you then.  Thank you for the invite UP.” She tells me.  “Thank you for the invite DOWN!” I tell her.  “From my heart to yours.  I will await your visit.” She says.  “I love you too, sugar britches.” I say.  She laughs.  “I mean, my friend.” I correct with a chuckle.  “As you are mine.” she tells me.  I see the moon is reflecting or shining out of both of her eyes as she goes.

Running Wild


Hello Dear Readers,

I went outside yesterday night and the Moon was so bright and full already that I went ahead and did the Vessel meditation a day early.  I did another meditation tonight too and I will fill you in on that you as soon as I have time.  Have fun with this retelling, it’s one of the strangest experiences I have had in quite some time.

I sat on the steps of my front porch.  I closed my eyes and saw a square platform in front of me.  There was a large clear vase standing in the middle of it.  I watched the Moon pour it’s light into the vase and fill it up.  When it filled it up to the brim, I could clearly see it was an image of me made out of sparkly white light.  I took my own hand and walked into myself.  I concentrated on the feel of the energy within me and felt a large pulse of it go out in a circle around me and out into the world.  I looked down at the platform and it had become the head of a large sunflower.  There were no paths to take only petals all around.  Instead my heart was drawn up and I saw a white wisp of energy above me going up into the sky.  So I jumped up and flew upward.  I flew up for a little bit and then was immediately struck by lightning. It didn’t hurt but I saw the little burned to a crisp me plummet back down to the face of the sunflower. LOL! Yikes!  I watched as the little blackened me stood up and shook off all the black.  My view came back to being within my body.  I saw that there was now a stem connected to the head of the sunflower.  I started walking down it and encountered an inchworm.  I climbed on it’s back and it took me back up to the flower head.  I got off and watched it start to eat a petal.  It reached out with one of its many “hands” and handed me a bite.  I ate it and my body started shaking and I saw myself slide across the head of the sunflower, dislodging seeds in a furrow.  I got up and picked up a loose seed and ate it.  I had a strong knowing that I was “planting a seed” within. (hmm I wonder what it was?)

I then decide to go back down the stem again.  I run down it and end up in a grassy field.  I keep running and there are many other beings and creatures running about in the moonlight as well.  The field is covered with movement!  My attention is drawn to one being that looks like a wild feral looking creature that has my face!  She is the only one standing still and she is staring at me. I want to keep running but she keeps pulling on my attention.  I walk up to her and she pokes me in the forehead.  She doesn’t remove her finger and while it looks like she is holding it still, I can feel that she is rather forcefully opening my third eye.  She says, “Be careful what you ask for” in this fierce little voice.  She says it three times!  Each time she says it my third eye is opened more and more.  When it is open enough to her liking, she SHOVES a large clear crystal inside the opening she has made!  None of this is painful, but it is all very unusual and very very odd.  I feel more like “What the fuck!” than anything else.  While this all happens rather forcefully I have no fear of her or what is happening.  The crystal is sticking out of my forehead by a couple of inches.  I think I ask her if she is just going to leave it like that.  LOL  She leans forward and blows on the crystal.  When she does that, the crystal morphs into a white sparkly energy that flows into my head and then out the top of my head.  It curls upward into the sky.  She takes my hand and says, “Let’s run again.”  We run to a different field and she pulls me into a circle dance that other beings are doing. My vision is pulled back and I see that I am dancing naked in the moonlight.

Filling up the Vessel


Hello Dear Readers,

With the third Super Moon fast approaching, I asked for a meditation game that we could all do when it arrives.  As you will see, we are being strongly prompted to make choices from the heart.  If you want to do this meditation at any other time, feel free.  The Moon is always sending us something.  Please try to do this in the actual light of the Moon, but if that is not possible don’t worry you are still getting all that the Moon is offering.  I would love to hear back about your experience!

Center yourself and find a comfortable position.  Look up at the Moon and say whatever feels appropriate to you. (No need for formality here.  The Moon has known you all of your lives. Lol)  Close your eyes and picture a platform.  On the platform is a clear vessel.  Watch as the moon pours it’s self into the vessel, filling it to the brim.  When it is full, you will see that the vessel is you.  Take your attention into the vessel and feel the glow of the Moon through every cell of your body.  Each pore is sparking with the Moon’s energy; for while the Moon changes you, it does not only stay contained within.  Look up from yourself and you will see that there are paths coming off of the platform like spokes.  They are all different and yet none are the wrong path.  Chose the one that warms your heart.  Step off onto the path and experience what comes to you.


