My Experience with Lisa’s Key Meditation


Here is my experience when I did Lisa’s Key Meditation from the previous post.  I had so much fun!

Lisa’s Key Meditation


I centered myself and went to my inner heart grid (as Lisa calls it). It looked to me like a large clear ball with a golden grid on it. I was sitting inside of it on a chair. During my last reading with Lisa, she saw this white liquid energy pouring down over my inner heart grid. We were referring to it as the liquid for my new life smoothie. LOL As I sat in my chair inside what looked like a giant Christmas tree ornament, I saw that white energy pour down the globe that I was in. It was white but also somewhat transparent, like icing before it cools and hardens. It got to the bottom of the globe and then started coming up inside the globe where I was sitting. I let it come up all the way to the top. I sat there for a few breaths, breathing the white liquid energy in and out. (You can do whatever you want in meditation!)   I looked up and though the white liquid energy I saw the key hovering over the inner heart grid. I said, “Let’s Do This!” The key slid down into the top of the globe and a big burp of white energy came out of me (hopefully from my mouth) and went up to the key. That must have turned the key because I was suddenly yanked out of the globe and was hovering in the air a several yards above it. I looked down and the globe started spinning rapidly. I was also tumbling and spinning in the air, but not as fast. The globe suddenly came to a halt with a clank and it kind of exploded. It happened very quickly and I thought I saw chunks of fruit go flying around. It was similar to what would have happened if I were making a smoothie in a blender and the whole thing exploded. I couldn’t focus to visually see what was left of my inner heart grid. I lowered myself down and when I did I could see a round platform with three steps going up to it. There was nothing on it so I walked up and stood on it. When I stepped on the platform, I saw electrical currents crackle over my body. I started growing much bigger and lightening was coming down from the sky to my body. I lifted up my giant right foot and stomped once on the platform. I kept growing bigger until I grabbed a hold of the edge of the atmosphere of the Earth and climbed up on top of the planet. My big self sat down and then reached down and grabbed a handful of the Earth and ate it! LOL (Just like a little kid with their first birthday cake) A hole opened to the core of the planet and I got pulled in heart first. Yes, I know, how do you get pulled in heart first? That is what it felt like. As soon as I got pulled in, I got spit back out. I was spit back out to a place in my mind that I used to meditate at a while back. It is a prairie pasture with an old tree in it. I saw myself from above lying there on the ground, looking relaxed but awake. I had the feeling that I was melting into the earth even though visually I looked whole and separate from the ground. Day turned to night and my body turned and curled on its side. It looked as though my meditative body was asleep but I saw that my bodies eyes where open. After a bit, I saw a light creep out from around my body and slowly start illuminating the surrounding ground. I could see little flowers and other twinkly things. It became day again and the meditative me sat up and waved up at the viewing me! Such a cool way to end!

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