I visit Inner Earth


Dear Readers,

I had a reading with Lisa Gawlas a few days after the solstice. I appeared as a large white fabric-like energy field coming up out of the Earth and flaring out like the shape of a Victrola record player horn crossed with an Easter lily. She could feel my “fabric” being pulled down into the Earth and had a knowing, that at the center of the Earth, another flared horn would form and come out the other side of the planet. What this all meant who the hell knows. 😉 The only thing I could add was that just the day before I had suddenly started thinking about trying to connect with the people that live inside our planet. I have been having a great time connecting to the ET’s and humans on the planet. Maybe now I am being encouraged to go a-visitin’ closer to home.

I have visited our Inner Earth family before. A couple of years ago, I would play with going down inside Mt. Shasta and would hang out a bit with a woman in a Scarlet O’Hara style hoop skirt dress. LOL! I could barely see anything and couldn’t communicate at all. I remember (very vaguely) stone columns and waterfall and the woman. So what’s a girl to do but say, “OK” and go with it. I sat down when I had a moment that very same day and this is what I got.

I asked if anyone wanted to connect with me from Inner Earth. I immediately had what looked like a red object pushed up at me really fast. So fast I couldn’t see what it was. I asked them to slow it down so I could make it out. It was a multi-sided red object that reminded me of a STOP sign. I asked if this was a big fat NO sign from them. But that didn’t resonate with me. Somehow I realized that it was a red cut stone or gem of some sort that was being offered to me. When I have been offered something in the past, it was being given to me to raise my vibration or strengthen my connection. I asked where I should put the red stone and it moved to my heart chakra. I stayed still for a moment and then saw a cave form around me. The chamber of the cave was fat and round, like a half circle. In the middle of the ceiling there was a round opening that went straight up like a neck of a wine bottle. Through the opening I could see the sky and the clouds blowing quickly over. I was pleasantly surprised to have everything in my field of vision be quite clear. Yippee! I turned around and there was a golden Being behind me. She was definitely female and had these translucent wings…not angel wings but more like a butterflies. They were not like a Monarch butterfly’s but more like the simple single arched shape of some smaller butterflies. I was quite fascinated by them and since she was beating them continually (even though she wasn’t flying) I could hear that kinda clicky sound that dragonfly wings make.

I asked her who she was and she said, “I am an idea.” Well that didn’t surprise me too much. She didn’t really feel like a person. Which is really interesting that I can even feel that difference. (Although without her saying anything I wouldn’t have had the actual thought form that she wasn’t a person. Only with her saying that did I have the “oh yeah, I can feel that” moment.) So I asked her, “An idea of what?” “The idea that your people and my people will meet one day and you both will be transformed” she replied. “How will this transformation happen?” I wanted to know. “Like water droplets into a body of water, the water will rise until two bodies of water meet. And like salt water and fresh water they will mingle together and create a new ecosystem.” She explained. I asked, “and how can I help?” “You are a drop of water coming down to us. And you carry our drop back up to the surface.” She told me. “Where shall I go to meet your people?” I inquired. “Come to this cave next time and there will be people here to meet you.” She told me. “I will. Thank you.” I said and then signed off.

The next day I went back to the cave and settled in and tried to focus on the cave itself. The walls were natural dirt and rough rock and the floor was made of square tiles. The tiles were terracotta in color and not shiny at all. I could feel with my bare feet that they were a bit dusty and dirty. They didn’t look new but they were still in good shape. No one was there to meet me and I got an image of myself “diving” up though the hole in the roof of the cave. I was rather confused about this, I mean wasn’t I supposed to go down not up! But is seemed such a strange thought that I went with it and dived up through the hole. I went up into the sunshine and floated in the air a couple hundred feet above the earth and just kind of rotated around. It felt like rolling around in the sun’s energy. I looked back down and saw the perfectly round dark opening of the cave and lowered myself down until I landed on the floor again. There was still no one there so I said, “I’m ready!” Immediately, I felt the presence of the female that I had connected with years ago. She put out her hand and I took it. All I could see was a bare arm up to the shoulder. The arm looked very human but it was a dull yellow color or maybe old gold is better. Is it symbolic or her actual skin tone, I do not know. I couldn’t see anything past that shoulder. It was like shaking a disembodied hand. LOL! So I did what any creepy person would do, I energetically felt her up.  Yep, I could feel her back! (I tried to stay out of her girly bits) I said to her, “All I can see is your arm.” She said, “That’s all I can see of you.” I could hear a smile in her voice. My view of the scene got pulled back and I could see that at that moment, she and I had both extended our arms and clasped hands in a shaft of sunlight coming down through the hole in the roof. It highlighted both our arms but left the rest of us in total darkness. I laughed and said, “What if I step into the light all the way?” When I did the light was blinding white for a second and then I saw her step into the light. She is shorter than me with dark hair and larger eyes. There was no Scarlet O’Hara dress to be seen. I have a vague memory of a simple outfit of a shirt and pants. I see the name Rosa flash in my brain but it is spelled with an extra S, Rossa. She tells me it is pronounced Rosha (r-oh-sh-ah).

