I went to visit a woman who I use to live next to today.  She has been in an emotionally abusive marriage for as long as I’ve known her.  Today I saw that things had gotten much worse, emotionally and now physically.  I listened to her, talked to her, encouraged her in many ways to see herself as the amazing soul that she is.  She is very close to leaving him.  But how bad will it get before she does?  I had some rent money with me and gave her $100 for her hidden fund.  Last year she never would have taken it.  Today she said “Thank you so much!”

I was so sad when I got home.  I went outside and looked up at the night sky.  I started talking to the crescent moon.  I said, “I don’t feel sorry for her.  I feel full of sorrow for her.  I am already sending her my love, always.  Is there anything that I can send her that will help?”  “Send her Grace.” the moon said.  “Why Grace?” I asked.  “Grace makes change easier.” was the reply.  I asked if I had Grace to send.  It’s not a something that is easily identifiable to send.  The moon said that I did and so I gathered “my grace” and sent it along.


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