Let’s Go Fly A Kite


This meditation is one I came up with a month or so ago while flying kites with my boys.  I have done it twice and got totally different scenarios each time.  This is a Sensory exercise combined with a possible Meet and Greet.  Have Fun!

Imagine yourself as a kite that is already flying in the sky.  Feel the sensations of the wind blowing against and around you.  Follow the air currents as they move and twist. Observe as much about the kite as you can.  What shape is it?  What color is it?  Is there a design?  Experience being the kite for a while.  When you are ready follow the string down and see who or what is holding it.  Follow the meditation as it unfolds.

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  1. Awesome! I was a white papered box kite. I tugged at the string almost bouncing as I pulled against it. I wanted to be free to fly in the wind. Who is holding the string? Ah. That’s me too. Why wouldn’t I free myself to fly. It’s a choice. I allow my heart to swell with love and let the string flow away from me. Yet I am now truly flying. Fear of just floating away had me holding on. I do get to choice where and how I flow.


    • I love it, I also was holding the string when I did it. The first time I met my future self(not that far in the future) and then two days ago I met my now self. The second time my kite was a tripple arched kite in white with a red design that I couldn’t make out. After I came down and met my now self, three of me then went up and held on to each arch and flew around as this weird kite/woman combo. LOL I love the feel of the wind/air currents against the kite!


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