She gestures to a tunnel behind her and I nod and we step out of the light and walk to the tunnel opening. I can’t focus at all and have to keep bringing myself back to her. I think it is a portal and not a tunnel. I feel stretched at one point and then make it through. We are in another cave. It is long and narrow with stalactites on the ceiling. There isn’t any source of light but I can still see her, although everything is dim. She says, “Stay with me.” I grin at her and hold her hand tighter. We begin to run like children through the cave system. It is too hard to focus on my surroundings so I focus on us running. My visual is pulled back and it does look like two little girls running along. Suddenly we are in front of a wall of gems/crystals. There are different colors but they are not scattered individually. Instead they are grouped in clusters or sections of color. We are our adult size again and she reaches out and grabs a blue gem and gives it to me. It wants to go to my throat chakra so I put it there. She says, “So you will tell the truth about what you see here.” Then I start floating up to the ceiling and I am starting to dissolve into these little golden dots. I am surprised that the meditation is being ended and I stretch my arms down to her and start laughing. “I’m melting! I’m melting!” I shout at her while laughing my ass off. I am dissolving more and more. I ask her before I lose contact, “Where should I meet you next time?” “In the cave” she shouts up at me. “Yeah, which one—all we’ve been in is caves?” I ask, laughing. “Either one” I hear as she fades completely from my vision.

The next day I make time for another visit. I am very aware that the last two journeys I have taken have been ended FOR me, which I can’t recall ever having happened before.   Very interesting! What does it mean or does it have any meaning at all? Hmmm… But enough pondering, I want to go meet Rossa again.

I go to the bottle shaped cave. I can feel the tiles under my feet again and see the clouds floating past the opening overhead. I wasn’t quite sure what to do. Rossa wasn’t there to meet me. Then I got the sensation of that the floor was going downward like an elevator. I thought it was my imagination at first but realized it was descending, not very quickly and straight down. I sat down on the floor and waited. After a while I saw a blue energy in front of me. It kind of flowed around in no discernable pattern. I stood up and looked at it. I think it went in and out of my vision as well. I decided to step into it. When I did, it swirled around me and somehow started coming out the top of my head. It went up and split out and arched over and down the sides of the walls. It split up into a number of lines, like the spokes of a giant umbrella or giant spider legs. I wasn’t sure what to do next. I got pulled to a view from perhaps the opening above the cave. From there I could see a blue light far down below. I pulled myself back down to my meditative self and looked up and saw the opening far above like a single large star in a dark sky. I got an image to lie down. When I did, my view switched to standing over myself and looking down at my body. I saw the blue light collapse in on my body until all the lines were wiggling over me like a psychedelic cocoon. After a bit my body shot out of one end and went sliding across the floor. I saw myself get up and walk back over and pick up the cocoon. (Which had gotten smaller, like it had deflated.) I watched myself put it on like a vest and the blue squiggles got absorbed into my body.

My view switched back to through my eyes. There was still no one there to meet me so I called for Rossa. She appeared in front of me and said, “I’m here.” I said it was good to see her and asked what the blue light was all about. She told me that it helped adjust my frequency so I could stay down with her. I asked her what she wanted to do next. She said, “There are introductions to be made.” OHHHH “So I don’t get to hang out just with you?” I asked her with a smile. “I am you guide. I have been assigned just to you.” She replied. “So you are the water droplet from your people,” I said cheekily. “Balancing this water droplet.” I said pointing to myself. “Something like that” she said with a smile.

We start walking down a long passageway. I am having a really hard time walking. I can’t quite keep my feet on the ground. It kind of feels like I’m walking on the moon—really exaggerated bouncing steps. I stop Rossa after a bit and tell her I am having a hard time. I try switching to a ball of light; after all I don’t need a body. But when I switch my light just wants to blow away like a dandelion seed head. So I switch back. Rossa says I need a new anchor and literally gives me a four-foot tall iron boat anchor. LOL! That helps but then I’m imagining dragging a giant boat anchor around. That cracks me up and I say, “How about I shrink this?” And I turn it into a tiny anchor on a chain around my neck. It immediately pulls me forward and down by the neck. What the hell! Rossa laughs and reaches forward and takes the anchor and turns it into a belt buckle. I run with her idea and multiply the little symbol and space them around my belt so it is more balanced. (I don’t want to be belly button down on the floor.) I ask if any of her other raindrops are so difficult. She says. “I wouldn’t know. You’re my first one.” I start to follow her again and it seems a little better but still weird. I feel that if I took my feet off the ground I would be swimming in the air. After walking awhile, I stop us again. “Let’s try this” I say and ask Mother Earth to help me anchor. I am standing with a hand against the wall and it looks like a golden energy starts dropping down on me like a light rain shower. It coalesces into a gold energetic line that comes out of my root chakra and goes down through the floor of the tunnel. I hear Mother Earth tell me “The physics are different down here. Everything is exaggerated in your body to show that you are that you are not in the same environment.” OK THEN. I start walking along with Rossa again. (How long is this freaking tunnel anyway?) I now have a bright gold beam of energy going down between my legs and down into the earth. It looks funny to me and I keep chuckling about it. It does seem to anchor me and now that I know that I feel weird because something is being demonstrated to me, I can relax. I relax so much that I just roll over on my back and just float along beside Rossa. We get to a big arched door (FINALLY) and she leans over my floating self and kisses my forehead and quietly says, “You are crazy.”