Let’s Play Meet Your Activator


I’m back! And so soon!  Well its raining out and I shall take advantage!  I promised in my last post to tell you about the Activator.  Some of you I have already shared my meet and greet with back in June via personal email.  To all other readers, please take some time and meet your own Activator.  Now is the perfect time as it seems like such a huge period of growth and possibilities.

I was driving to Kansas City and met “Activator”. I will call him a he but he doesn’t have a gender. He is the energy that is in charge of turning on/off those DNA switches in every cell of my body. He told me that he only worked with me, which confused me until I sat down and had a meditation with him. I told him to wait to have a conversation with me until I had the time to have a notebook in hand. I definitely wanted to write this one down. Here is what I got the next day.



E: “Activator, tell me about yourself?”

A: “I am, what you would call, an archivist. I keep track of everything you have ever been and ever will be.”

E: “You are not a guide?”

A: “I am an Activator.”

E: “Why have you come to me now?”

A: “Well, you have been asking about who is helping you, so I have revealed myself.”

E: “Can I help co-create with you?”

A: “Yes! Indeed.”

E: “I was talking to Gregory recently about the Morse Code signal of the hearts desire. How does this translate into activation?”

A: “You cannot activate something when you are feeling low or ill. The activation comes from how you feel about something in your core.”

E: “So do I have access to everything I ever was and ever will be? Is time not an issue?”

A: “You are talking of the future?”

E: “Yes. It is easier to see what I would have access to the past. But harder for me living in a linear time to see if I would have access to something that could develop in so many different ways in the future.”

A: “You can pull something from the future and activate it in the present but if your body is not vibrating at the right density/frequency then it will not work.”

E: “The same is true if I pull from the past?”

A: “Yes.”

E: “So is there a specific range that matches with my current vibration that I can pull from?”

A: “Yes. It is like the keys on a piano. The ones that are close to “the note” you are playing are more compatible, but the farther away on the keyboard you go the harder it would be to pull something into created reality/time frame.”

E: “Can I ask what is available to me now?”

A: “Yes, you can and you should.”

E: “I thought the “spirit realm” liked to keep their secrets.” LOL!

A: “We try to keep you from limiting yourself because there is so much that you would never imagine or comprehend. When you try to understand things from your current view it has the effect of tunneling your vision and you start creating from a much smaller spectrum.”

E: “Understood. So what can or will you tell me about what is available?”

A: “Right now your conscienceness is traveling at the speed of light. Your cells too. Humanity is undergoing great change. We think you should be more aware of what your possibilities are.”

E: “Can you give me a personal example?”

A: “There is a time coming in your near future where you will need some new skills. Wouldn’t it be nice to already have them when you get there?”

E: “Well, yes. I guess the learning curve would be less steep.”

A: “Exactly. So if I was to say you will need A, B and C. Would you say you wanted them? Of course you would. But the question isn’t so simple. There isn’t just A-Z to choose from, there is an infinite amount of options.”

E: “I assume you are going to show me how to narrow the field?”

A: “In a way. I am going to show you a few different ways to approach it. The first way is perhaps the hardest. You wait until you need a skill/talent/whatever and then when you go about trying to learn how to do it—you activate it.”

E: “This sounds like the easiest way?”

A: “It is harder because it slows you down and has the effect of seeing your growth/expansion going in starts and stops.”

E: “Ahh, this is how we are currently doing it, right?”

A: “For the most part. Some of you are asking for and activating specific things as well.”

E: “So what is another way of doing it?”

A: “What if I gave you a list of things that you will need in the next few years and what they are is not know to you. It is as if the list is in code. You could begin to activate things that you may or may not use based on your free will and what course/path you choose.”

E: “So I would be activating things for all possible paths?”

A: “Yes”

E: “What facets of life do the activations encompass?”

A: “Health, wealth, happiness, abilities, talents, understandings, contacts, contracts, a well-spring of ideas, truths, loves, you name it.”

E: “Is there another way you want to tell me about?”

A: “Humans like to complicate things. We could go over each choice individually and search for exactly what we think we want and need.”

E: 🙂 “I have always liked the Easy Path.”

