Pineal Upgrade, Instant Manifestation, and a Conversation with Pim


Dear Readers,

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling yucky.  My head hurt and felt weird, like the top half of my skull was larger and hotter than the lower half.  My stomach was off as well.  As the morning wore on I started getting light-headed and dizzy and when I would pause and concentrate on the dizziness, I could feel a very specific swirl to the energy in my head.  Nothing random about it.  I had read Lisa Gallas’ post from the day before which talked about her physical experiences to a pineal upgrade that she is going through.  I rarely get physical symptoms to any of this stuff (Yippee) but not so this time.  I live and work on a farm and let me tell you this time of year there is no time off.  At lunch I told my husband, “I’m leaving the kids in your hands and going to lay down.  I’m about to lose consciousness.”  Looking back it makes me laugh that I unconsciously used the word consciousness.  I could have easily said, “I’m going to sleep now.”  But I didn’t and maybe it’s because I wouldn’t be sleeping! lol

I went down to the basement to the guest room to get as quiet as possible.  As I lay down I checked in with my condition.  I saw an image of a man removing what looked like a small round christmas ornament from my head and then he started attaching new wires to wire in something new.  Ok Got It.  Big Symbol for under construction.  After that I entered a state of not sleeping and not awake.  I could hear the boys running around upstairs or the dogs barking but I couldn’t drift down into a unconscious state.  The only thing that I retained in my memory for later was a short little trip my consciousness went on.  I saw myself climbing up the inside of a smoke stack, very much like Indiana Jones in the 1st movie.  When I got to the top and pulled myself up on the mouth I could see that I was on a boat that was covered in tons of square wooden unmarked crates.  On the right side of the boat I saw a staircase that went down into the water.  I went over there and stood there contemplating getting in the water.  The boat was riding very low in the water from the weight of all the crates.  I wished that I had a boat or something instead of just swimming away.  I saw myself go and open one of the crates and inside was a green inflatable boat.  It inflated for me and plopped its self in the water next to the stairs.  I stood and looked at it and started thinking how it would be nice to have supplies.  I mean who knew how long I would be in the little green boat.  I turned around and opened another crate.  Inside was food, water and survival gear.  It all jumped out of the crate and popped all organized into the little boat.  Ohhh now I got it.  The crates represent my manifestation ability.  Well obviously if I was leaving I might need something else on my journey.  As I thought that I saw three crates tied together and tied to the back of the little boat.  I also knew that all of the rest of the crates on the big boat where daisy chained to each other and as I pulled away they would all start to slid off the big boat and follow me.  I thought about how much a pain in the ass it would be to get to a shore line with a big ass line of crates following me.  I was transported to the top of a stack of crates toward the front of the big boat.  I could see the shore approaching and knew that I didn’t need to jump ship at all, that I was headed right for where I wanted to be.  Another reminder from the universe, DON’T MAKE THINGS TOO HARD!  And a big demonstration of what I now have available to use.  Instant Manifestation.  WOW!  Now let’s see if I can figure that out in the physical without making it too complicated.  Choose the easy path!

I got up after about four hours and went back upstairs to the land of the living.  I helped get dinner together which I devoured as if I hadn’t eaten all day (oh wait I hadn’t).  I took it easy and watched a movie with the family.  Before the movie started, I texted my friend Melissa and told her in brief about my day. I also emailed her about the experience above and this is what she wrote back, I had a similar experience. I was sitting at my laptop planning to write more of the story I am working on. All of a sudden, a wave of sleep washed over me. I went to my chair to rest. I slept for a bit then had the experience of feeling a wave of energy sweep through me. I could feel myself vibrating differently. I was in another dimension. My entire body was vibrating and tingling. I was not asleep, and I was not awake. I had the statement “you are the portal” repeat itself. And I saw a portal. Not quite ready yet but almost.”

Incredible!  Thanks Melissa, your similar experience made me feel connected to a bigger whole!  Validation!

As I went to bed, I did another self check and saw all this electrical crackling and sparking and then a light went on in my head.  This was followed by me feeling a glowing energy radiating from  myself.  Then the light went black in my head but I still could feel the glow of energy coming off of myself.  I laid there for a bit and the little light didn’t light back up but the energy surround it and radiating outward never diminished.  I zoomed my focus down to the blackness where the light had been and immediately saw that it was a tiny cosmic black hole!  Well!  How’s that for a portal representation?!!  When I asked questions about it I got zero reply.  When I finally asked “Hey are you listening to me?”  I got the reply, “How can we explain something that you wont understand?”  Ahhh! Ok, Sorry for yelling. LOL