I stand back up and look up at the door in front of me. It is at least twice as tall as me and has some sort of pattern or design on it, which I don’t recall anymore. I don’t remember opening or going through the door. We are just suddenly on the other side and go down three steps. We are in a large rectangular room. The middle is very open with big high ceilings and marble looking floor. Along the long sides of the room, I can see that it is double leveled with columns supporting a balcony overlooking the main floor. There are doors under the balcony and there are people walking about. It is not Grand Central Station but there seems to be activity. Rossa walks me over to a group of people who are standing still. I know there is a group but I can’t concentrate on them enough to tell how many individuals are standing there. The energy is a bit overwhelming and all I can hear are that they are The Elders. I gather that they represent different areas of their society. Once again, I’m not sure if what I am experiencing is symbolic or if I’m meeting actual people.

Rossa gestures to a woman about medium height. I can see her now that she has been singled out. She looks young to me, but hey maybe these folks don’t age like we do. She represents Family. I ask her what structure their families’ take. She says, “You would call them extended family groups.”

A tall male steps forward, I think he has a beard and really tall hair. Or is that his head? He represents Learning and Art. I like how those are together!

Next a small woman is pointed out. She is actually effervescently sparkly and twirls around when my attention goes to her. She represents Spirituality, although that doesn’t seem to be the right word. It is just the word that I will understand the most. She explains it as the extension of you beyond the physical body. “We are more than this body. We extend outward energetically. Learning to use that part of yourself is sacred to our culture. We would consider not using the energetic self as similar to loosing one of your physical senses.” She tells me.

The next person I try to focus on confuses the hell out of me. He looks like a short condensed man. He is only about a foot and a half to two feet tall. I have to keep pulling my concentration back to him because I’m thinking my imagination has gone haywire. After all we have already had medium, tall and short people; I guess tiny people are next! 😀 I hear him say, “I am the heart. I am the center, what holds us all together. I bring harmony when imbalance occurs.” As he talks to me, he expands back out to a normal sized slender youngish male. I ask him if he is talking about law. He replies, “Structure—more fluid than you law. We still have conflict here. We still are growing, learning, expanding. Things or people and ideas will clash. I represent the arm that settles disputes.” “Do you still have war?” I ask him. “Not for a long long long time. But we still have violence, anger, mistrust, and fear. It is not to the extent as on the surface. But it still exists. We have fear of you on the surface. Even without knowing that we are here you could destroy all of us. It is not a fear that overwhelms us but it does exist.” “You are not the only life that humans do not see or pay any attention to.” I tell him. “No, but someday their hearts will grow so big that it will encompass all.” He replies.

I ask them if there is anything else that they would like to tell me today. Someone replies, “That is all for today. But know that you are welcome and that Rossa shall be your guide. We do ask that you come again on the night of the full moon.” I reply, “I will try. Thank you all for your time and for the introduction to your society.” Rossa then tells me, “You are now tethered to us. Come when you would like and I will show you more.” “Shall I meet you here in the hall?” I ask her. “Yes, that will be fine.” She replies. I say goodbye to all and pop back home.

I look up the full moon and it is not until July 12th. I am intrigued by the specific invite. It sounded to me as if I could visit whenever I wished but that they would like to have me visit specifically on the full moon. I keep remembering the first visit to the cave where I dove up through the opening and rolled around in the sun’s energy for a while before going back down. Obviously there was a reason for that. Will I be rolling around in the moon’s energy for them? I am excited to find out.


Until Next Time, Esther

P.S. Full Moon Meditation Results coming soon…

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    • Thank You Sarah! I am having so much fun. It is good that Rossa has a sense of humor, she will no doubt need it. I cant help acting like a complete goof around her.


  1. I always wondered what form inner earth beings would take…I have been bringing “SUN” in the way you talk of the water droplets…each spark of light connecting in a matrix with vortex centers …to the universal grid…so happy to know inner earth connection is happening as well…Heres to the full MOON! thanks for honoring your path…Heart to Heart Robyn


    • Thanks Robin,
      I am excited to go a’visiting again. My friend Melissa pointed out to me that all those tunnels that I travelled along where probably a energetic grid of some sort. Our Universal perhaps or their own internal or perhaps a grid that connects ours to theirs. I hope your having a great time on your travels. You couldn’t have asked for better weather in July in the Midwest.


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