La Bella Luna


This meditation is a Energy Recognition game. Although inspired by the full moon on July 12th, this meditation can be done at any time and during any phase of the moon.  Remember the moon is always up there! 😉  This is great for any beginners, especially if they are trying to figure out how  they receive energy.  The moon has a solid “personality” energy and yet she is constantly sending  us encoded “messages”, so each time you tap in to her you can get different experiences.  If you can comfortably do this one outside in the light of the moon, please try it.  If weather or other factors do not permit that–don’t worry.

Get comfortable and center and calm yourself.  Introduce yourself to the moon (in your head or out loud).  Imagine the moon sending a moon beam down just to you.  Reach out and touch it in any manner that you wish.  What does it feel like?  What are you inspired to do with it?  Follow your desire and let the meditation lead you where it will.


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