My mind drifted for a while and I started wondering when my ability to “see” during meditation would be clearer.  I can usually see what is happening around me to some degree when I let my consciousness out to play but there is almost always a fuzzy-ness or veiled quality to it.  I keep wanting to see as clearly as I do in my physical life.  As I am pondering this I find myself standing in Pim’s lab/workshop/office.  Please see the My Experiences page for my previous experiences with this ET friend of mine.  What I saw in his workshop is Pim, represented by a male figure with a white lab coat on (he is a scientist) and also a large black smoky looking energy beside him in the room.  He asks me to tell him what I observe about the other energy.  I look at it and can see that it is black with little colored dots in it that zip around.  It is very tall, almost to the ceiling and as wide as my arms stretched out.  I walk around to the back of it to see if it is 3D or 2D and it is definitely like a round column of black smoke.  I reach out my hand and when I touch it I expect for my hand to pass right though it but instead it feels sort of liquid, like stroking your hand though water but not quite.  There are no exact words to describe it.  The only “feeling” that I got from it was that it was patiently waiting.  I asked Pim, “Am I supposed to go with him, her, it?”  He says, “Them.  Take their hand.”  Interesting, A Them!  I crack some joke about it being a metaphorical hand.  I reach out my hand again and they pull me inside their energy.  As they do, I ask Pim if he is coming with me.  He says, “I don’t need to.”   I realize then that I am not going anywhere and that I am kind of bobbing up and down inside the energy cloud.  I can see Pim standing on the outside right next to me and “them”.  It is like looking at him through one of those brown window tints that people put on their car windows. (You know the ones that are put on badly and you have an overwhelming desire to always have the window rolled down so you can see the world as you know it really looks like.) I can see him but the colors are not true.  I stick just my head out of the cloud and then pull it back in.  I know he is trying to help me with my “vision” question.  So I just ask him, “What are you trying to show me here?”  He tells me that the entity that I am inside of is from another dimension.  Just like I am, when I take my consciousness elsewhere.  Ahhhhh!  Ok!  He shows me how there is going to be a bit of distortion and fuzzy-ness because there are two dimensions interacting.  So I don’t leave my dimension, it surrounds me as I enter another’s space.  The fuzzy-ness is really the the boundary between the two. THE VEIL! lol  He also points out that when I am having a conversation with someone in my physical life, I am looking at them and focusing on them and have to look away and change my focus to see the couch behind them in detail.  Another way it was demonstrated to me is that when I look out the window, my eyes focus on a specific depth outside depending on what I am looking at or looking for.  I can’t focus on both something happening on the porch and something happening on the bird feeders.  When I see clearly in my physical life, I am concentrating and focusing on something specific.  Yes, I am aware that the window is between me and my view but I don’t focus on the window frame or the window screen unless I specifically draw my eyes to that location.  I don’t consider that a lack of ability.  Excellent point Pim!

This was a very interesting talk/demonstration to have.  It certainly answered questions that I didn’t even know I had.  Like when I see Pim’s workroom, all I see is one counter along the wall with storage above and a white light shining down on the counter.  I have never seen the rest of the room, but I am always focusing on Pim when I am there.  He is always standing or sitting in front of the counter and so I can see it behind him but he is the clearest point in the room.  I always thought that I couldn’t see what he worked on because vibrationally I wouldn’t understand or be able to see it.  There may be some of that too but mostly it is because I haven’t focused and tried.  I also know when I am with Pim because of the white lab coat (symbol) and because I can’t see his head.  His head either looks like it is missing, is a black figure or is a human face (rarely).  I know he is not human.  His morphing head is mainly to remind me of that and because vibrationally I can’t see what he looks like yet (I think?).  When he appears human it is to demonstrate something that he is trying to convey, think facial features here. So anyway, to cycle back around.  I don’t lack the ability to see clearly. As a matter of fact, when I am seeing the fuzzy veil I am seeing the interaction of two dimensions.  Another lesson of the day!

Thanks, for listening.  I hope you learned something too!

All My Love, Esther

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  1. Love that you are “seeing” from one dimension to another. When I raise above any thoughts The vibration is telepathic and amazing how clear and bright “seeing” is. Learning to integrate so much in this now. Heart to Heart Robyn

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  2. Another trip with Pim. I love them!

    I love the boat trip and asking, “Hey, are you listening to me?” I do the same thing and get the same message. I can’t understand it yet. Just let it be.

    But I’m so, so curious. Inside an entity from another dimension? That sounds pretty neat! LOL

    What great confirmation that you are seeing clearly and where the fuzziness is coming from. Yay! Big hugs!


    • Thanks Amanda,
      Honesty is a hard thing, baring your soul to show and own the fact that you are both HUMAN and SPIRIT. We must be both, never striving to leave our humanity behind, or we loose sight of why we are in these bodies to begin with. So I hope to put that messy humanness out there as much as I can. I love all the amazing art you find for your posts! Thanks, Esther


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