My Full Moon Experience


The following is my experience from the last Super Moon.  I had so much fun!  I combined my Moon meditation with my Inner Earth invitation to visit on the full moon.  Enjoy!

7/12/14 Full Moon


I went outside and sat on the step and looked up at the moon. I said hello to the moon and told it I thought it was “super” every night. Behind me, high in the peak of the roof of the porch, I heard two different tones from the wind chime that hangs there. There was a light breeze blowing but it usually takes a lot more for the chime to ring, as it is hanging in a very sheltered spot. (The previous owner of the home put it there and it would require a fifteen-foot ladder to move it.) I asked the moon what it had for me tonight. I got this feeling of energy rushing down to me. Visually it looked like white thick wavy curls, like stylized white-blond hair. My view got pulled back as if I was standing behind my seated self. The waves came down and draped over the seated me like a big mop. Then this black hole opened, above my head or where my head was—hard to tell which as my view was drawn into a close up view of the black hole. (And yes, I’m talking about a celestial black hole looking-thingy…only mini-me sized.) All the wavy curls entered the black hole in a rush. I felt the moon smile with a big fat full-cheeked face and then it said, “You’re full.” Well, Ok Then. I have a date with Inner Earth.

I popped myself into the hall where I had met the Elders and said, “Rossa, Rossa, Rossa” as I arrived. I again had the view of myself from behind and the image this time was interesting. I haven’t figured it out. I saw myself as a 2D comic book drawing. In full disclosure, I had been reading Star Wars comics to my boys less than an hour before. LOL I don’t know if that influenced what I saw or not. Anyway, there I was, black outline and details with the rest of me a tan color. I am wearing boots and pants and a calf length coat. The coat was being blown back by the energy that was pouring out of my chest. From my behind-myself view, I couldn’t see exactly where the energy was coming out of myself at but the color was white and it pushed out of me enough that it was flapping that coat around. I called Rossa’s name again and she walked up behind me and put a hand in the middle of my back. She was in 3D imagery and looked normal in color code, LOL! It did feel like she was supporting me as the energy that was leaving me was pushing me back a bit. I asked her what the tendrils were and she said, “the moon’s energy of course”. Well, duh. Let me rephrase. “Why does it look like that?” I asked her. “It is condensed, for lack of a better word.” She replied. We watched it pour out for a while and then it changed color and was blue for a while and then red. I could feel when I got empty which is interesting because I didn’t feel anything when I got filled up. 🙂

I now look like my normal 3D self. Rossa said that I had become a portal for the moon that night. I said, “Oh god, what’s that going to do to my ovaries?” Rossa laughed and said, “They will be fine.” (She was right, normal period started the next morning.) I turned around and said, “What do we do now?” “Now we play,” she stated. She took me through a door of the great hall and we were outside on a stone terrace with big pillars. I had a memory of having stood on that terrace when I was playing and learning how to meditate a couple of years ago. It was dark out but I don’t know if that is because I can’t see (vibrationally speaking) or if it is truly dark. We went down some steps and paused. I can see the tendrils of moon energy curling off here and there. My attention got pulled back up to my physical self and I could hear all the night sounds around me (frogs, cricket, etc). I could feel the breeze over my body and just took a moment and enjoyed the beautiful night. Rossa pulled me back down when I heard her say, “We will take the central path.” This is the first time during a meditation that my focus was tugged back by someone other than myself. So interesting! I focused back on her and we walked along a path. I could see a little gazebo up ahead. It also looked familiar. When we got there I told her, “I’ve been here before. Haven’t I?” She said yes and we went inside. I asked what we are going to do and she replied, “painting”. Ohhhh kay? She started painting my face. I saw no brush and it didn’t take long but it was very intricate and colorful. It was beautiful and yet I could never get a direct look at it, even though I am viewing myself from outside my body again. I do remember that for one specific moment, I got a straight on view of my face and I couldn’t even recognize it as a face. My face seemed to disappear and all I could see was the art (which I can’t remember). I also got the impression that the images continued down my arms and torso. This all happened very quickly…like a thirty second-art installment.

I then got the impression that it was my turn to paint her. I tried not to focus or make anything consciously. I just started painting her face and let come through what would. Pretty soon her whole face was black. LOL! I told myself not to freak and just relaxed and let it keep unfolding. Pretty soon I could see that I had painted her as a Black-eyed Susan, which is a wild flower. Her whole face was the center of the flower and the petals were drawn in the air around her face. They had no problem hanging out in mid-air. I then drew a green line that came down off the outside corner of her eye and went down her neck, down her arm and split and went out each of her five fingers. It continued into the air again and became some crazy intricate squiggles. I couldn’t tell what I was drawing so I pulled my view to the backside of the design and saw that it looked like a Celtic knot of some sort. I finished the drawing with a cute little gift bow at the top. Hilarious! I chuckled and told Rossa, “Maybe you could put this in your hair.” It was big, like 18 inches tall by about 8 inches wide. It shrunk down and moved over and was absorbed into her heart chakra. Then the flower painting I had done over her head and face started being “blown” into her. It looked like a great wind sent it into her cells. I saw a visual of myself, and the painting on me simply was absorbed into my skin. Rossa said I was finished for the night. I asked if she wanted me to take anything to the surface. She smiled and said, “You already have it.” Well, duh again, the painting!

I pulled my attention back up to my physical body. I was still meditating and saw a white ghostly-shaped energy come off of me and went forward about ten feet. It split and went off in the four directions (north, south, east, west). I felt the energy’s excitement and joy to be off.   So cool! “How was that?” I asked the moon. The moon smiled and bent down and blew on either me or the spot where the energy had split up…I couldn’t tell which. Then the moon pulled its energy back up and smiled again. And then the coolest thing, I heard the wind chimes behind me ring twice again.

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