A: “I know. Some people think that the harder the path the greater the reward. This in not true. If you want to scale the mountain peak to get to the other side, do it because you enjoy the exhilaration of the climb, not to make yourself tougher and stronger. You all have been through many more trials than you can possibly imagine. You are already strong. Enjoy the easy path.”

E: “Ok, so do I need to talk to you again?”

A: “When you are in a time of great decision, come to me and we will map out ALL your options together. Beware of the tunnel vision. Always remember there is a vast spectrum of possibilities waiting for you.”

E: “Thank you, my Activator. I love you and thank you for the care and love you have given me and will give me. Please tap me on the shoulder (forcefully if needed) if you see me getting tunnel vision too bad.”

A: “I shall, beloved, your light is my light. I am you and always will be.”


AMAZING RIGHT?  I promptly gave the intention to activate anything I might need in the next seven years.  Easy Peasy!  Now watch out!  HA HA HA!  I did go and talk to my Darling Activator last night after I had the Gandolf/crossroads meditation. (Yes it was a busy day!)  Here is our conversation.

E:  “I am at a crossroad as you know.  Have I activated everything that I might need at this point?”

A: “Yes.”

E: “Do you have any advice for me at this juncture?”

A: “There are endless opportunities and paths to choose.  You can pull to yourself the one that feels most right to you.”

He hands me a cable about two inches thick.  It is smooth and a metallic grey color.  I give it a small tug.  It feels firmly attached to..whatever.

E: How do I know which one is correct?  You have only given me one.”

A: “They are all correct.  Which one feels right?  Does that one?”

I look back down at the cable in my hand.  I give it another tug and I can feel it break down the line at some point.  I look to the left of it and see a gold wire about the size of a violin string.  Since it reminds me of an instrumental string I pluck it.  It doesn’t have a pleasing sound.  It is also uncomfortable in my hand, rather sharp and I don’t relish the thought of tugging on it.  While it is gold, a sure symbol of high vibration, I decide to move on.  The next one beside it is a conduit of water.  Picture a hose with water flowing through it.  Now remove the hose.  The water was flowing toward me.  I could pass my hand through it but couldn’t quickly figure out how to interact with it.  I thought to myself that given enough time I could figure it out but lets see what else is available. The next to present itself is an old jungle vine.  It is thick in my hand but looks old, brittle and dry.  I look to see what is next and see a gold glowing paving stone.  I can’t tug on it but I can go and stand on it, which I do.  It feels solid and smooth.  I know it is connected to others like the links of a bracelet but I can’t see them.

E: “How do I pull on this one?”

A: “Use your heart.”

E: “So I could have used my heart with any of the others?  Doh!  Why do I have to take things so literally some times!”

A: “Yes.  That is how you pull it to you.  Follow your heart.”

E: “But I don’t know what my heart wants.  I wish I knew what was coming!”

A: “What fun would that be?”

I stuck my tongue out at him, of course!  Then I gave him a heartfelt Thank You.

A: “Always.”






Hello Dear Readers,

I find myself with some actual time to sit down and share with you.  This is an amazing occurrence for a farmer in September.  I have not had much time to myself in ages.  A few days ago something shifted a bit.  I walked into the kitchen in the evening and stopped and stared at the clock on the stove.  It read 9:00.   While this might not seem worthy of my attention to you, to me it was quite a surprise. My internal clock told me that it was much later than that.  So I think to myself, “Did we just have another time shift?”  Sure enough (at least for me), the time seemed to slow way down for the rest of the evening. I got in a movie before bed!  (Also not your normal occurence for us.  We usually have to watch our movies in 30 minute segments in the summer.)  Fast forward to yesterday.  I woke up feeling normal and went about my morning.  About 11a.m., I suddenly had a wave of tiredness come over me.  It’s what I like to describe to myself as the “download sleepies”. It feels like a sudden tiredness that pulls at you.  It says to you, “Sleep.  This will be so much easier if you sleep.  Close your eyes!  Seriously, this won’t hurt at all.”  LOL  Anyway, I have two kids at home and so actually falling asleep when they are awake is not advisable for my sanity’s sake.  But I laid down to rest for a minute anyway.  To try to ensure that I wouldn’t pass out entirely I did a meditation.  I had read Lisa Gawlas’s recent post about us being in a “docking station” waiting for our next adventure.  I kept seeing a railroad platform in my head every time that she mentioned it.  So I decided to meditate on my “docking station” to see what I could see.

