Holy Smoke Meditation


As I was relaxing into sleep just now, I had this melody playing in my head.  No matter what I started thinking about, I kept being shown different images of myself dancing.  The way I was gliding about it felt as if I was dancing on ice skates (which is a talent I don’t have).  After a while, I started focusing on the images of me dancing instead of thinking of my day.  When I did that, an old Native American man appeared on top of the images and he said he had something for me.  He gave me this meditation to share.  He also titled it (the name he gave is meant to be serious and funny).

Center and calm your self.  Know that you have been offered a peace pipe to smoke.  Concentrate on the pipe.  You will be taken to a location that is meant just for you.  Where are you?  What do you see/feel/know about your surroundings?  The pipe is in front of you and is already lit.  Look at it if you can.  Can you make out a design or pattern on it?  What is it made of?  Can you smell the tobacco?  Put it to your lips and like a kiss, gently inhale.  Bring the smoke inside of you.  Picture it as it goes deep into your body.  Complete the circuit by bringing it up into your head and exhale it slowly.  Repeat the cycle.  Know that it reaches every cell.  How do you feel?  If the smoke brings you a vision/experience than flow with it.  If all you feel is the emotion of the moment, sit with it and be.

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