I centered and focused and opened my internal eyes and was staring right into a bright white light of an oncoming train.  I was standing on the tracks! Not on the railway platform!  Of course my initial reaction is “Oh Shit!”  But I rallied myself.  After all if this is what is coming, then lets just grab on, right?  So I held my position and when that train hit, instead of being smacked I was sucked into that big white light on the front of the train.  It sucked me into a jelly-like white light that extended through most of the engine of the train.  The light felt thick and I was suspended for a few moments in it.  Then it let me go and I flew into the next train car which was where I became stretched.  There was nothing that I was holding on to and nothing holding me in place, and yet I was pulled and stretched and experienced the same feeling of speed as when I saw the train barreling down on me.  After a bit of that I was released and floated gently back through the train until I came to a passenger car and settled into a seat.  The train I was on was mostly see-through.  The edges of windows and chairs and such where all outlined but mainly I could see right through it.  My point of view was pulled to above the train and I watched it turn and go over a bridge and enter a town made of gold.  Not the color gold, but looked like it was made entirely of a poured gold form.  There were no divisions between the building and every structured flowed into the next.  All was One.  How is that for cool symbolism?  I was still above it all and I was being pulled higher and higher. I look up and see an open trap door right above me with a golden rope ladder hanging down.  I climb up and know that I am inside a floating balloon animal.  I don’t know what the animal is but I can see out the eyes and ears.  Interesting!  There is a seat and controller in it but when I sit down we don’t seem to go anywhere.  Well Alrighty Then!  That is where the meditation ended.  So interesting and confusing at the end.  A floating balloon animal?  I can see and understand most of the other symbolism but that one, not so much.  LOL!  But hey, we have got fast moving energetic system with impending changes.  No surprise there!  We have a city of gold and a ladder of gold.  Yippee!  Vibrational increase and spiritual yumminess.  Any ideas on that floating animal balloon?

I got up and shared the meditation with a friend.  I could feel the pressure building in my head for most of the afternoon.  The wind outside was just a blustery!  Again that evening at 9:00, I had time on my hands.  I went down to the basement to have another meditation.  This time I decided to talk to my guides who I haven’t chatted with in a while.  I called to them and asked them how they wanted to represent themselves today.  I saw a flash of a stone circle at night with wizards sitting on all of the stones.  I must explain at this time that I am currently in the midst of watching The Lord of the Rings.  So this was definitely humor on my guides part. (“Guides that fit the Guided”, I just heard!) LOL!  One of the wizards, I will call him “Gandolf the Grey” as that is how he chose to appear, was standing behind my left shoulder.  My surrounds shift and I am now standing at a crossroads.  It looks like two dirt paths that cross and go to the four cardinal directions.  There are four waist-high stones at the corners where the paths intersect.  He tells me that I am at a crossroads.  I say, “Maybe I should talk to my Activator?” (I will post my introduction to this guide as soon as I have time.)  He says, “Perhaps, but you already know what you must do.  Go toward the light.  Always exposing, Always discovering, Always seeking more of yourself.”  I turn to him. “So Gandolf…” I start.  “Roger.”  he says.  “Roger?” I ask.  He morphs into a young male with black hair.  “Who are you Roger?” I ask.  “I am you in another time and place.” he replies.  “Why have you come to me today?”  I ask him.  “To take your hand, that we may go forward together.” he tells me.  “Is your world, when and where your from, ascending?” I inquire.  “No.  But I can ascend with you now.” he replies.  I reach out and take his hand.  We end up facing the North path.   “Are you ready?” I ask him with a smile.  Then I think to myself, “What about my other lives?”  I look back over my shoulder and BAM there are all these individuals lining the East, South and West paths.  I ask if they are all ready to come with us.  A few step off the paths and turn away but the majority stay.  We all put our hand on the one in front of us.  I see myself reach forward with my foot and draw a line across the path in front of me with my shoe.  The line is white and looks like a bunch of sparkly stars.  I hold Roger’s hand and step across.  I turn into a human figure that is filled with the white star light, like the line I drew on the ground.  The same thing happens to Roger.  My view gets pulled up above to look down.  As each of my lives/aspects cross the line, more and more stars are added to this small area right in front of the line.  Soon the stars become sparks and then the sparks grow into fireworks as more cross the line.  I can hear rockets whistling by my viewing spot and see a big celebratory round of explosions go off as the last of the individuals crosses the line.

It was very beautiful and such a surprising experience!  Thank you fellow selves!